Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 18 - Su Zhe Is a Man I’m Sick Of
Chapter 18: Su Zhe Is a Man I’m Sick Of

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Tang Mo’er walked into the dining room with her head high and sat down at the dining table to prove that her conscience was clear. There were two bowls of millet porridge, different types of dimsum, eggs and even a pitcher of milk on the dining table.

It was definitely a sumptuous spread.

“You cooked all this by yourself?”

Gu Mohan gave her a questionable glance that implied too well what he was thinkingーthat she thought too highly of him.

“I bought it.”

Tang Mo’er groaned inwardly at her blunder. He probably didn’t even know how to cook.

She took a delicate sip of milk before raising her eyes to look at him. She coughed naturally before continuing, “Erm, I have to offer an explanation about yesterday’s incident. I… drank two shots of something I probably shouldn’t have consumed, and it resulted in my… unruly behavior. Let’s just forget about it all and get along as usual.”

Gu Mohan also took a sip from his glass of milk. His deep eyes narrowed and were now fixated on her body, looking at her up and down. “You mean that… the alcohol increased your courage?”

“Yes… No!”

When he used the phrase ‘alcohol increased your courage’, she could read the blatant implication behind his words, that she did something that she had always wanted to do, but had always simply lacked the courage. Was she coveting him all along, judging by the way she had requested to have sex with him last night?

Where did he get such confidence from?

“I…” she started to explain herself.

“There’s no need for an explanation. Don’t worry, I won’t sue you for… sexual harassment.”

Sexual harassment?

Tang Mo’er was stunned, her eyes started to blink rapidly. She pointed at herself, then looked back at him, noticeably perplexed, “When did I… sexually harass you?”

Gu Mohan raised an elegant brow and replied cordially, “You tried to hire me as a male prostitute with a single coin, do you actually want me to sue you for prostitution?”


Tang Mo’er felt her traitorous cheeks burning up again. She was embarrassed but also angry. Even if she had really… really sexually harassed him or tried to hire him as a male prostitute, she was a beautiful woman and no matter what, he would have been the one in the advantageous position. Why was he acting like he was the pitiful one?

Karghalik’s greatest beauty wanted to have sex with him, he should have been happy.

She scowled at him, lips pressing together as her face twisted up in aggravation. What was so great about him? He constantly carried himself around like a proud peacock with that arrogant attitude of his. She could tell he doubted her intelligence in the condescension in his tone. It was infuriating.

She picked up a boiled egg and started to knock it roughly, rolling it across the table in an agitated manner. She then threw the egg furiously across the table in his direction, finding any reason to find fault with him. “What kind of lousy egg did you buy? I can’t even peel it!”

The egg rolled pitifully, circling this way and that three times, before it reached Gu Mohan. He took the egg calmly and looked towards her like she was an immature child throwing a tantrum. “Why, are you flying into a rage because you’re feeling humiliated?”

Tang Mo’er puffed up her cheeks, letting out a defiant breath. Her clear eyes were beautiful and glistened, especially when she was in a spitting rage. She replied in haughty tone, “Yes, I just flew into a rage out of humiliation, what are you going to do about it? If you’re not happy, get out of my house!”

Gu Mohan started to peel the boiled egg with his slender fingers, methodically removing the shell with a practiced ease that was refined and only served to incense her further. He then put the peeled egg into her bowl and started to placate her, as if he was pacifying a naughty kitten, “Please behave well, I’ll consider charging you less for my services.”

Her mouth opened and closed like a stupefied goldfish. She couldn’t believe this man!

After finishing her breakfast, Tang Mo’er took her private vehicle to the mall. Han Xiaowan had been waiting and stood up to greet her. She wore a long yellow dress and her silky black hair was flounced prettily across her shoulders. With her tiny, innocent face, she was beautiful. Her angelic countenance was enough to move the hearts of all who saw her.

“Sister, you’ve arrived?” Han Xiaowan’s eyes lit up once she saw Tang Mo’er.

Tang Mo’er had a slight smirk on her face and walked up to Han Xiaowan. “There’s no one here, how much longer do you plan to keep acting for?”

Han Xiaowan still kept a sweet smile on her face as she replied pleasantly, “Sister, I hope that you will forgive me and not stay angry with me. I know that you’re unhappy that your fiancé loves me and not you, but you really can’t force these things. You can’t force him to love you when he obviously doesn’t.”

Tang Mo’er’s eyes were piercing and settled on Han Xiaowan like that of a preying shark. “Oh, so you actually do know that Su Zhe is my fiancé. Well, it’s okay. Su Zhe is… a man I’ve become sick of. You can take him, I don’t give a damn.”

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