Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 2 - Mister, You've Got to Find Me in a Game of Hide and Seek
Chapter 2: Mister, You’ve Got to Find Me in a Game of Hide and Seek

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Tang Mo’er jumped down from his strong arms, with both feet landing smoothly on the ground. She waved her hands about, then looked at him with a smile. Her voice was soft and sweet, “Mister, thank you for saving me, you’re really a good person!”

“Good person?”, Gu Mohan raised a perfect eyebrow. He stepped forward and pressed against her with his tall body, “Didn’t you speak differently of me just a little while ago, hm?”

His stature was just too tall. When he leaned over her, he formed a shadow that shrouded all over her like an oppressive wall. Tang Mo’er realized that she was being held in a dangerous position and quickly stepped back. However, her delicate back had already fallen against the wall. There was nowhere for her to go.

He dropped down his tall, long legs to meet her, his countenance handsome and noble. His facial features were flawless even when she looked at him from such a close proximity.

She lifted her head with some difficulty and looked at him, “I didn’t say… that you were… a bad person.”

“Pretending to be ignorant?”, Gu Mohan gazed at her and narrowed his eyes , “You don’t believe that I’ll throw you out right now?”


Tang Mo’er suddenly realized she had gone out of the frying pan and into the fire.

“I understand,” she raised a brow at his unbelievable arrogance and gave him a sidewards glance, before commanding, “Go and lie on the bed!”

Gu Mohan’s eyes sank deeply, ink black eyes exuding a chilling and murderous aura.

He was cold. A chilling look from him could almost kill her with a glance. If it was any other time, Tang Mo’er would have silently accepted her fate without a word; she wasn’t one to provoke others, she would just leave, but this time she wasn’t able to do so.

She could only straighten up her neck and gather all of her courage to move forward.

Pressing against his muscular chest with her delicate hands, she pushed him onto the large bed. She then whined while pouting her red lips and ordered, “Spread your legs!”


Seeing that he had completely no intention of moving, Tang Mo’er took it upon herself to help him. She forcefully splayed out his limbs into a big ‘8’ figure.

As the most respected man in the capital now was spread out, his limbs splayed out, the veins on Gu Mohan’s twitched slightly.

Tang Mo’er straddled his powerful waist and spoke like a queen, “Since you’re my man, I’ll decide!”


She unbuttoned his suit and spread the coat on both sides, revealing a crisp white shirt. Underneath it, his firm muscles were tense and defined, exposing a tight waistline. He wore a luxurious black belt around his waist, his body so explosive and powerful it was difficult to resist and could make one’s nose bleed.

Tang Mo’er had never expected his body to be that good, her tiny face flushed an embarrassing red.

Now that the drugs were taking affect, her body was heating up more and more, it was as if ants were biting her bones.

She quickly bit down hard on her lower lip, trying her best to keep alert. She couldn’t believe she actually felt attracted to this man.

Good for nothing!

She heard a deep, sarcastic voice in her ear, “How is it, you seem to be having fun playing by yourself?”

“…”, what?

Tang Mo’er stared at him with watery eyes. All she could see was his dark gaze upon her tiny face. It was not only condescending, but she also felt a sense of disdain and ridicule.


She suddenly smiled brightly, gazing at him with sparkling eyes. Even though she was seducing him, she was still somewhat shy as she asked him, “Mister, why don’t we play a game of hide and seek?”

Gu Mohan’s cold eyes immediately cleared up, his sexy lips voicing only one word, “No.”

Tang Mo’er froze, feeling extremely awkward and somewhat embarrassed. His sharp gaze on her constantly made her feel as though she was a clown performing in front of his eyes.

“This game is really fun! I’ll cover your eyes and you’ll have to find me after I’m done hiding. If you find me I’ll allow you to do anything with me.”

Tang Mo’er forcefully took off his tie and used it to blindfold his eyes.

She hurriedly jumped off the bed and ran towards the door, not forgetting to remind him, “Mister, you definitely have to find me.”

He heard the furtive sounds of the door opening, before a few seconds passed and it became completely silent. Gu Mohan took off his blindfold using his large palm before sitting up. He looked at the closed door and the corner of his thin lips formed an indifferent arc.

He took out his cell phone from his trouser pocket and stood tall on the balcony. The neon lights in the city shone on his prominent, flawless features, it was hard for anyone to take their eyes off of him.

“Hello, Yan Dong, help me investigate a girl.”

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