Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 20 - Miss Tang, Do You Need to Make a Call to Mayor Tang
Chapter 20: Miss Tang, Do You Need to Make a Call to Mayor Tang

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Tang Mo’er’s beautiful face became deathly pale in an instant, her forehead creasing up as she gasped. She had been pampered all her life and never experienced such pain before. She could feel cold beads of sweat forming on her forehead and she clutched at her waist protectively.

Within moments, an angry growl thundered through the air, “What the hell are you people doing here? Get out of the way!”

A hoard of security guards hired by the mall and bodyguards dressed in black uniforms rushed into the chaotic scene. They dispersed the crowd, forming a human barricade for Su Zhe to pass through. He bent down and embraced Han Xiaowan, who was heavily injured, before he turned and glowered at Tang Mo’er.

“Tang Mo’er, Xiaowan is your sister. How could you bear to push her down the stairs? Are you even human?” Su Zhe scolded Tang Mo’er, his voice a harsh bite as he glared at her.

Tang Mo’er lifted her eyes warily and scanned her surroundings, noticing many passersby filming her with their cell phone camera. She looked at Su Zhe’s hateful face before her eyes fell on Han Xiaowan, held in Su Zhe’s arms. Han Xiaowan looked as if she was at her last breath. Her face was covered heavy smatterings of blood and her yellow dress in tattered shreds that exposed her injured legs and beaten body. Looking at her pitiful state, anyone would feel distressed on her behalf, however, she stared at Tang Mo’er, lips hooked into a disturbing smile.

Tang Mo’er realized too late that she had stepped right into Han Xiaowan’s trap.

In the police station.

The police officers at the station looked at Tang Mo’er. They were in an obvious predicament as she was the mayor’s daughter. Nobody had the courage to offend her, even though she had committed intentional assault.

Tang Mo’er spoke impassively, her voice closed and face expressionless, “I didn’t push Han Xiaowan, she fell down the stairs by herself. If you don’t believe my words, you can check the surveillance cameras at the mall.”

“Miss Tang, we have already obtained the tapes. However, we can’t confirm whether or not you… pushed her down the stairs as her back was facing the cameras.”

Tang Mo’er didn’t bother to continue with her explanation once she realized that Han Xiaowan had planned all of it meticulously. No one would believe that Han Xiaowan had stepped back herself, even she couldn’t believe the ruthlessness, though she had seen it with her own eyes.

“Miss Tang, do you need to make a call to Mayor Tang for him to arrange for a lawyer to bail you out? If you aren’t going to make the call, we will have to keep you in custody.” The police officer stated his words after careful consideration.

She didn’t want to stay here!

Tang Mo’er gave his words some thought. After some contemplation, she took a silent breath, before taking out her cell phone from her purse. Her fingers gently pressed the characters to search for her father, Tang Hai’s phone number.

The phone rang once before the call connected, “Hello, may I know who is calling?”

It wasn’t Tang Hai’s voice in the phone, it was his female secretary.

“Hello, it’s me, Tang Mo’er.”

“Miss Tang, hello. May I know what I can help you with?”

“Where is my father?”

“Mayor Tang is currently having a meeting. You may leave a message with me and I’ll help you convey it after his meeting is over.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it, it’s fine…” Tang Mo’er ended the call.

She had a distant relationship with her father, especially since he had remarried and started a new family. Her step brother was five years younger than her and had speech impairment since birth. It was probably because of this that her father had put all of his attention into caring for his younger son.

If she were to count, they had probably spoken fewer than one hundred sentences in the past 21 years.

She had never asked for any help from her father, even during her most difficult times.

Now that she had faced some trouble, who could she look for?

Tang Mo’er started to search for her mother, Qin Yawen’s contact number.

Her phone screen suddenly lit up, Qin Yawen was calling her.

Tang Mo’er felt touched, her heart warming when she saw an incoming phone call from ‘Mom’. She speedily picked up the phone call, “Hello, mom.”

“Where are you now?”, Qin Yawen’s voice was cold and to the point.

Tang Mo’er paused a while before she answered, “I’m at the police station.”

“I’ll be there very soon.” Qin Yawen ended the phone call.

“Miss Tang, is anyone coming to bail you out?” The police officer asked, his voice and eyes betraying his doubt.

Tang Mo’er held her cell phone tightly and answered, “There should be… someone coming.”

Almost immediately after she replied, Qin Yawen appeared. She looked youthful and elegant, despite being 45 years old. She wore an outfit that was monochrome in black and white and had long hair that cascaded in gorgeous waves down her back. She had become the youngest female actress to win a prestigious award after her first movie and after many years, she was still as beautiful and elegant as ever. She definitely portrayed the role of a good mother very well.

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