Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 49 - You’re Disqualified
Chapter 49: You’re Disqualified

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At this moment, his traitorous ringtone sounded again. Ding! Wan An received a second text message and was almost afraid to look ー’CEO Wan. I have always deeply admired you with your outstanding talent. You’re truly deserving of your distinguished reputation. As such, I’d love to see the moon and stars with you. Let’s talk about poetry and the philosophy of life. I hope you’ll give me some face and allow me the honour.’


Seeing that the President had pursed his lips in a way that spelled danger, Wan An became numb. His entire body shook uncontrollably and he wanted to throw himself onto the floor to plead innocence.

He immediately showed his sincerity, “President, I’ll be rejecting Miss Tang now.”

“No need. Since she has called you out, then let it be, the address would be at…” Gu Mohan gave him an address to provide her with and Wan An immediately sent the address through.

“President, what do I tell Miss Tang when I meet with her?”

Gu Mohan eyed Wan An with a predatory glint. In his usual refined and calm manner, he replied, “Have I allowed you to attend the appointment?”


“Don’t include her name in the list at this stage.”


Gu Mohan glanced at Yan Dong, “Did you find out who took away Tang Mo’er’s clothing?”

“I’ve checked, it’s Su Shuiqin.” Yan Dong replied respectfully.

Tang Mo’er looked at her phone message and heaved a large sigh of relief. She had successfully fooled Wan An. However, just thinking of the overbearing message she had sent through, made her cringe.

“Mo’er, will it be dangerous when you’re meeting Wan An for dinner tonight? What if he takes advantage of you?” asked Qi Xi worriedly.

Tang Mo’er puckered her lips and blinked her eyes. “What I’m more scared of is that he won’t try to take advantage of me. The moment he tries, I’ll record it down. With this, he’ll definitely let me into the second round. I must become the spokesperson of DHA. I can’t let Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan off so easily!”

“Mm, Mo’er. I have faith in you.”

At this moment, Su Shuiqin walked over. She deliberately” barged into Tang Mo’er and hollered, “You’d better get out of the way!”

Tang Mo’er staggered backwards from the force and nearly fell backwards. Qi Xi immediately grabbed onto her and said unhappily, “Su Shuiqin, why did you deliberately bang into Mo’er?”

Su Shuiqin looked at Tang Mo’er in a proud and contemptuous manner, her nose high in the air, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I’ve just gotten through the auditions and I’m busy preparing for the second round of auditions. I was in a rush and didn’t see you there. Unimportant people like you who have never gotten past the pre-audition rounds should just give way to us. A good dog shouldn’t stand in the way.” She waved her hand at them dismissively.


Looking at Su Shuiqin’s haughty demeanour, Tang Mo’er raised one delicate eyebrow. Indeed, Su Shuiqin had not lost her ability to show off. Well, it was her own fault for not passing the first round.

“It’s alright Qi Xi, let’s leave.”

Just wait and see.

At this moment, Wan An’s assistant came by and gestured towards Su Shuiqin, “Hello, may I ask if you are Miss Su Shuiqin?”

The moment Su Shuiqin saw Wan An’s assistant, the speed her face changed was astounding. She turned around, fluffing out her long, gorgeous hair, “Yes hello, I’m Su Shuiqin. Does CEO Wan want to interview me alone? I can head there right now.”

“Sorry Miss Su, but your name has been taken off the list. You do not qualify for the second round.”

“But why, I obviously…” Su Shuiqin was shell-shocked and her eyes had widened dramatically at the unexpected turn of events.

“CEO Wan said that while Miss Su’s E cup boobs were large, however, they were saggy. As you are not suitable for DHA’s image, you’ve been disqualified.”


Qi Xi immediately let out chuckle, which turned quickly into an outlandish guffaw as she choked in an attempt to hold it in. What kind of hatred did CEO Wan towards Su Shuiqin for him to be so savage with his words?

“Su Shuiqin, your thighs are not too tight together.. You’ve probably never slept with much men before, huh? I heard that you stayed overnight at some wealthy businessman’s house yesterday. I guess it doesn’t take much…” retorted Qi Xi as she raised her voice, remembering Su Shuiqin’s earlier arrogance.

Su Shuiqin’s cheeks flushed red and but the rest of her face turned pale. She was angry yet guilty and she snapped back irritably, “Qi Xi, don’t spout nonsense. If you continue, I’ll tear out your mouth and feed it to the dogs!”

She stomped angrily towards Qi Xi in her sky-high stilettos. However, her heels were slippery against the polished floor. Whoosh! She fell down flat on the floor as her legs gave way.

Her skirt had torn as she had worn a tight-fitting bodycon skirt with a thong underneath. Her round butt was exposed to the world and she couldn’t turn around in time, what an embarrassment!

“Quick, look. Su Shuiqin’s butt has a palm imprint. Did you see? Did she get beaten by a man?”

“Her knees have gone red from kneeling. I heard that wealthy businessman is already in his 50s and has seven to eight wives. Su Shuiqin is really shameless.”

Upon hearing everyone’s jeering criticisms as they taunted her in front of her face, Su Shuiqin broke down, clutching her face and screamed, “Ahhh!”

Tang Mo’er reached the location Wan An had texted her. Was he being serious? It was a… public bus stop.

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