Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 48 - President, Miss Tang Has Invited Me out for a Meal
Chapter 48: President, Miss Tang Has Invited Me out for a Meal

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“President, Miss Tang didn’t qualify for the next round.” Yan Dong informed Gu Mohan.

Gu Mohan lightly raised his eyebrows, he was surprised by her failure to qualify for the next round.

“Who is the in-charge of DHA Diamonds, is it Wan An? Tell him to come over now.”

“Yes, President.”

Wan An arrived in the Presidential Suite in no time. He had no idea why the President had chosen to visit the tiny capital of Karghalik. He entered the suite with caution, “President, is there anything I can help you with?”

Gu Mohan sat on the chair made from genuine black leather. He spun around in the chair and lifted his eyes to evaluate Wan An. “Why didn’t Tang Mo’er qualify for the next round?”

Tang Mo’er?

Wan An felt anxious, the President was actually concerned about an insignificant female star. He hurriedly replied, “President, I was just about to report the matter to you. We have chosen Han Xiaowan as the spokesperson this year since her boyfriend, the President of Prevailing Entertainment, is one our major investors. He also requested for the removal of Tang Mo’er’s name from the list.”

Seeing the President made no comment, Wan An continued, “I’ve reviewed their portfolios. Han Xiaowan has been acting since she was a child and has always had a steady performance. She also has both the looks and skills to deliver what we require. Moreover, she has been nominated for three consecutive years. On the other hand, although Tang Mo’er has unrivaled popularity, she still lacks the experience to handle such large-scale endorsements. There’s also the issue of her recent scandals and because of all this, I’ve agreed to Su Zhe’s request to have her removed.”

Wan An had a clear conscience, there were various strings attached in the business field and big brands didn’t purely consider a female star’s capabilities. They would have to offer more than that. Tang Mo’er wasn’t in an advantageous position as she was relatively unknown given she did not have any strong connections.

Gu Mohan narrowed his eyes at the conclusive decision. Yet again, she had been screwed up and plotted against by her ex-fiancé and her vindictive stepsister. She was probably suffering a mental breakdown after being eliminated from the pre-selection round, an appearance-based judgment. She had always been proud of her status as Beauty Tang, how could she tolerate this insult.

“Add Tang Mo’er’s name to the list.”

Wan An froze, his mouth formed an incredulous ‘O’. He couldn’t believe his ears. “What?”

Gu Mohan’s strong and cold gaze landed on Wan An’s face, his expression emotionless, yet domineering. He wasn’t going to repeat himself.

Wan An remained still as he was reminded of Tang Mo’er’s situation. Although she was the mayor’s daughter, she was actually an abandoned child and everyone now knew that her fiancé had cheated on her. Although her portfolio was decent, her experience was nothing special. How was she even able to continue having the best resources on hand for the past three years? He knew the industry well. She would have been surrounded by men who only wanted sexual favors from her.

There were many female stars in the entertainment industry who had sugar daddies and a sponsor behind their back. They received benefits but also had to provide sexual favors in return.

Was Tang Mo’er’s sponsor…?

Wan An was in shock, his legs collapsed and he needed to escape as soon as possible. He gulped and responded immediately, “Yes, President. I’ll get it done now. Right away.”

Wan An had wanted to escape but his ringtone sounded, interrupting his exit. He had received a text message.

He whipped out his cell phone and scanned the message. The content readー’Hello, CEO Wan. I’m Tang Mo’er, may I treat you to dinner tonight?’

Wan An’s hands were shaking at the thought of Tang Mo’er treating him to dinner. He felt his breath constrict and his palms were clammy as he held onto his phone.

“Pre… President, Miss… T-T-Tang has invited me out for dinner.”

Gu Mohan’s handsome features sank into a grim expression. His sexy lips instantly pressed into a straight line.

She wanted to invite Wan An for a meal. A dangerous laugh ripped itself from deep within Gu Mohan’s throat.

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