Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 35 - Tang Mo’er, Do You Really Think I’m A Gigolo You Keep

Chapter 35: Tang Mo’er, Do You Really Think I’m A Gigolo You Keep

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“Second Brother, you’re so biased. Both women here are beautiful, yet why do you only have eyes for Beauty Tang? Can you tell me Beauty Tang’s secret in defeating the thousands of love rivals?” asked Huo Beichen in a dissatisfied tone.

The smoke enveloped Gu Mohan’s handsome silhouette. His narrow gaze was fully concealed. His response was clear even with no wordsーno comment.

“Mohan, you keep attracting all these women. This flower trap never seems to end. Do you remember that rich young lady who sneaked into your room last time and went crazy? What happened back then anyway?” asked Fu Qinglun.

Huo Beichen looked at the man’s trousers, “Second Brother, it can’t be that your ‘brother’ is too big that you scared her away, right?”

‘Perverted’ was a groundless statement. They could strike their chests hard and declare with utmost certainty that the man was definitely a virgin.

Gu Mohan raised his eyebrow as he thought of that matter. Evidently, it was an unhappy memory. He elaborated anyway, “She snuck in, then leapt forward towards me. I tried to dodge. However she slammed into the wall and turned crazy afterwards.”

“Evil.” chuckled Huo Beichen.

At this moment, a ringtone sounded from a mobile. It was Gu Mohan’s phone.

Fu Qinglun glanced at the callerーTang Mo’er.

“Mohan, you just started played cards with us and Beauty Tang is calling you already. Are you a househusband already?”

Gu Mohan gave Fu Qinglun a kick underneath the table. Throwing down his cards, he picked up the phone, and waved at them to carry on, “Start first.”

He walked out of the room and answered the call.


“Hello.” greeted Tang Mo’er in a small voice, “Mr Gu, are you coming home tonight?”

“Not coming.”

Not coming?

Tang Mo’er frowned, “Oh, then… where are you now?”

“At the bar.”


A man going to the bar all alone at night, he would be doing indecent things…

Tang Mo’er played with her fingers, hesitant, “You…”

The moment she started to speak, she heard the honeyed voice of a woman on the other end and stopped abruptly.

“Young Master Gu, I’ve bought the cigarettes.”

There was a woman next to him.

Tang Mo’er was stunned.

“Huh? What are you trying to say?” A deep voice sounded in her ear.

Tang Mo’er felt like a joke. What was she doing? Making dinner for him like a good wife waiting for her husband to come home? She wasn’t crazy, was she? That man clearly had a partner already.

She pressed her red lips together and moistened, them with her tongue, “Nothing. I just wanted to say since you’ve found a place to stay, it looks like nobody will be looking to catch you anymore. Would you please leave and not stay at my place anymore?”

The moment she finished her string of words, her breath sunk into nothingness. The silence on the other end made the atmosphere become a little awkward and cold. Tang Mo’er continued, “I…ー”

His voice interrupted, cutting her off, “Yesterday you were the one standing in front of me wearing nothing but my shirt and straddling my waist… Today, you’re chasing me away. Tang Mo’er, do you really think I’m a gigolo you’ve kept?”


Tang Mo’er felt embarrassed. She immediately retaliated, “Mr Gu, I did not have sex with you, why does your tone sound like you need me to be responsible?”

“I know you want to f**k me, but I’m not free tonight. I’m playing cards with my buddies at the bar. You’d better be honest with me. Don’t find trouble.” he replied sternly and hung up the phone.


Tang Mo’er’s blood was boiling. This veteran at flirting—he only looked proper and refined, but was actually such a pervert inside. However, he did say that he was playing cards with his buddies at the bar.

If he was really playing cards with his buddies at a bar, a woman buying him cigarettes wouldn’t mean anything, right?

Tang Mo’er felt a warm and fuzzy feeling inside her heart and gave a delicate smile.

Back in the room, Gu Mohan threw his phone on the table and sat back at his original position. His face was still dull, although his expression seemed to have softened slightly.

“Second Brother, what did Beauty Tang tell you? You look really satisfied with yourself.”

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