Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 25 - Mo’er, That’s the Gigolo That You Kept
Chapter 25: Mo’er, That’s the Gigolo That You Kept

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“Mo’er, did your head get hit with a rock or are you dumb? Do you even need to ask?” Qi Xi rapped Tang Mo’er on the head before continuing, “Isn’t it obvious? Why would I believe Han Xiaowan? I don’t even need you to say anything. It’s so obvious that pretentious bitch fell down the stairs herself.”

Tang Mo’er felt a warm fuzzy feeling bloom in her heart. Not only was Qi Xi her manager, Qi Xi was such a good friend too.

“Mo’er, what should we do now? This negative kind of public opinion will only start snowballing. The people Su Zhe has hired to disguise as your fans have already given you bad publicity. I can see that it won’t be much longer before the verbal abuse gets worse on the internet.”

“Can we reveal the ID of those people?”

“I had already gotten someone to start investigating. However, the ID of those people are quite secretive and behind some form of encryption or block. We haven’t been able to find out any information at all.”

Tang Mo’er sneered. This Su Zhe really had the means to execute things with no loopholes.

“I’ll give Su Zhe a call.”

She dialed Su Zhe’s phone number, the melodious mobile ringtone rang again and again, before it was picked up. Su Zhe answered the call in a low voice, “Hello.”

“Hey, Su Zhe. Did you hire those people?”

“Tang Mo’er, I’ve said this before. Don’t push me any further. You pushed Xiaowan down the stairs, you have to pay the price.”

“Oh, so you’re here to exact revenge on me on because of your mistress. Alright, let’s strike a deal. At the press conference tomorrow, allow Han Xiaowan to be present and ask her to clarify the situation and say that I wasn’t the one who pushed her down the stairs. I’ll then say that we had already broken off our engagement since a year ago. Either way, we’ll both gain an advantage from this.”

Su Zhe snorted, his tone cold and derisive, “Tang Mo’er, are you serious? You’ve caused Xiaowan to be so badly injured. Do you not feel any remorse at all?”

Tang Mo’er fell silent. She did not bother rebutting nor explaining as she knew it would be useless. The ignorant would only hear what they wanted to hear. Instead, she replied, “Do you intend to strike this deal with me, or not?”

A few seconds later, Su Zhe agreed, “Sure.”

Tang Mo’er knew he would agree. He would not want Han Xiaowan to continue to be called a “mistress”.

“Okay, then I’ll see you both at the press conference tomorrow.” replied Tang Mo’er and she hung up the call.

Qi Xi was staring at her in horror, “Mo’er, why did you negotiate with him and agree to host this press conference? To be honest, we can think of other ways. There isn’t a need to let that pretentious bitch, Han Xiaowan, off so easily…”

“Qi Xi, don’t panic. I haven’t finished what I wanted to say.”

“Mo’er, what else do you have planned? Tell me, quickly!”

Tang Mo’er had a small smile on her lips as she told Qi Xi her plan. Qi Xi immediately nodded vehemently, approving the idea with an energetic thumbs up.

“Alright, Qi Xi. It’s settled then. You can go back first, I’ll see you tomorrow.” said Mo’er, as she bid farewell to Qi Xi.

However, Qi Xi made no move to leave, “Mo’er, wait. I still have something to ask you.”

Qi Xi got up and looked around at the villa, “Hey, Mo’er, this is a Bangkok villa. You need a lot of gold to even think about coming here. I heard that only the wealthiest and most influential people can live here. How did you make your way here? To be honest, did you… live off a rich man?”

Live off a rich man?

Where would she find a rich man out there? At most, that man would be considered bankrupt.

“Qi Xi, do you think with my given status I would need a rich man? Even if I was to have a man, then he would be… a gigolo that I kept.” snorted Tang Mo’er.

Really? Qi Xi had her doubts.

At this moment, the study room door on the upper level opened and Gu Mohan walked out. His deep voice could be heard as he spoke with Yan Dong.

Qi Xi’s eyes lit up at the unexpected entrance. Her gaze was fixed on the man that had appeared and she visibly ogled him up and down as her hawkish gaze plundered his beautiful face. From her angle, she could see his handsome appearance and sharp features. What a gorgeous man!

He was clad in simple midnight blue-black trousers. His classic style of dressing matched his aura that screamed elegance and high class. Adorning his wrist was an expensive watch, and a distinct hairline. All these characteristics together formed a classic representative of the charm of a mature man. Qi Xi sighed in contentment just being able to look at this fine piece of godliness.

He was like the most exclusive French red wine in a connoisseur’s private collection, elusive and luxurious. Having been in the entertainment industry for so many years, Qi Xi had met more people than she could count. Those who were handsome, those who were beautiful, those who were rich and successful and many who were a mix of wealth and good looks. At a glance, she knew that this man the creme de la creme, the cream of the crop. The top one percent. He screamed wealth and affluence in all that he was.

His aura showed he was born into his position and built on it over the years, like a growing piece of history. He was born to belong in the upper class of society.

“Mo’er, that’s the gigolo that you’ve been keeping?”

In her excitement, Qi Xi spoke a little too loudly and her voice reverberated across the open room. When Tang Mo’er glanced up, she caught Gu Mohan’s hard gaze as his eyes fell on her.

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