Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 21 - The First Slap in Her Life Was Given by Her Mother
Chapter 21: The First Slap in Her Life Was Given by Her Mother

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Tang Mo’er stood up in a hurry when she saw Qin Yawen walking over. She had heard her mother had been overseas for performances and hadn’t seen her in a long time.

“Mom.” Tang Mo’er greeted her mother.

Qin Yawen’s face was as dark as a thundercloud, her eyes accusing as she asked coldly, “Did you push Wanwan down the stairs?”

Hearing the iciness in her mother’s voice, Tang Mo’er felt her blood run freeze up. “No.”

“I’ve just come from the hospital to visit Wanwan. She was still in the operating theater and had to get 23 stitches on her forehead. She held my hand while sobbing and claimed that you didn’t push her down the stairs. She even said she had let you down and asked me to not blame you. What is wrong with you? How could you bear to be so malicious towards your younger sister? She is your younger sister!”

Tang Mo’er felt like she had been doused thoroughly with a bucket of icy water. She felt cold. The difference in Qin Yawen’s attitude between them could not have been more evident. Qin Yawen’s heart was aching when she thought of Han Xiaowan but she was emotionless and uncaring during her interrogation of Tang Mo’er. Though her mother had asked, she didn’t believe her at all.

Tang Mo’er clenched her fists tightly by her side, her lip stained red as she bit her lip, hoping it was all a dream. The wound that she hid deep in her heart was getting bigger, engulfing her in an overwhelming bitterness as the seconds passed.

Qin Yawen and Tang Hai had filed for divorce when Tang Mo’er was only one year old. She had chased after Qin Yawen’s car when she had left, crying her eyes out with messy streams of tears flowing down her face. Qin Yawen had never turned back.

Tang Mo’er had subsequently visited the Han’s during a number of different occasions and Han Xiaowan already behaved like a pretentious b*tch when was younger, always acting like an innocent flower in the eyes of others. Even though Han Xiaowan had fallen herself, she had accused Tang Mo’er on many occasions and Qin Yawen had always chosen to believe Han Xiaowan. Since she wasn’t welcomed by Qin Yawen, she had stopped visiting them.

Her parents had new families, her mother gave birth to Han Xiaowan while her father had another son. Her grandmother had to become her caregiver since both her parents had other obligations and had no interest in raising her.

She didn’t know what she had done wrong all these years. Why did they even allow her to be born when they hated her very existence.

“Ha,” Tang Mo’er laughed coldly, “How is Han Xiaowan even considered my sister? I don’t remember my father having a daughter. She takes the surname Han, while my surname is Tang!”

Piak! Qin Yawen lifted her hand and threw her hand across the face of Tang Mo’er.

Tang Mo’er was slapped hard in the face. The corner of her lips started to bleed and her ears were whirred as she stared back in disbelief.

She didn’t expect to receive her first slap from her own mother.

“Tang Mo’er, how did you turn out to be like this? Why did I give birth to such a horrible daughter? How could you be so heartless?”

Tang Mo’er covered half of her tiny face with her hand, lifting her eyes in defiance to look at Qin Yawen. She let out a bitter laugh as she returned sarcastically, “I don’t even know how I turned out like this. How could you set such high expectations for an orphan?”


Qin Yawen couldn’t stand to continue looking at her and stormed out of the room.

Qin Yawen had left. Again, just like before. Tang Mo’er’s legs wobbled and she slowly let herself collapse onto the ground, hugging both her knees in a child-like stance.

She was full of regret. She shouldn’t have been so impulsive, it would only drive her deeper into Han Xiaowan’s trap. She should have kept her cool and spoken nicely to Qin Yawen, especially considering their distant relationship. Her mind was filled with what she should have done, what she could have done… However…

Her heart ached immensely.

It was like it had been stomped on furiously and broken into a million shards, piercing her insides and bleeding an endless red. She had just released her hatred and loneliness in one shot. She couldn’t hold it in any longer, it was as if her heart had been under a lot of pressure. If she hadn’t spoken, she probably would have gone crazy.

Tang Mo’er felt the telltale pricks at the back of her clouded eyes and lifted her head stubbornly, forcing herself to glance upwards to prevent the tears from falling. Although Han Xiaowan had spoken of her as someone who wouldn’t cry no matter what, she begged to differ. Everybody cried, she had just found a way to stop herself from crying. She lifted her head to look at the skies whenever she wanted to cry, this way, her tears would flow backwards.

However, her method didn’t work this time. She tried to look upwards but her tears flooded out and flowed down her face profusely.

Suddenly, there was a draught of cold air in the stagnant cell. The door to the main lobby of the police station opened in the middle of the night and footsteps entered the room.

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