Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 3 - New Generation Innocent Goddess Han Xiaowan Seduces Fiancé of Tang Mo'Er
Chapter 3: New Generation Innocent Goddess Han Xiaowan Seduces Fiancé of Tang Mo’Er

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Three years later.

Karghalik .

Tang Mo’er alighted when the car arrived at her destination, Jincheng Villa. She wore a huge pair of sunglasses that adorned her beautiful nose, exposing only half of her delicate face. Her silky hair hung over her shoulder, complementing her ruby red lips and white teeth beautifully.

She was afraid of being photographed. Not only was she the mayor’s treasured daughter, she was also Karghalik’s greatest beauty. When she had debuted three years ago, her attractive looks and acting capabilities shone brightly, crushing the other female stars with her talent. She had gained popularity almost too quickly, even winning the ‘Best Rookie Award’ just two months prior. Being the leader of the four most popular female stars, her influence was undeniable.

She wouldn’t have even left her home under normal circumstances, if it wasn’t for Han Xiaowan’s text telling her to come to Jincheng Villa.

The owner of the Jincheng Villa was Su Zhe. The Su Family had given them the villa as a wedding present, so that they would have a place to live in after their marriage.

Three years ago, Su Zhe had left for a business trip, and had only just returned a week ago.

Han Xiaowan had asked her to come to Su Zhe’s villa?

She had an ominous feeling in her heart.

Taking out the key, she unlocked the front door to the villa. She stopped instantly, stunned as she gazed inside, her whole body trembling.

In the villa’s living room, Su Zhe held a beautiful woman against the wall, both figures entwined and him kissing her intimately with reckless abandon.

The woman was Han Xiaowan.

Her mother Qin Yawen had a divorce with her father, Mayor Tang Hai 18 years ago. Tang Hai married another woman and gave birth to a son, while Qin Yawen married Han Dong and gave birth to Han Xiaowan.

Although it would have been hard to believe with her incomparable beauty and fame at present, Tang Mo’er was an unwanted child, kicked around like a ball. It was only her grandmother who had raised her to become who she was.

Han Xiaowan buried her blushing face into Su Zhe’s arms after their long kiss. “Ah Zhe, this isn’t right. You’re my sister’s fiancé, she’ll be really angry if she knows about our affair.”

Su Zhe lovingly caressed Han Xiaowan’s head and spoke, “Xiaowan, you’re the one who has accompanied me in Las Vegas for the past three years. You’re the only one I love. Rest assured, I’ll break off our wedding engagement.”

“But my sister has a 10% share in Prevailing Entertainment…”

Su Zhe’s handsome face showed a trace of gloominess. “Don’t worry, I’ll find a way to get the shares back from her.”

“Ah Zhe, you are so bad, my sister is so pitiful.”

They then continued kissing passionately, completely engrossed in each other.

Tang Mo’er’s pupils dilated and at that moment, she could only feel an overwhelming pain and hatred. She had spent the past three years waiting patiently for Su Zhe’s return. She would never have imagined that Su Zhe could have betrayed her like this, deep-rooted in a loving relationship with Han Xiaowan.

Three years ago, she wasn’t able to convict Han Xiaowan due to a lack of evidence. Not only did Han Xiaowan have zero remorse, she even seduced her fiancé. That pretentious b*tch!

Originally, she wanted to rush in and expose them. However, after thinking a bit more on it, Tang Mo’er decided to endure all of the pain and humiliation. Han Xiaowan had texted her deliberately. She wasn’t going to rush in like an abandoned woman by showing herself and giving them the satisfaction.

She took out her cell phone and filmed them locked in their heated kiss.

She turned around and boarded her car. Her mayor father had assigned her with a private vehicle and chauffeur. She phoned a number and spoke, “Hello, Qi Xi. Did you receive the photographs that I just sent you?”

Qi Xi was her manager.

“Mo’er, I’ve just received them. Let me take a look… Oh my gosh isn’t this the boss of Prevailing Entertainment, Su Zhe? What is your fiance doing with Han Xiaowan, the new generation innocent goddess?”

Tang Mo’er looked towards the neon lights outside the window. There was a sadness in her clear eyes when she replied, “I’ve been betrayed by them. Would you please do me a favor and send these photographs to a few popular Weibo accounts. The title would be ‘New Generation Innocent Goddess Han Xiaowan Seduces Fiancé of Tang Mo’er.’

Qi Xi was definitely on her side and said reassuringly, “Mo’er, trust me with this. Han Xiaowan will definitely appear on the headlines tomorrow morning. She has always maintained a pure and innocent image since her debut. These leaked photographs will definitely destroy her. She’ll become the nation’s whore instead.”

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