Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 45 - Was That Man Your Sponsor?
Chapter 45: Was That Man Your Sponsor?

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Han Xiaowan had purposely said ‘Xiaowan’ in a softer tone, hoping to get closer with Fu Qinglun and Huo Beichen. She did it in a subtle way to try to appeal to the two successors without alerting Su Zhe.

The Han’s had actually been rich and influential in Karghalik in the past. However, due to Han Dong’s poor management skills, they had gone downhill and Han Xiaowan could only wish to marry into a rich family to become a respected young madam. If she was able to succeed this way, she would be able to lead a good life in the high society and become a part of those social circles.

There had been no way she was able to marry into the three wealthy and influential families, the Fu’s, Huo’s and Lin’s. She had never expected her sister’s fiancé, Su Zhe, to become a dark horse who would suddenly become one of the successors to the four wealthy and influential families. She surely wasn’t going to give up on such a great opportunity. She was determined to snatch Su Zhe away from Tang Mo’er and make him hers.

She had learned that Su Zhe would be flying over to the capital to visit Tang Mo’er during her filming schedule. As soon as she realized, she arranged for a few punks to rape Tang Mo’er after drugging her. She didn’t expect Tang Mo’er to be able to escape from her trap. Since the punks had disappeared without updating her, she had thought that her plans had fallen through. It was only after Su Zhe appeared in front of her in complete and utter despair that she had realized Tang Mo’er was rescued by an unknown man.

She didn’t know the identity of the man who rescued Tang Mo’er, however, she was certain Tang Mo’er would never have been able to remain a virgin after the encounter. Tang Mo’er was young and beautiful, any man would not be able to resist and want to have sex with her, especially since she was drugged and wanting. It was the perfect plan.

Su Zhe had hated Tang Mo’er so much. Jumping at the opportunity, Han Xiaowan had flown to Las Vegas and done everything she could to capture Su Zhe’s broken heart. She had comforted him when he was down, been gentle, caring and loyal. She eventually succeeded with her ploys and Su Zhe had fallen for her.

“Xiaowan?” Huo Beichen squinted his devilish eyes, seeming to sense the vixen under her innocent front. “Miss Han, I don’t think it’s a good idea to call you Xiaowan. Do you… behave like this around male strangers you’ve met for the first time?”

Han Xiaowan’s face went pale and she flushed awkwardly, her smile frozen and forced.

Fu Qinglun gave Huo Beichen a sideward glance before they both left without another word.

“Ah Zhe,” Han Xiaowan started to behave in a spoiled manner with Su Zhe to explain herself in case he misunderstood. “I wanted to be friendly with Young Master Fu and Young Master Huo, but they…”

Han Xiaowan didn’t understand their actions and her mind became anxious and flustered, why didn’t Fu Qinglun and Huo Beichen seem to like her? Not only that, they had even made things awkward for her.

Su Zhe replied indifferently, “Those two families always behave like that, you don’t need to take it to your heart. However…”

Su Zhe turned back to look at Fu Qinglun and Huo Beichen’s disappearing figures and wondered aloud, “Why were they here?”

“Ah Zhe, what do you mean? What’s the matter?”

“The Fu’s, Huo’s and Lin’s are on friendly terms with President Gu. The DHA Diamonds set was also under the Gu Corporation. If Fu Qinglun and Huo Beichen are here for some rest, does that mean… President Gu is also here in Karghalik?”

What? Gu Mohan, the President of the Gu Corporation, the leading conglomerate in the capital, is here in Karghalik?

Han Xiaowan’s eyes lit up, Gu Mohan was a mysterious man who behaved as though he was a distinguished royal. His reputation was impeccable in the business world and she had only heard success stories about him. She would do anything to find a way to take a look at him, even a sneaky glance would be fine.

Tang Mo’er returned to the set. She wore a pastel purple dress that had been lent to her by a female member of the crew. She was relieved and pleased, DHA really did provide great hospitality, they even prepared clothing for their guests.

She had no idea that the clothes were sent under the instruction of Mr Gu. She held Gu Mohan’s blazer in her arms and her face was still a blazing red as she fanned herself. Her heart beat nonstop at the thought of their heated kiss just a short while ago.

“Qi Xi, are the results out?”

“Soon, I’m waiting for them.”

Su Zhe brought Han Xiaowan back and instantly spotted Tang Mo’er in the crowd. No matter when or where, he would always find his eyes drawn to her. He frowned when he noticed she had changed her clothes and held a large blazer in her arms.

That blazer…

Su Zhe’s pupils contracted into angry slits as a dreaded realization slapped him in the face. No… She was the woman who wore the blazer and was kissing that man in the corridor?

Promiscuous slut!

Su Zhe’s handsome face contorted into a seething anger and all reasoning left him. He charged forward and grabbed onto Tang Mo’er’s wrist forcefully, twisting it up painfully. “Tang Mo’er, you’d better speak up. Was that man your sponsor?”

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