Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 28 - Please Lift up Your Shirt, I’ll Help You Apply Ointment
Chapter 28: Please Lift up Your Shirt, I’ll Help You Apply Ointment

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This was his room?

Alright then. Tang Mo’er felt as though the heavens were definitely against her today.

“Your place is way too big. I didn’t notice it was your room when I came in earlier.”

“Does that mean you also didn’t know this shirt belonged to me when you wore it?”

Tang Mo’er didn’t have a response.

This man was so unbelievably petty. She had only gone into his room and worn his shirt. What was the big deal? When he blackmailed her into letting him stay at her house, she did not even ask him for any rental!

Did he dislike her for invading his privacy and touching his things? Previously while in the police station, she had cried till she looked like a buffoon and he had seen her in her worst state and cleaned her face up, even though he was disgusted. Tang Mo’er furrowed her eyebrows. Having lived with him for a few days, Tang Mo’er knew this man was strict towards his quality of life and was rather squeamish. Where did his prince-like tendencies come from?

Wasn’t it just a male’s dog waist?

Tang Mo’er looked at his waist. Underneath his white shirt, the material was translucent enough that she could make out his sharp and narrow waist. The curves were clearly defined, which gave her a strange urge to lick it. She shook her head, resisting the urge to slap herself. That Qi Xi had put these thoughts in her head!

Looking away from his abdominal area, she noticed his hands. They were indeed beautiful with slender fingers that were distinctive and strong. She remembered his fingers as they brushed across her cheek. This pair of hands would gently caress any woman the way she wanted it…

Tang Mo’er felt her body go numb. She bit her lower lip hard with her pearly white teeth and quickly reined back her indecent thoughts. Gosh, what was she thinking?

She was still thinking inappropriately about this man?!

Qi Xi had succeeded in influencing her with such distracting thoughts, she would never be able to look at him properly again.

However, this man was indeed handsome and his temperament was something different. In foreign media magazines, these characteristics were the most highly sought after by any woman.

Tang Mo’er pouted again as she frowned prettily in contemplation. Men were lascivious. In fact, women were even more lascivious than men. It was no wonder that Qi Xi, who had been with her for so many years, changed after seeing this man.

Gu Mohan swirled his glass of red wine and took an elegant sip. Putting down the glass of red wine, he got up and took out a box from the bathroom, then returned and sat on the bed, “Come here, let me apply ointment for you.”

“Oh… alright.” replied Tang Mo’er as she walked over and positioned herself beside him.

Gu Mohan stretched out his large palms and pushed her hair behind her ear. He opened the medical kit and applied ointment on her face gently.

“Does it hurt?” he asked in a low voice.

His movements were very gentle. Tang Mo’er shook her head, “No, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Gu Mohan looked at her tiny earlobes. They felt moist to the touch, tempting any person into biting into them. Her skin was fair and creamy to the touch.

“Any other injuries?”

“Yes, here.” Tang Mo’er pointed to her back. It was where she had hit a corner during the collision in the mall.

“Lift up your shirt, I’ll help you apply ointment.”

“Huh… Ah? Don’t worry about it!” Tang Mo’er immediately rejected him, her voice turning awkward. Even her facial expression had become unnatural.

“What’s wrong?” asked Gu Mohan as he narrowed his eyes at her face in warning.

She had developed well physically. From elementary school, she could walk straight with a natural gait that was poised and elegant. Her figure was perfect with curves in all the right places. She loved wearing high heels, swaying her shapely hips with her thin waist dancing as she walked.

As he had high standards, he had never looked at other women over the past few years. Thus, he was always mocked by Huo Beichen and the rest of the crowd. Indeed, he was not interested in mediocrity.

However, at the age of 30, he was mature enough to understand everything he should have known and was clear on his own standards as a male.

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