Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 37 - I'm Informing You Our Engagement Is Now Annulled
Chapter 37: I’m Informing You Our Engagement Is Now Annulled

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Since Tang Mo’er was the undisputed leader out of the four most popular female stars, Su Shuiqin wasn’t particularly fond of her since she was ranked lower in the popularity rankings.

Su Shuiqin eyed Tang Mo’er viciously, her lips curled in a mocking sneer, “Mo’er, do you seriously love my brother so much that you’ve got to pester him like this? It’s such a pity that my brother loves Han Xiaowan instead, but you need to learn to let him go. You’d better break off the wedding engagement and return the shares. What right do you have to hold on to our shares? Don’t be so shameless and return us our shares.”

Han Xiaowan’s stubborn fans had heard Su Shuiqin’s words as she had spoken loudly—

“Tang Mo’er, are you that lonely? What are you pestering Mr Su for? He doesn’t even love you.”

“Why are you holding on to the Su family’s shares, you’d better return them!”

Qi Xi reacted angrily, these self-righteous people were really annoying her, “You people…”

Tang Mo’er put one hand out to stop Qi Xi before she could say anything further. She walked towards Su Zhe and stopped in front of him.

“Firstly, I’ve already made myself clear at the press conference. I said that we had already broken off our marriage engagement and I was lying. Now let me be the one to inform you, Su Zhe, our engagement is now formally annulled.”

Su Zhe’s face darkened, his handsome face was overcast with a mix of sadness and aggression. Although he had forsaken her first, he felt angry when she told him, ‘our engagement is now annulled.’

He felt as though a piece of his soul had shattered and he had lost an important part of himself.

“Regarding the shares,” Tang Mo’er looked at Han Xiaowan, “Han Xiaowan, how about this? I’ll give you an option. I’ll return the shares to the Su family with no strings attached, once you leave Su Zhe. Are you willing to make such a sacrifice for Su Zhe?”

Han Xiaowan didn’t expect Tang Mo’er to throw her into such a difficult situation when she was just lying low. There was no way she would accept the suggestion. She wasn’t going to give up her spot as the young madam of Prevailing Entertainment.

“Ah Zhe…” Han Xiaowan tugged pitifully at Su Zhe’s sleeves to express her distress.

Su Zhe looked at Han Xiaowan’s innocent face, seeking comfort from him. She was his ideal type.

He held Han Xiaowan’s tiny waist and looked at Tang Mo’er with discontent, “Tang Mo’er, what exactly are you trying to do?”

Tang Mo’er was once again impressed with Han Xiaowan’s acting. She really was the epitome of a scheming fox behind the guise of a white lotus*. She shrugged and replied in an offhand manner, “I’m not trying to do anything, I’m speaking the truth. As long as Han Xiaowan leaves you, I’ll return the shares. Simple as that with no other conditions. Remember to pass me Han Xiaowan’s train tickets in exchange for the shares. Qi Xi, lets go.”

Qi Xi left with Tang Mo’er and the angry trio was left behind to seethe.

“Ah Zhe, my sister… I know that the shares are very important to you. If my sister really sticks to her words and is willing to return you the shares, I’ll leave you even though it will break my heart…”

Su Zhe instantly pulled Han Xiaowan into a tight embrace, “Xiaowan, what are you saying? I won’t allow you to leave me. You’re more important than the shares!”

Han Xiaowan smirked in Su Zhe’s arms when she heard his words.

The moment she entered the casting room, Tang Mo’er instantly realized the endorsement was really large-scale. The four most popular female stars were all present and the resources and equipment were all top notch.

The casting itself was a simple process. For the first round, they only judged based on the appearance and stance of the female stars. However, they needed to take off all of their clothing and stand behind the screen.


*Translator note: white lotus refers to a pure maiden

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