Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 30 - This Little Vixen
Chapter 30: This Little Vixen

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Tang Mo’er’s small, delicate face blushed again. Her beautiful eyes were glistening under the lights just like rays of sun shining on a body of water. She turned around and sat on his lap, her fair legs brushing against his trousers and her scent invading his senses.

“Mr Gu, I’m coming for you.” Tang Mo’er whispered into his ear.

Her petite hands reached out to the belt on his waist and she lifted the leather strap, maneuvering it through the loops with an excruciating slowness.

Gu Mohan pressed onto her tiny fingers. They were as soft as silk.

Tang Mo’er suddenly jumped down the bed. She waved the ointment bottle in her hand, holding it up teasingly as her eyes danced in mischief. Her smile was both provocative and beautiful.

“Mr Gu, I’ll apply the ointment on my back myself. Ask the servant to prepare a room for me. I want to sleep now.”

After she spoke, she turned and left.

Gu Mohan let his eyes follow her swaying hips as she sashayed out of the room.

This little vixen, she dares to play with me? I’ll have to teach her a lesson.

Gu Mohan got up and strode into the bathroom for a cold shower.

In the early morning, Tang Mo’er reached the venue where the press conference was held. Qi Xi greeted her, “Mo’er, are you prepared? Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan are here already.”

“Alright,” replied Tang Mo’er as she walked inside.

The moment she walked in, the media were in a frenzy, snapping photos of her and hammering questions at her from every angle. In an instant, she became the center of attention.

As her eyes studied her surroundings, they paused on Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan. Han Xiaowan was sitting in a wheelchair, clad in a set of light blue patient clothing. It was evident she had come from the hospital. Her face was deathly pale, her head still wrapped in a bandage. She looked so pitiful it was no wonder everyone wanted to protect her.

Su Zhe accompanied her, his face distressed as he hovered around her protectively..

Tang Mo’er walked forward and held onto Han Xiaowan’s hand. “Xiaowan, are you alright? You didn’t fall to your death?”

“Sister.” Han Xiaowan suddenly became teary-eyed as she looked at Su Zhe. Tang Mo’er marveled inwardly at her ability to turn on her tears in an instant, as thought she was truly aggrieved.

Su Zhe grabbed Tang Mo’er’s slender wrist and warned her coldly, “Tang Mo’er, you’d better not play any tricks. If you dare hurt Xiaowan, don’t blame me for being nasty to you. Consider yourself warned.”

In reality, he still remembered the friendship between the Tang and the Su family. If Tang Mo’er had not hurt his woman, he would not have chosen to sour their relationship in this way.

Tang Mo’er felt her wrist was pressured painfully by him and tried to wrench it away from his grasp, but he held on, applying more force. This Su Zhe had fallen hard, however it was a pity that he was being fooled by that pretentious bitch. She felt no sympathy for him, he had brought it on himself.

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