Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 53 - Mr Gu told Beauty Tang to Leave!
Chapter 53: Mr Gu told Beauty Tang to Leave!

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Tang Mo’er moved away quickly after the chaste kiss, “Mr Gu, I’ve done what you’ve asked.”

Gu Mohan rubbed her delicate waist and hugged her. Both of them were essentially stuck to each other to tightly, their bodies moulded together as she perched on his lap. He raised an eyebrow and chuckled lightly, “You’re playing me, hm?”

Tang Mo’er had goosebumps all over. At this moment, the man let out an evil smile. It was both sexy and alluring.

Tang Mo’er’s face burst in anger. Her beautiful tears made everything blurry. She pouted her red lips and complained, “Mr Gu, I have already kissed you.”

“If you don’t put your tongue into my mouth how is that even considered kissing?”

Why did he always think of things in such a sexual manner?

Tang Mo’er felt immature. She had never taken the initiative to kiss a man like that before. The only time she did was when she was taken advantage of by him in the corridor today. Her white teeth bit her lower lip. She stretched out her hands and grabbed his neck, with her lips once again pressing against his as her tongue reached out and gave a tentative lick.

Her sinful little tongue awakened all of his senses, igniting dangerous currents in his lower body. Gu Mohan’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he opened his mouth to seemingly swallow her whole. Tang Mo’er continued her shy exploration into his mouth, letting her tongue dance around, playful and teasing.

Gu Mohan opened his eyes. She looked at him in a charming manner, her eyes half closed as she looked up at him.

His rough thumb pressed against her red lips. They were moist and full, plump and utterly kissable.

“… shameless!”

“This is considered shameless?”

Tang Mo’er pupils contracted. Just let him pretend to have a normal, elegant image like that of a noble son. It was unbelievable that he was so shameless when it came to the affairs between the men and women.

Mr Gu, you still want some face, don’t you?

“Mr Gu, how about this? Let me be DHA’s spokesperson and I’ll do whatever you want. This includes unbuckling your belt for you.” Tang Mo’er moves her hands slowly, dragging them down deliberately to his waist in a seductive manner.

Gu Mohan’s pupils darkened and he caught hold of her slender wrist, “Leave!”

A simple word had such a large impact — the breaking of ties.

She had finally angered him. Tang Mo’er sneered. Without hesitation, she got off his lap, opened the car door and left.

The Bentley followed suit.

He left.

Tang Mo’er looked at the Bentley’s beautiful car boot and curled her lips in disdain at the retreating car. She couldn’t care less.

Just like other men, he only wanted to sleep with her.

Su Shuiqin sped down the expressway on a red sports car. She looked at the photos on her phone with great satisfaction. Tang Mo’er was kissed by a man while she sat on his thigh. The face of the man could not be seen as he was in the dark, however, Tang Mo’er’s small face was very clear.

This was a pleasant surprise. She had accidentally bumped into the Bentley on the street and witnessed Tang Mo’er pestering the man like a wanton woman.

She took out her phone immediately and dialed Su Zhe’s number.

Su Zhe had already driven into the hotel after taking Xiaowan home. He entered Room 6014 with a great deal of apprehension. In reality, he was in a dilemma and had been struggling all day, not wanting to come to this questionable appointment… yet, here he was.

There was no one in the room, Tang Mo’er had yet to arrive. Su Zhe threw his car key onto the coffee table and dropped himself on the sofa to wait for Tang Mo’er.

The thought of what he was intending to do made his blood boil. He couldn’t stop the manic emotions that surged coursed through his veins every time he thought of Tang Mo’er with another man. He thought to himself quietly, I had better take this chance to play her. This time round, he was determined to make Tang Mo’er kneel down and beg for forgiveness. He would prove to her that in comparison to that wealthy businessman, he was the one who was better in bed.

He was determined to teach her a lesson.

Su Zhe’s mouth was dry. He rolled his larynx up and down. Lifting his hand, he unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his firm chest. At this moment, the doorbell rang. Ding!

Su Zhe’s eyes lit up and he stood up quickly, striding over to the door. He immediately opened the door, “Tang Mo’er, you…”

It wasn’t Tang Mo’er but rather, Han Xiaowan outside the door.

“Xianwan, why are you here?”

Han Xiaowan knew from Tang Mo’er’s provocative words that he had a rendezvous planned, as he did not go home. She had followed him secretly. It turned out he really did show up here to meet with that woman behind her back. He wanted to sleep with Tang Mo’er!

She felt a deep anger ignite from inside, yet, she was smart, she did not expose him when he was taking her home in the car. She had deliberately waited for this moment to make him feel remorseful.

She blinked her large eyes and tears started rolling down her cheeks. Her face was one of pure misery as she looked at Su Zhe pitifully, “Ah Zhe, sister told me that you were gonna sleep with her. I truly didn’t believe you would come. To prove your innocence, I had to come and check, but you…”

Su Zhe tensed up, realizing he had been fooled by Tang Mo’er! His resentment towards Tang Mo’er turned immediately into guilt towards Han Xiaowan. He immediately grabbed her, pulling her trembling body into his arms, “Xiaowan. I’m sorry. I was bewitched by Tang Mo’er for a moment.”

Han Xiaowan stretched out her hands and hugged tightly onto Su Zhe’s waist, as though he was her only lifeline. She shook her head and whimpered, “You’ve been with sister for so many years. It’s normal that you forgot yourself for a moment. It’s all my fault. I haven’t been able to keep your love.” The tears continued to stream down her face as she sobbed into his chest.

Su Zhe hugged Xiaowan even tighter. He kissed her tenderly, “Xiaowan, you’re really wonderful. I am truly sorry. It will never, ever happen again. I’ll never let you down.”


At this moment, Su Zhe’s phone rang.

He picked up and phone, “Hello.”

“Brother, I saw Tang Mo’er when I was on the streets just now. She was in the car having sex with another man.”

Su Zhe’s head shot up in a flash and his fists clenched onto the phone, “What did you say?”

“Brother, I’ve just sent you the photos. You can see it for yourself.”

Su Zhe opened the message which Su Shuiqin had sent. He squinted his eyes to see. It was really Tang Mo’er. She was kissing another man.

His two palms were ready to beat her till she couldn’t tell left from right. He wanted to kill her. He took out his phone and punched in Tang Mo’er’s number, his eyes burning holes into the window as he clutched onto Han Xiaowan in raging fury.

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