Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 52 - Tang Mo'er, Try Me
Chapter 52: Tang Mo’er, Try Me

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It looked like she was wrong.

Mo’er had always been proud and glamorous like a peacock. Just like a hedgehog whose spines pointed outwards to protect itself when it detected danger, she would always defeat anyone who tried to hurt her.

She expressed a sly smile, her eyes glistening brightly like the sun’s rays on the water. “Mr Gu, you’re lying to me. You’re just a bankrupt, what ability do you even possess to help me get the title of DHA’s spokesperson. You want me to unbuckle your belt to give you special treatment, do you really think you’re the President of the Gu Corporation?”

After she had said her piece, she got up from his lap.

Gu Mohan grabbed her waist and restrained her from moving. His large palms pinched her small face and he chuckled coldly, “So what you’re saying is that only the President of the Gu Corporation can play you?”

“Yes. I heard the President of the Gu Corporation is a perverted sex maniac. But that’s alright, he has status and money. I can sleep with him 365 days a year with different styles each time round.”

With regards to him being a pervert, the rumors had clearly gotten out of control. He had perverted sex tendencies? Why was he not aware?

“Oh.” he replied as he forced out a derisive laugh.

What was he laughing at?

She sounded so provocative, ruthless and vain. Should he not be angry?

Tang Mo’er looked at him. His perfect facial features were fierce and cold. His narrow gaze were like two small whirlpools that pierced into her very soul. He constantly ridiculed her, it was as if he saw her through an X-ray, just like a cat toying with a mouse.

The city’s neon lights refracted on the car and onto his body, clouding him with a colorful layer of nobility. It made her incapable of looking at him directly. His aura was so strong that Tang Mo’er felt a little nervous when she was around him.

She had a feeling that one day she would fall into his arms. She did not want to look at him directly and refused to pursue him. She wanted to get down.

“Tang Mo’er, try me. Not only will your DHA’s spokesperson role be gone, your career will end too.” His voice was serious and his gaze was fixed on her.

She was shocked. He had said such grossly arrogant words which contrasted with his deep voice and gentle manner. She did not dare to move.

“Mr Gu, what do you want? A free meal? I’m the beauty of Karghalik and one of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. You must be naive to think that I would fall for a bankrupt like you. The CEOs usually eat meals with me that cost tens of thousands. What do you have to offer me?”

Gu Mohan stretched out his long hands and pinched her cheeks, while saying, “Tang Mo’er, don’t talk about yourself as if you’re a whore.”


“Mr Gu. Behind every woman’s back there will be a man who would never be able to satisfy her needs. If this man is strong, he can make this woman become his sexual toy.” replied Mo’er as she stared at him.

“Sure. I’ll let you qualify for the second round tomorrow. Kiss me now.”

Tang Mo’er was stunned. How would he let her qualify for the second round?

What was his identity?

“Mr Gu. Do you think I’m a kid? If I kiss you, you still wouldn’t be able to help me.”

“Tang Mo’er you have no choice. If you don’t kiss me, I’ll make sure that you won’t qualify for the second round. Perhaps you can take a gamble if you kiss me. Do you dare?”

Tang Mo’er hesitated. In the end, she was swayed by his viperous tongue and pressed her lips onto his.

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