Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 46 - Who Is Your Sponsor?
Chapter 46: Who Is Your Sponsor?

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Tang Mo’er had goosebumps when Su Zhe held her wrist. She felt disgusted especially when she was reminded of his activities with Han Xiaowan a little while ago. She tried to throw his arm off and escape from his grasp, but his hold was too firm.

“What’s wrong with you, Su Zhe! Let go of me!” Tang Mo’er exclaimed, trying to wrench herself free.

Su Zhe wanted to swear, he was about to explode. “Tang Mo’er, you should stop pretending like you’re so innocent and pure. Weren’t you just kissing a man in the corridor?”

He had recognized them?

Tang Mo’er smirked at him and admitted, “You’re right, that was me. However, I’ve got a question for you too. When are you going to release an album? I overheard your glorious act with Han Xiaowan and it was terrific, I almost wanted to stand there to applaud you, but I was somewhat distracted. I’ll definitely show some support next time.”


“I saw you putting your hands under Innocent Goddess Han’s clothes to caress her. Did you even wash your hands after that? I’m afraid that you’ll spread the slut germs to me since you’re holding on to my wrist.”

His mouth fell open. Tang Mo’er had become extremely outspoken!

Su Zhe couldn’t stand seeing Tang Mo’er’s little cherry lips moving, they were delicate and beautiful like rose petals. His eyes glowed to a heated black, so black they were about to burn. He wanted to just kiss her and stop her from continuing to speak. He loomed closer to her, pulling her closer to him.

The images flickered in his mind, a large blazer barely covering long luscious legs. He couldn’t do it. Especially after recollecting that she had just been kissed by another man. She was tainted, disgusting and dirty.

“Tang Mo’er, I’m going to ask you for the last time. Who was that man, was he your sponsor?”

He became even more forceful as she struggled against him. Tang Mo’er’s face went pale, she felt that her wrist was almost breaking from his squeeze.

What was wrong with Su Zhe? What was he talking about?

“What sponsor? Stop accusing everyone of being like Innocent Goddess Han. I’ve depended on myself all along!”

She spoke with confidence but Su Zhe replied coldly, “Tang Mo’er, you’ve had the best resources on hand for the past three years. You’ve even surpassed Xiaowan who has been a star since she was a child. How dare you lie about not having a sponsor behind your back providing support?”

Tang Mo’er was stunned, reflecting back after hearing Su Zhe’s words. He was right. She did indeed have the best resources on hand for the past three years. It had helped her tremendously and she had experienced a relatively smooth path in the industry, but she had thought she was just extremely lucky.

Was there really someone supporting her behind her back?

But who was it?

Was it the same person who had helped her to expose the fake accounts?

She had only just kissed Gu Mohan in the corridor and still remembered his manly scent and the faint smell of tobacco on him. She couldn’t stop thinking about the moment when he forced his tongue into her mouth. She blushed again, that had been her first kiss.

“You’re right, I’ve indeed got a sponsor. You’ve also seen him, he is richer and more good looking than you, you’re definitely not his match.”

Tang Mo’er moved to withdraw her wrist after she spoke, but failed again.

Su Zhe stared at her, his face stony and eyes thunderous. He wanted to strangle and kill her. He had seen the man’s back in the corridor just now. The man wore a white shirt with black trousers, the entire outfit luxurious and custom-made and most likely costing more than a person’s annual salary. He could feel the man’s powerful aura just from observing him from the back.

When did Karghalik welcome such an important figure?

Su Zhe was suddenly reminded of the back figure of the man he saw three years ago in Royal Hotel in the capital. The man had a similar style and his fashion sense was also similar. That man had carried Tang Mo’er into the Presidential Suite without a further glance. Su Zhe had wanted to barge into the room but he was blocked by the bodyguards standing at the entrance. He was humiliated in the worst way possible that night, there was no way he would ever forget it. The images replayed in his mind at the drop of a hat.

Were they the same person? Was he Tang Mo’er’s sponsor?

Tang Mo’er couldn’t read Su Zhe’s mind. Her wrist felt like it was about to snap and she tried again to withdraw her hand forcefully.

Qi Xi started to shout over the room, “Mo’er, quickly come over. The list is out but… why isn’t your name in it?”

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