Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 51 - Get in the Car
Chapter 51: Get in the Car

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Gu Mohan did not even bother looking at the woman’s retreating silhouette. He stepped on the pedal and stopped his Bentley in front of Tang Mo’er.

“Get in the car.”

A deep and familiar vice resonated in her ears and Tang Mo’er looked up. Gu Mohan’s handsome face was again in her line of vision.

Why is he here?

Why did he always appear when she was in such a sorry state and most in need of concern?


Tang Mo’er got in the car gingerly and sat in the passenger seat, holding her shivering body.

The Bentley drove quickly and smoothly on the main road. The more Tang Mo’er thought on it, the angrier she felt. With her fist landing on the car window, she growled furiously, “I’ve understood already. Wan An just wants to fool me. Let me find someone to strip him of his clothes and publish his nude photos on the internet. This will teach him to mess with me!”


Wan An shuddered in his office as he sneezed. I’m innocent. Just look at my pitiful eyes.

“Also, the President of the Gu Corporation seems to be really arrogant. Don’t let me catch him. If I’m able to find him I’ll find eighteen women to play with him repeatedly until he is unable to have sex anymore!”

Tang Mo’er revealed the torturous methods she had thought of while she had been dwelling at the bus stop previously.

The President of the Gu Corporation heard her vindictive plans and lifted the corner of his lips. He laughed softly, “Oh.”

“What are you laughing at?” asked Tang Mo’er she she scowled at him.

“I’ve seen female stars accepting sexual favors but I’ve never seen anyone who failed to accept sexual favors and got angry. Do you really yearn to sleep with men so much?”

What guts did he have to say that… what sleep with men. Who said anything about sleeping with anyone?

Tang Mo’er raised her eyebrows. Why is he so crude with his words?

She had her own plan. She would not sleep with men! She had her own principles!

After being stood up, her hopes of being DHA’s spokesperson were dashed and she was now being ridiculed by this man. Tang Mo’er was really angry and snapped at Gu Mohan, “It’s my own business that I’m willing to accept sexual favors. If you can help me become DHA’s spokesperson I’m willing to sleep with you. If you are the President of the Gu Corporation, I can be your mistress!”

The moment she said that, the car braked sharply. The Bentley stopped at the pavement along the road, the momentum from the suddenness causing her head to hit the windscreen. Bam! It was painful…

Tang Mo’er clutched her head with her small hands and whined in complaint, “Hey! Mr Gu, what are you…!”

Her seat belt had unbuckled. The next second, a muscular arm grappled her waist and made her sit on his lap.

This position…

“Help me unbuckle my belt and give me special treatment. I’ll give you the position of DHA’s spokesperson.”

Tang Mo’er was stunned. She glanced up at his dark eyes. His arms were around her waist and she could feel his hard body, it was cold and tense. His deep gaze was fixated only on her.

She felt like an icy bucket of cold water had been drenched her from her head to her toes, she was shocked dumb. What did he say? Was he making a deal with her?

She had casually said those words in her hotheaded ire, yet, it seemed he had taken it as the truth. Was she really such a whore in his heart?

If he was like that, then how was he different to Su Zhe?

Tang Mo’er was shocked, disappointed and upset all at once. She had initially thought that this man who had entered her life like a whirlwind and helped her every time she was in most vulnerable state, was different from Su Zhe. She was wrong.

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