Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 17 - Karghalik's Greatest Beauty Had Been Rejected
Chapter 17: Karghalik’s Greatest Beauty Had Been Rejected

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Ten thousand curses wouldn’t have been enough for Tang Mo’er to vent her frustrations. She wanted to rage, to scream and tear at her hair, anything to let out these simmering emotions. What the heck had gotten into her?

Gu Mohan looked down at her. Her large clear eyes were slightly dewy and innocent. Her tiny mouth was agape in shock, revealing the tip of her pink tongue. It was extremely seductive and he felt a familiar desire stir from within.

He frowned and suppressed it, then returned her the coin to her, “This won’t be enough, wait till you save more before trying to engage me.”

After speaking, he left the room, leaving her in her deplorable state.

Tang Mo’er didn’t hear what he said before he left. She remained frozen in her original spot, kneeling on the cold, wet tiles and felt that the whole world had gone strange, as though she had entered the twilight zone.

She jumped up and walked over to the mirror, looking at herself closely. Her white dress had completely soaked through and clung to her body like a second skin. Her feminine curves and facial features were even more prominent than usual. Her red lips stood out, pouty and seductive, but she was still herself. Tang Mo’er had the figure, the looks and the womanly charms. She had wanted to hire a male prostitute but she was firmly rejected! It was unbelievable.

Tang Mo’er started to have doubts about her own charm. Su Zhe was seduced away by Han Xiaowan. The only time she had tried to seduce even a bankrupt man, she was completely rejected.

Also, she had even said such embarrassing words!

Your lips are too sexy. Definitely made to kiss a woman how she wants it…

Such a toned six pack and strong body…

Tang Mo’er put her head in her hands and wanted to calm her racing heart. She drenched herself with cold water under the shower head, shaking back her long locks and combing if back while the water continued to run down her face.

These words had come out of her own mouth?


When did she become such a promiscuous woman?

Her body was engulfed with intertwining feelings that were both burning hot and icy cold. She had only just realized there was something wrong with her body. Those two shots of ‘One Night Stand’, she finally understood the meaning behind that deceptively beautiful drink of swirling colors.

She bit down hard on her lower lip with her white teeth, so hard she could taste the copper-metallic blood in her mouth. Her actions made her want to hide herself into a hole. How could she be so embarrassing?

The next morning, Tang Mo’er woke up with two large dark circles under her puffy eyes. She wasn’t able to fall asleep the previous night since her mind was full of her humiliating deeds. She had only fallen asleep for a short period in the morning, after tossing and turning for most of the night, the images replaying in her head on an endless repeat.

In order to cover up her dark eye circles, she put on some light makeup.

Her ringtone started to sound as she finished up, indicating an incoming call.

It was Han Xiaowan.

A phone call from this person had arrived earlier than she had expected. She slid her fingers across the phone screen to pick up the incoming call, “Hello.”

“Hello, sister.” Han Xiaowan used a soft voice to speak with Tang Mo’er.

Hearing her pretentious voice, Tang Mo’er felt a competitiveness rise from inside her. Han Xiaowan had always used the greeting “sister” to annoy her and it never failed to grate on her nerves. Without the usual niceties, she sneered into the mouthpiece, “I heard that you’d been attacked by a hater and have been admitted into hospital. It seems like you’re already fine, since you sound so energetic.”

Han Xiaowan did not appear to notice the taunt in Mo’er’s biting words, instead, replying sweetly, “Thank you, sister, for your concern. I’m fine now.”

“Why are you contacting me?”

“Sister, are you free today? Shall we meet up today? We haven’t had a good talk since a long time ago.”

“Okay, where shall we meet?”

Han Xiaowan gave her the address of a shopping mall and Tang Mo’er ended the phone call. She changed out of her home clothing, picking up her handbag before stepping out of her bedroom.

She was about to head out directly, but a deep voice interrupted her as she walked past the living room. “You’ve woken up, come here and have some breakfast.”

Tang Mo’er turned around and saw Gu Mohan standing in the living room. He wore a navy blue shirt with pressed black trousers. His clothes were ironed perfectly and he looked every bit a proper gentleman from a noble family.

Tang Mo’er felt uneasy the moment her eyes landed on Gu Mohan. She was immediately reminded of yesterday’s incident, but swallowed it down and caught a silent breath.

Since she was a little hungry, she decided to sit down to have breakfast. It would have seemed even more guilty if she refused and she would not embarrass herself any further.

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