Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 31 - Press Conference
Chapter 31: Press Conference

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“Su Zhe, let go of my hand. The reporters are watching.”

Su Zhe let go.

At this moment, the reporters barged in and interrupted excitedlyー

“Tang Mo’er, were you the one who pushed Han Xiaowan down the stairs yesterday?”

“Why did you push Han Xiaowan down the stairs?”

“Was it because of your love triangle relationship that you hated Han Xiaowan?”

Han Xiaowan looked at Tang Mo’er who was attacked by the reporters. Han Xiaowan puckered her lips, hiding a triumphant smile. This Tang Mo’er was not fit to be her opponent. Tang Mo’er thought that she could call Han Xiaowan a “mistress” forever? In her dreams!

Tang Mo’er looked at the camera and gave a calm smile. “Yes, there must have been a reason why I would push Han Xiaowan down the stairs. Was it because… she seduced my fiancé?”

Su Zhe looked at Tang Mo’er. A fleck of anger flashed past his eyes. Tang Mo’er pushing Han Xiaowan the stairs had successfully shifted the public’s focus towards Tang Mo’er’s being the source of the public’s ire, however, Tang Mo’er was now directly shifting the public opinion back to its original focus.

As the leader of the entertainment industry, he felt that no matter what, he had to admire her. Tang Mo’er had handled it in a beautiful way. It was a shame she had chosen to be on the wrong side.

At this juncture, the reporters tried to pull the focus back. Pointing their cameras at Han Xiaowan, they thrust the microphones towards her.

“Han Xiaowan, did you really seduce Tang Mo’er’s fiancé?”

“Are you really the third party?”

Evidently, Han Xiaowan understood Tang Mo’er’s intentions. She gritted her teeth and opened her mouth to explain.

A melodious voice interrupted the roaring chatter of questions directed towards Han Xiaowan, “Everyone, please hear me out. It’s all a misunderstanding. Su Zhe and I had already broken off our engagement one year ago. Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan can love freely. They did not betray me.”

“Han Xiaowan is an innocent victim. She has been misunderstood by the netizens and by my fans. During this period of time, her reputation has been affected. Let me apologise on behalf of everyone for this misunderstanding.” Tang Mo’er bowed with sincerity.

The moment she said this, all the reporters at the press conference quietened and the constant chattering died down. They did not expect Tang Mo’er to reveal so much information.

Han Xiaowan smiled eagerly. From now onwards, she could be with Su Zhe openly and become the wife of Prevailing Entertainment’s Young Master.

She put on an innocent, pretty smile to the reporters. “Dear all, to be honest, at the mall yesterday I did not stand properly and fell down the stairs. It was an accident. This incident has nothing to do with Tang Mo’er. We are close friends in private, so I would appreciate it everyone would stop making wild guesses.”

Both parties had came forward to clarify the rumors. It was a happy occasion that was completely unexpected.

As the party directly involved Su Zhe spoke up, “Now that the misunderstandings are cleared up, I hope this matter will come to an end. The press conference has ended.”

The reporters started to leave the venue. However, a reporter clad in red stood up and challenged, “Tang Mo’er, you said Su Zhe and you had broken off your engagement a year ago?”

Tang Mo’er nodded slowly, “Yes…”

“Then what about these photos?” asked the reporter as she threw a stack of photos on the carpet. The reporters who had been moving to leave the venue immediately perked up at the news.

The photos were scattered all over the floor. Every reporters’ head swooped in so quickly they almost got whiplash, their hands scrambling madly for the photos like ravenous vultures to a piece of fresh meat. They were photos of Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan together. Han Xiaowan kissing Su Zhe, Su Zhe embracing Han Xiaowan… there was no doubt as to their relationship.

“Tang Mo’er, you just said Su Zhe and you had broken off your engagement one year ago. However, these photos were taken three years ago. Three, not one. Everyone knows that your fiancé went to Las Vegas three years ago. In reality, your fiancé and Han Xiaowan were already together back then. They were together in Las Vegas for three years, and you’re still saying Han Xiaowan is innocent?”

The crowd around them roared. They did not expect Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan to have dated more than three years ago. That would mean…

The scene turned chaoticー

“Tang Mo’er, what happened exactly? Did you already know that Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan were together three years ago?”

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