Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 39 - You Can Try to Approach the President of the Gu Group
Chapter 39: You Can Try to Approach the President of the Gu Group

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“You!” Han Xiaowan didn’t continue putting on a fake front. Her face darkened instantly.

Tang Mo’er started to walk towards her own dressing room.

“Sister,” Han Xiaowan gave a disturbing smile when they crossed paths, “Do you really think you’ll have the chance to become the spokesperson for DHA Diamonds?”

Tang Mo’er looked at her and replied, “Ha, you’ve already gotten the endorsement by sleeping with Mr Su?”

Han Xiaowan raised the corner of her lips smugly and answered, “Sister, you can try if you’ve got the capabilities to do so. Oh no, there’s something else you can try. If you’re able to sleep with the President of the Gu Group, the leading wealthy businessman in the capital, then I’ll willingly address you as Grandma.”

Han Xiaowan then walked proudly into her dressing room, her head held high.

Su Shuiqin was already in Han Xiaowan’s dressing room. She bounced about excitedly, “Xiaowan, I’ve followed your instructions and everything will work out exactly as you’ve planned.”

Tang Mo’er entered her own dressing room and had a ominous feeling after recalling Han Xiaowan’s words.

Also, the President of the Gu Corporation? He was known to be a sex-pervert with strange fetishes. She didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

She gave up and decided to just cherish her life. There was no way she would try to engage such a person.

Tang Mo’er wanted to put on her clothes but noticed that the sofa was empty. Her clothes were missing.

Where were her clothes? She remembered clearly that she had placed them on the sofa.

Tang Mo’er searched around the entire dressing room but she still couldn’t find her clothes. Not a single piece of clothing. There was only one possibility, someone had stolen her clothes.

Who could it be?

It was definitely Han Xiaowan!

Tang Mo’er couldn’t control her anger and desperately wanted to give Han Xiaowan a tight slap across the face. But what could she do now? She couldn’t even get out of the room.

Her phone had also been taken away and the dressing room had been cleared out. She couldn’t ask for Qi Xi’s help as Qi Xi was standing in the main area out the front.

Tang Mo’er looked around her surroundings and found the curtain hanging in the dressing room.

Thinking quickly, she speedily pulled the curtain off its hooks and used it to cover herself. She wrapped herself up tightly like a dumpling and went out.

The VIP lift door opened with a ‘ding’ and Gu Mohan, Fu Qinglun and Huo Beichen stepped out of the lift. The scene of the three handsome men walking across the handspun wool carpet was simply breathtaking, like a scene from a movie with the male leads making their first appearance.

Gu Mohan had both of his hands in his trouser pockets and he wore his blazer on his shoulders. He looked a little tired after pulling an all-nighter playing mahjong.

“Brother, Beauty Tang should be in her casting now. Do you want to take a look at her?”

“Don’t worry, Beauty Tang would definitely pass the first round with her beauty and graceful stance.”

The two men were discussing at the back while Gu Mohan caught a glimpse of a sneaky silhouette dashing around in the front.

His feet stopped moving.

“Mohan, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’ve arranged rooms for both of you. Go on ahead and have a rest.”

Gu Mohan walked briskly in front after giving them instructions to the rooms. He waved towards the rooms prepared with a casual click of the wrist.

After making a turn he saw Tang Mo’er. She was behaving like a sneaky thief who had lost their map, darting around suspiciously.

“What are you doing, finding a man?”

Tang Mo’er was shocked when she heard a deep voice rumble in her ears. She turned around and saw Gu Mohan. He was getting closer to her and he looked at her without making any sound. He was elegant yet cold as always, she noticed that he was judging her.

“Mr Gu, why are you here? That’s great, could you please prepare a set of clothing for me… Ah!”

Tang Mo’er was intending to walk towards Gu Mohan but had forgotten she was wearing the too-long curtain as a cover. She accidentally stepped on the curtain and messed up, falling forward after the curtain she had used to wrap around her body unraveled from her misplaced step.

As the curtain slipped off her, all Gu Mohan saw was a flash of creamy white skin that moulded around a perfectly formed body. The moment passed in an instant, yet felt exceedingly slow as his eyes fell over her womanly curves. He realized in that second, why she was known as a ‘stunner’ by all of the men in Karghalik.

Although his arms reached out to catch her from her fall, he didn’t manage to do so and they fell together in a heap, tangled in the length of material.

Tang Mo’er humphed and buried her tiny face in a certain place, moving slowly as she struggled to get up.

She then heard a husky, cynical voice that was too close, “Tang Mo’er, don’t you dare move.”

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