Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 23 - How Could a Bankrupted Man Be so Conceited and Self-Assured?
Chapter 23: How Could a Bankrupted Man Be so Conceited and Self-Assured?

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Gu Mohan was finally placated when Tang Mo’er behaved obediently and subsequently gave a her disarming smile.

“Mr Gu, where are we going now?”

“Do you want to stay at the police station for the entire night?”

Obviously not!

Tang Mo’er turned her head and noticed two lawyers speaking with the police. Judging by how they deferred to Gu Mohan, it was likely they were his subordinates.

Tang Mo’er felt extremely touched. She didn’t expect him to be the one who would help her when she needed it the most. He was the only one.

There was a luxurious car parked outside the police station. Instead of the Maybach, a Rolls-Royce had taken its place. Tang Mo’er twitched her mouth at the extravagance and simply assumed that the car belonged to Gu Mohan’s friend. Tang Mo’er also wanted to befriend such rich and generous people who would lend out their possessions so frivolously and be able to help her in times of need.

She heard a commotion that was gradually getting louder as they moved closer to the exit.

“Where is Tang Mo’er? We would like to interview her, please let us inside!” There were reporters waiting for her outside the police station.

Tang Mo’er was stunned, she didn’t want to meet the reporters at this point in time. She wasn’t ready to meet them, particularly in the state she was in.

“You’re finally afraid?” she heard teasing laughter resound in her ears.

Tang Mo’er lifted her head, only to see him stare down at her with his piercing eyes. His lips however, were smirking at her predicament. How heartless!

In order to not let him witness her pathetic self again, she beat her chest with gusto and declared, “I’m not afraid.”

“Alright, let’s go over to exchange greetings with the reporters. It seems they have a few questions for you.”

“Hey, wait! Gu Mohan!” Tang Mo’er instantly held onto his neck. Her reaction betrayed her fear and she buried her tiny face in his warm chest to hide her blushing cheeks.

“Ha.” He chuckled softly.

Tang Mo’er realized he was teasing her and swatted at his chest, her face red. Her tiny face was near his heart and she could hear his heartbeat quickening like a drum, “Dong, dong”.

Thankfully, it was impossible for the reporters to make their way into the police station and they were able to make their exit without encountering any unwanted questions.

“Start driving.”

“Yes, President.”

The Police Chief was waving his hands enthusiastically, “Young Master Gu, please feel free to drop by for a visit whenever you are free. We would welcome you at any time.”

Tang Mo’er was at a loss for words, then wrinkled her forehead in distaste, annoyed at his blatant ingratiation. Who on earth would visit the police station for fun?

Still in his arms, she glanced upwards and studied him again. It seemed like he was from a well-off family. He had made such an extravagant entrance into the police station with his hoard of men. How was it possible for a bankrupted man to be so conceited and self-assured?

Tang Mo’er melted into the luxurious car, completely satisfied. The heater was switched on and she snuggled up in his large coat. All she could smell was his manly body scent and combined with her comfortable surroundings, she was feeling warm and fuzzy.

“Now tell me, why were you crying?” Gu Mohan asked, his voice serious.

Tang Mo’er’s eyes were still rimmed red and watery. She slightly raised the corner of her lips and gave a small smile, “It’s nothing much, I just felt… Han Xiaowan was right. There’s no one in this world who loves me and I’m pitiful.”

Gu Mohan felt a twinge in his chest. His cold heart ached a little for Tang Mo’er.

This lonely woman was cold on the outside, yet she was actually very childish.

“But,” Tang Mo’er lifted her eyes and looked at him. Her watery eyes cleared and sparked with determination, her expression fierce. “I won’t be defeated by them! Su Zhe, Han Xiaowan, I won’t forgive them! I will not allow them to experience a happy ending in a world without me. I’ve understood something since young, I need to fight for everything in life. I need to work hard in order to not be forgotten by the world.”

Gu Mohan was satisfied. He knew that this girl was strong, resilient and brave ever since he had encountered her three years ago.

She was just like a rose that bloomed vibrantly under the sun, charming and dazzling. She would grow and rise above the challenges that were thrown at her.

The Rolls-Royce stopped moving. Yan Dong opened the door and Tang Mo’er stepped out of the car.

They hadn’t returned her to her apartment. They were now parked outside a villa in Bangkok.

Bangkok was the most expensive district in Karghalik. Distinguished businessmen lived there and the four wealthy and influential families owned villas in the district. The Su Family was also included, since it signified wealth and power.

Why did Gu Mohan bring her here?

Did his friend own the villa too?

“Mr Gu, what are we doing here?”

The helper opened the doors to the villa. Gu Mohan led Tang Mo’er into the villa and stood in the European-style decorated living room. He took off his suit jacket and passed it to the helper. With one hand in his trouser pocket, he looked over at her, “I’m heading to the study room, are you fine by yourself?”

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