Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 54 - Are You Angry Because I Stood You up Last Night?
Chapter 54: Are You Angry Because I Stood You up Last Night?

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This evil woman, how dare she fool him like this!

But no matter how many times he called, no one picked up the phone. He redialled several times and all he heard was the woman’s voice telling him that the number was unavailable and to try again later.

She even had the guts to reject his call!

“Brother, Tang Mo’er did not answer your call, right? I told you, she’s busy making out with another man. I saw it with my own eyes. Perhaps by this time they are already in bed together. Why would she have time to pick up hour call? This Tang Mo’er is pure evil. She keeps saying you were the one who cheated, but what about her? She keeps making you a cuckold.” Su Shuiqin sneered, adding fuel to the fire.

Bang! Su Zhe slammed his mobile phone on the wall.

Tang Mo’er!

Xiaowan witnessed the entire scene, pressing her lips into a fine line. It seemed that heaven was really helping her, Tang Mo’er had effectively shot herself in the foot and caused her own death.

“Ah Zhe, please don’t be like that. I can’t bear to see you so upset. Don’t be angry, forget about her. I’ll love you the way you want me to.” Han Xiaowan pushed herself further into him as she kissed his cheek. She kissed him deeply, raining her lips gently across his skin, while raking her fingertips all the way down, following her flowery lips. She kneeled down in front of him, unbuckling his belt…

Su Zhe’s eyes were tinged crimson and smouldering black. His mind had gone haywire, both consumed by anger at Tang Mo’er and elated by Han Xiaowan’s erotic movements as she took him into her. He pulled her over to him and threw her onto the bed.

His ferocity ignited Han Xiaowan’s desires and she clung to him, pressing her chest against his provocatively. Her slender arms wrapped themselves around his neck and she whispered against his ear, her voice a flirtatious whisper of pure need, “Ah Zhe, don’t wear a condom. I want you. I want to give birth to a baby for you.”

She had been with Su Zhe for such a long time. However, he had always shown restraint whenever he had been with her. Every time they had sex, he would wear a condom, preventing her from falling pregnant.

She yearned to be pregnant. Women were inclined to male chauvinism while it was irrefutable that families respected sons the most. If she could give birth to Su Zhe’s baby, then she would gain status in the Su family.

She broached the subject as he was reaching his peak, knowing his restraint was in shambles.

Su Zhe pressed his body against Han Xiaowan’s body. She moaned sensually in his ear, triggering his desire further as he pounded into her, refusing to think any further.

“Mo’er, Tang Mo’er!”

He was calling for Tang Mo’er.

Han Xiaowan clenched her tiny fists so hard they formed crescent moons against her dainty palm. She felt no pain, even if her nails had penetrated through to her heart. To any woman, there was nothing more humiliating, nothing more cruel, than seeing her only and only, pressing his body against hers, only to moan the name of another woman during their moments of passion. She didn’t want to hear anymore, she didn’t want to see him, not seeing her, not loving her as she was. Why?

She had asked herself a thousand times for the reasons why. She never knew. However, it was fine. Su Zhe had given himself completely to her. Now it was the critical period where could get pregnant.

Han Xiaowan entered the bathroom. She dialed Su Shuiqin’s number, “Shuiqin, good job this time.”

“Xiaowan, you’re the person my brother loves. I hope you’ll become my sister-in-law so I’ll definitely stand by you and help you. However, you originally said you’ll help nominate me for DHA. But why did everything come crashing down at the very end? I didn’t even pass the auditions.”

“Shuiqin, that was an accident. Originally I did tell your brother to nominate you for DHA, but CEO Wan did not approve, so there’s was nothing I could do. However, I’ve helped you get an opportunity to be on the cover of V Magazine.”

“Really? Xiaowan, you treat me so well.”

The next morning.

Tang Mo’er received a call from Qi Xi. Qi Xi told her she had entered the second round of auditions to become DHA spokesperson.

She grabbed her bag and immediately went to find the stage crew.

“Mo’er, what happened? Did you get hold of something that you could use against CEO Wan or did you gain his admiration? I received an official notice early this morning claiming that you’ve made it to the second round of the auditions!” Qi Xi had grabbed her as soon as she entered the room.

Tang Mo’er was excited that she had this chance. However, she thought of the events that happened the night before and felt a little down. “It wasn’t Wan An who allowed me to quality for the second round. It was Mr Gu…”

“What? The Mr Gu in your family?”

“He does not belong to my family!”

In reality, Gu Mohan indeed did have the ability to allow her to qualify for the second round. She was incredulous, not wanting to believe what Qi Xi had said when she received Qi Xi’s call in the morning.

Last night, he had abandoned her at the roadside and drove away alone. He did not come back at night.

She had deliberately pissed him off. However, she experienced insomnia the night he didn’t come back.

“Enough Mo’er. I understand. You don’t need to explain. Just a call and you’re able to quality for the second round. Mo’er, you still say Mr Gu is not some big shot? Looks like you’ve gotten yourself a rich man.”

Why did everyone say that she had gotten herself a rich man?

Did Gu Mohan even resemble a rich man?

Hmm, alright. He did resemble a rich man.

However, he was just a bankrupt. At most he would be considered a… fake wealthy man.

“Mo’er, how many times did you sleep with Mr Gu last night?” asked Qi Xi under her breath in curiosity.

“… we did not sleep with each other…”


“Shh. Qi Xi can you please be more quiet. It’s not what you think it is!” She did not want to talk to Qi Xi about this, afraid that the entire crew could hear her. Su Zhe looked at her gloomily and stormed over.

“Tang Mo’er, you’ve qualified for the second round. Was it because you…!” demanded Su Zhe.

Tang Mo’er chucked coldly, “Han Xiaowan didn’t satisfy you last night?”

“Tang Mo’er!”

“Su Zhe, look how angry you are. Was it because I didn’t turn up for last night date? Sorry. I was busy and forgot about it.”

Su Zhe had called her nonstop last night. She had just argued with Gu Mohan and couldn’t care less about entertaining Su Zhe, so she had shut her phone off. Looking at Su Zhe’s coal-black face, Tang Mo’er felt extremely satisfied.

“Mr Su, you’re consuming whatever is in your bowl now but you still hold remembrance to the pot. Han Xiaowan is pretty big-hearted. You seem all righteous and loyal, saying you’ll discuss with her, then you turn around play with other women. In the end, you’d have two women serving you together.”

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