Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 34 - Why Are You Smoking so Much?
Chapter 34: Why Are You Smoking so Much?

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For the past three years, she had gained fame and risen to become the top of it the four most popular female stars in the entertainment industry. It was a pity she had yet to be selected as a spokesperson for DHA Diamonds. The reason was obvious, she did not have enough qualifications.

On the contrary, Han Xiaowan had been nominated three times. This came as no surprise as she had been acting since she was a child and had the backing of Qin Yawen.

“Qi Xi, contact the DHA person-in-charge immediately. I want to attend the interview for this year’s spokesperson.” said Tang Mo’er as her eyes lit up. She was determined to become the spokesperson.

“Sure, Mo’er. I’m confident that you’ll get it.” replied Qi Xi. She started to probe further, divulging further details as she read, “This Young Master Gu is the capital’s first and youngest tycoon. I heard he is only 30 this year and he is still unmarried. All the ladies out there are dying to get their claws on him as they all dream of marrying him. However, I’ve heard he is quite a pervert and has some strange fetishes.”


“Yeah, I heard that a rich young woman fell for him and snuck into his room one night. After she came out of the room, she went crazy.”

Tang Mo’er was at a loss for words.

Lots of images conjured up in Tang Mo’er’s mind. This mysterious Young Master Gu holding a small leather belt, or even a candle and doing unspeakable things to a young woman. This was not unusual, as the higher the status of a man, the higher the likelihood he was a pervert.

“Enough Qi Xi. Other people’s business is not our concern. Young Master Gu lives far away from the capital, so I doubt we’ll even get a chance to see him. If I’m able to meet DHA’s person-in-charge, that would be great.”

“Well, obviously. Mo’er, you would obviously won’t need to worry about that perverted Young Master Gu. I guess all you care about, is that Mr Gu at home. Afterall, no matter how rich a man is, he would not be able to buy the happiness of a male dog’s waist or the slender fingers of a gentleman.”

Qi Xi said “happiness” in a louder tone, giving Mo’er a side glance.

Tang Mo’er felt guilty. The thought of last evening’s scene flashed through her mind. She bit her plump lower lip, “Qi Xi, you’ve been talking too much recently.”

Qi Xi covered her mouth and grinned. She suddenly thought of something, “Mo’er, that young master’s surname is Gu. Your Mr Gu’s surname is Gu, don’t tell me… they’re the same person? The mysterious force that helped you expose the IDs of the paid people today must have been done by… Mr Gu?”

“How is that even possible? Don’t talk rubbish.” Tang Mo’er immediately denied her speculation. How could the young master of the capital be this bankrupted Mr Gu? It was ludicrous! That shameless man had even forced his way to live in her house. Was that how a rich person would behave?

Since many people in the world with the same surname, there wasn’t a need to give it any further thought.

But… who had helped her expose the IDs of those people who had been bribed?

Tang Mo’er took her bag, “Qi Xi, I’ll go back home to rest first. The moment there is any news about DHA please inform me immediately.”

Back at her own apartment, Tang Mo’er took out ingredients from the fridge and starting cooking.

Her culinary skills were quite good as she had lived alone for a very long time. Whenever she was bored, she loved whipping up delicacies. As she had time and was in the mood to whip up a feast today, she decided to make four dishes and a soup.

Looking at the time, it was already 6pm. She scooped two bowls of rice and waited for Gu Mohan.

However, after waiting for a long period of time, he did not turn up.

Is he not intending to stay here anymore?

Tang Mo’er thought for a while and whipped out her phone. She had saved his number, his contact was Mr Gu.

She dialed his number.

VIP Room, CC Bar.

In the luxurious room, Gu Mohan, Fu Qinglun and Huo Beichen were playing cards. There were two hostesses accompanying them.

Gu Mohan sat in the main seat. His handsome face and toned body could blind people, even under the dim light. His white shirt had the top two buttons loosened, revealing an aura that was both lazy and full of masculinity.

There was a cigarette between his thin, sexy lips. The long fingers on his right hand pinched the cigarette as he smoked. He threw a stack of red notes on the table. Sparing the long-haired woman nearby no more than a cursory glance, he commanded to seemingly no one, “Help me buy a pack of cigarettes.”

Despite his dismissive nature, the hostess closest to him felt that such a gargantuan amount of money was worth it. CC Bar was part of the Huo family’s businesses which only dealt with the rich. Although she was one of the top hostesses at the bar, she had never come across someone so liberal with money before.

The hostess bowed towards Gu Mohan, her face red as she thanked him, then quickly left the room.

“Second Brother, you don’t usually smoke. Why are you smoking so much today? Are you feeling… some kind of pent up desire inside?”

“That can’t be right, Mohan. You didn’t live in your Bangkok Villa. Instead, you went to live in the house of that beauty, Miss Tang. You probably got laid.”

Gu Mohan looked at the two men, “Dirty-minded.”

Fu Qinglun whistled. Huo Beichen smiled and nodded towards the other woman in the room with large brown eyes. He gestured towards the remaining hostess, “What are you doing? Hurry and serve my second brother.”

The woman with large, doe-like eyes had long since coveted after Gu Mohan. She immediately came forward and grabbed Gu Mohan’s sleeve, her voice was sickly sweet, “Young Master Gu…”

Gu Mohan retrieved his hand of cards from the table and looked down at the simpering woman.

His gaze was very dull, so dull it seemed cold. The hostess with the large eyes shivered under his disparaging gaze and slowly retrieved her hand from his shirt.

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