Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 50 - Could You Not Dirty My Car and Get Off
Chapter 50: Could You Not Dirty My Car and Get Off

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Why was it a bus stop?

Tang Mo’er wrinkled her nose at the strange location but could only think of one possibility. Wan An was going to fetch her from the bus stop.

No matter what, she was just going to have to wait patiently.

She waited till late into the night when the moon has already risen high into the sky, but Wan An still hadn’t appeared.

Why was he doing this?

It was a cold and windy autumn night. Tang Mo’er was cold and shivered for the umpteenth time. She had gone out to meet Wan An only wearing only a long skirt and a light blouse. She stood up and walk around, rubbing her hands together to gain some warmth. Her little nose was already red from the cold and she felt miserable.

She took out her cell phone to give Wan An a phone call, but he had switched off his cell phone and she could only hear the voicemail. Tang Mo’er was very agitated, she wanted to throw her phone at the ground to express her rage.What was he playing at?

She ended up sitting on the long bench by herself and hugging her knees to stay warm in the cold night. All that was left exposed was her tiny head, the starlight had elongated her lonely silhouette in the quiet bus stop.

She didn’t know that there were two cars parked in a discrete corner not far away from where she waited. One was a black luxurious car and the other was a sports car.

Huo Beichen sat in the sports car and looked at Gu Mohan who was sitting in the black luxurious car, “Second Brother, you’re really heartless! Beauty Tang l only made a small mistake and you’re actually punishing her by making her suffer in such cold weather.”

Gu Mohan sat in the driver’s seat and took out a cigarette, ignoring Huo Beichen. He lit it up and the smoke blurred his vision. Staring at the small figure, he thought to himself, didn’t she want to watch the stars and the moon? The skies were clear and the scenery was great tonight. He wanted to ensure she had an uninterrupted view of it and watch the skies for the entire night.

Who had told her to be so desperate? She had even tried unintelligent and shameless ways to get ahead. How dare she try to seduce Wan An?

Fu Qinglun raised the corner of his dark lips into a wicked smirk, “I can feel someone being jealous. How unexpected. Some people are actually scarier than a woman when they experience jealousy.”

“Nevermind, we’ve signed ourselves up for this torturous labor. Second Brother is actually showing off his love and affection when he is being overly jealous.”

Huo Beichen drove away with Fu Qinglun after speaking his mind.

Gu Mohan continued to smoke his cigarette until he spotted a beauty. The woman was wearing a fitting black leather jacket and her outfit wrapped around her stunning figure. Anyone who took a look at her would be more than aroused.

She sidled up to his car and gave Gu Mohan a daring wink, “Mister, are you alone? Would you like any company?”

He lowered the window and placed his muscular arm on it. He rested his back on the car seat and his white shirt was unbuttoned at the top, revealing his distinct collar bone. His handsome looks were pronounced in the darkness and he seemed to be even more mysterious and elegant with a cigarette dangling casually in his hand.

His deep and narrow eyes landed on the beauty, it wasn’t a long gaze but he was obviously judging her. A few moments later, he replied impassively, “Not interested.”

It was a simple phrase that exuded cruelty and indifference.

The beauty froze, she was shocked to be rejected outright by him. It was late out at night and she had never failed to seduce rich men like him with her seductive confidence and attractive looks. He was the first man to ever reject her.

His Bentley was simply too striking, she couldn’t help but approach the car when she saw someone inside. Her eyes lit up when she saw him, she didn’t expect to find such a great catch. “Mister, how would you know if you’re really not interested if you haven’t taken me home yet?”

Gu Mohan continued to look in the direction of Tang Mo’er, “Can’t you see? That women over there is the one I’m interested in. Where did you cultivate such confidence when you can’t outwin her in either your looks or your figure?”

The beauty reeled back from his scathing comments and looked over at Tang Mo’er. Even though she couldn’t have a clear look, the woman was indeed attractive, even judging from the back. However, the beauty was unwilling to concede defeat. She refused to give up such a good catch and she was willing to spend a night with him, even if she did not get anything in return.

She sat at the front of the luxurious car and looked at him with a seductive expression, her voice coy and husky, “Mister, wouldn’t you be bored after looking at the same woman? Don’t you want to give me a chance even though I’m not as good looking as her?”

Gu Mohan slightly raised his brows and his narrow eyes exuded the charm of a mature man. He replied, “I’ve been looking at her for the past three years. I’m a nostalgic man and I don’t get bored easily.”

Gu Mohan then stubbed out the cigarette on the ashtray, “Could you not dirty my car and get off?”

The beauty’s face went pale, she was thoroughly embarrassed by him and made a ‘hmph’ sound before leaving furiously.

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