Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 22 - How Dare You Cry When You’re so Unpromising
Chapter 22: How Dare You Cry When You’re so Unpromising

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A handsome man stood in the front of the crowd and entered the police station, the group following him in haste. He wore a navy blue shirt with a pair of black trousers, the look completed with a fitted black coat. His polished leather shoes were gleaming black and reflected the fierceness in the atmosphere. He had a presence that was both decisive and forceful, the epitome of a king who was high up and untouchable to mere commoners.

The Police Chief ran doggedly after his heels, wiping the cold sweat coming off his brow. He did not know the reason behind the arrival of such a powerful person in the tiny capital of Karghalik.

“Mr Gu, how did you find the time to visit our station? It’s really my greatest honor to be able to receive you here.” The director started to suck up to him, lest he needed his favor or forgiveness in the future.

Gu Mohan gave the Police Chief a cold look before he strode inside without a response.

He instantly spotted a frail woman huddled up in a corner. She had her face buried in her knees and her delicate body was hidden from the faint lights. Her entire demeanour emanated a tangible loneliness that wrenched at the heartstrings.

Her shoulders were throbbing, she seemed to be crying.

“I haven’t seen you in just a few hours and your ex-fiancé and stepsister have already landed you in the police station?”

Tang Mo’er was stunned when she heard a deep voice that was both familiar and unexpected.

She slowly lifted up her head and Gu Mohan’s charismatic face filled her tear-stained eyes.

Why is he here?

He saw a bright red print on the right side of her face in the vague shape of a hand. She did not have the time to clean her face and thus, he saw her disheveled face, full of tears and mucus smeared all over, when she lifted her head. Her face was extremely filthy.

Gu Mohan instantly raised his brows in disgust.

He went down on one knee and held her filthy face in his large palm.

His thin lips formed a firm line as he pressed his lips together, his handsome facial features were cold and sharp. He scolded her, “How dare you continue crying when you’ve been nothing but dumb. Are your tears even valuable?”


Tang Mo’er had already felt aggrieved and now that he had started to scold her, her tears were unstoppable. Her lips jut out into a pout, then trembled as she burst into sobs, “You… you’re scolding me…” she hiccuped and more salty tears poured out, streaming down her face as her she was hit with another wave of sadness.

Gu Mohan’s handsome face became even colder. He took out a handkerchief from his blazer pocket and held her tiny face. He wiped away her tears and mucus in earnest.

He touched the reddened stain on her face where she had been slapped and Tang Mo’er flinched at the slight pressure, “It hurts…”

Gu Mohan let out an exasperated breath, “Why did you allow someone to hit you, even when you know what it will be like after?”

He held her face even more tightly while speaking and pulled her closer to him.

She was extremely pampered in his presence, he didn’t have the heart to hit or scold her. She acted like a totally different person on the outside. She was not only dumb and let herself be bullied by others, she also secretly cried by her own. What could he do with her?

Gu Mohan wiped her face clean before throwing his handkerchief in the trash can. He then helped her up by holding and supporting her slender arms, as though he was holding a little chick up and teaching it it’s tentative first steps.

Tang Mo’er slid onto the ground right after she stood up, her knees buckling the moment he let go.

Gu Mohan frowned and looked at her impatiently, “What’s the matter?”

This woman really was troublesome.

Tang Mo’er felt his irritation and felt her eyes prickle again. Why is he angry when he wasn’t the one who was hit and hurts all over and was abandoned and left at a police station? She was the one suffering.

“My… my legs are numb…”

Gu Mohan looked at her before he took off his coat and draped it over her body. He then bent down and picked her up like a princess, her legs dangling over his strong arms and her body against his chest.

Tang Mo’er took in his body scent, it was masculine, yet pleasant and gave her a sense of security. She felt protected in his arms. She slowly stretched out both her hands and held his neck, then buried herself in his muscular chest. Much like a kitten, she nuzzled her face against him and closed her eyes.

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