Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 27 - This Is My Room
Chapter 27: This Is My Room

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Qi Xi left immediately after. All that was left was a thoroughly embarrassed Tang Mo’er.

She was really…

“Haha, Mr Gu, please do not take her words seriously. My manager loves to crack jokes.” Tang Mo’er let out a forced laugh while playing with the corners of her skirt.

Compared to Tang Mo’er’s embarrassment, Gu Mohan was calm. He looked at her, his gaze serious, “You said she loves to crack jokes. Regarding the joke, is that referring to me being the gigolo that you keep, or that you’re… a virgin?”

“… applicable to all!”

Did that sound fine?

Tang Mo’er felt her face flame up. His question was not intentional, was it? As a conservative gentleman, should he not be avoiding this topic? Surely it wasn’t an appropriate thing to talk about with her!

Her line of vision soon turned dark as he stepped closer to her, his tall, masculine body blocking her light. Bending down, his large palms brushed her face with a gentleness she didn’t expect.

His rough fingertips caressed her delicate skin with a tingle. It felt very strange. Tang Mo’er shuddered, a shiver rising throughout her body with a pulsing feeling that was both hot and cold. She couldn’t explain it. Panicking and wanting to guard herself, she burst out, moving her face away and pushing away his hands, “What are you doing, I’m… I’m really a virgin. Don’t touch me!”

The moment Tang Mo’er said that, she was filled with regret. How she wished she could bite off her own tongue and bury herself. What nonsense was she spouting? Especially now, of all times!

Gu Mohan eyes darkened with a tinge of desire. The smell of her perfume drifted into his nostrils. Her palms against him teased his senses, especially when her beautiful eyes looked at him, lit up in emotion. She was shy and naive, yet her every action seduced him without compromise.

Instead of responding, he made a sound of acknowledgement, then asked, “Will you be going upstairs to bathe?”

Those simple words made her sound overbearing. Had she thought too much?

However, there was also a hint of ambiguity in his words.

Tang Mo’er felt her ear go numb, she did not have the courage to look at him any longer. Turning away quickly, she bolted up the stairs as if someone was chasing her.

Seeing her womanly figure make its way up the steps, Gu Mohan put his hands into his trouser pockets, a small smile playing at the corner of his lips.

Secretary Yan Dong handed over a folio filled with information to Gu Mohan, “President, this is all the information regarding Miss Tang you have requested. It also includes information on the current mayor of Karghalik, Mayor Tang, Qin Yawen and Han Dong.

Gu Mohan skimmed through the information. His wine red lips had formed an arched curve. “Tang Hai has been too busy. Let him stop work for two days and rest awhile.”

Yan Dong nodded with no comment, hiding his shock. He did not expect that when Miss Tang had suffered such a grievance, the President would mobilize Karghalik’s leader.

“How is the situation regarding Tang Mo’er?”

“Not good. The clip of Miss Tang pushing Han Xiaowan down the stairs has gone viral. As there was no CCTV in the mall, and the chairman of Prevailing Entertainment bribed some people to post malicious comments about Miss Tang. As such, Miss Tang is now besieged.”

Gu Mohan snorted. What a fool, how could she have let herself be criticized to the point it had gotten so bad?

The image of her crying in the corner of a police station flashed through his mind and Gu Mohan turned cold as he threw the folder onto the table. After a moment of consideration, his instructions were clear, “Let the passersby in the mall come clean tomorrow and say that they saw with their own eyes that Han Xiaowan rolled down the stairs by herself. For the anonymous people hiding behind their computers, leak their IDs so they have nowhere to stand. Also, Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan were together in Las Vegas three years ago. Get those pictures out.”

The man had merely uttered a few sentences, yet it would be enough for Tang Mo’er to make a beautiful comeback.

“President, I heard Miss Tang is holding a press conference tomorrow with Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan…”

Gu Mohan glanced up and looked at Yan Dong. “Do you mean we should let her plans take their toll first?”

“I believe so. I feel Miss Tang is resilient and intelligent. President, why not let her take things in her stride first. If she is unable to, with President’s backing, it would not be too late to resolve things should her plans go awry,” replied Yan Dong.

Gu Mohan raised an eyebrow. After a moment of consideration, he felt what Yan Dong said was reasonable. It had been three years, this girl should have grown up and would be able to face her troubles head on.

He was looking forward to her performance at the press conference.

Tang Mo’er ran into the closest room she could find. Rushing into the bathroom, she ran into the shower and turned on the cold tap. The water rushed out, seeping through her layers of clothing.

She needed to regain composure.

Standing under the shower, she succumbed herself under the torrent of water, holding onto her hot face. She could not wait to get out of this place, why did she still feel so embarrassed?

She sighed Nothing was going right today.

She finished bathing after another fifteen minutes, then took care to wipe herself dry from the beads of water all over her body. Oops, where were her pyjamas?

Where am I meant to find pyjamas!

The bathroom was gigantic and euclidean. There was even a small wardrobe closet inside. Tang Mo’er opened it and discovered a number of white shirts hanging inside.

Are these his shirts?

Looks like this is the only thing I can borrow.

Tang Mo’er stretched out her small hands to pick out a shirt. She tried it on. The man’s shirt was very wide at the shoulders. With her petite build and feminine height, the shirt was oversized and fell to her thighs, covering her privates, though her long and slender legs were exposed.

She was frustrated. She had rushed into the shower without thinking of the consequences. As her undergarments were all soaking wet, she had nothing to put on underneath the shirt.

Looking at herself in the mirror, her small delicate face blushed hard again. The warm bath had moistened up her skin, making it plump and creamy with her cheeks a peachy pink. Her cherry lips formed a juicy pout that was hard to resist, anyone would want to take a bite of her to have a taste.

Making sure she looked presentable, Tang Mo’er made her way out of the bathroom.

Just as she entered the room, she jumped when she realized that there was a tall, masculine figure in the room. The man was standing next to the balcony, one hand in his trouser pocket, the other holding a glass of red wine. His pensive demeanor was just like a piece of art.

“What are you doing here?”

Hearing her voice, Gu Mohan turned to looked at her. His gaze narrowed on the white shirt she was clad in. His white shirt. Her legs were long and luscious and he could see the outline of her body as the light shone upon her. Without restraint, he said, “This is my room.”

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