Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 55 - Allure Times
Chapter 55: Allure Times

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“Tang Mo’er, are you really that shameful?”

“Shameful? You and Xiaowan were the ones who taught me what it meant to be shameful! Oh, what’s the matter, Mr Su? You look quite pale. Is it because I qualified for the second round? I secretly met my rich businessman last night. It turns out he does have the ability to make me the DHA spokesperson. You’re probably really disappointed huh.”

Tang Mo’er left with Qi Xi after she had said her piece.

Su Zhe’s face was a ghostly white. He glared stonily at Tang Mo’er silhouette and fumed like a madman.

There was a limit to his tolerance. He had to destroy her today!

She had changed. Tang Mo’er had never acted like this. The old Mo’er was radiant and romantic. However, the current Mo’er had become hypocritical, deceitful and dirty. He would have done anything for her, had she not betrayed him!

Su Zhe stretched out a hand to call for a worker. He whispered a few sentences to the worker.

Wan An arrived and brought along DHA’s trailer titled “Allure Times”

The main female lead of “Allure Times”, Xia Tong was a bright young woman, who had a flair for design. She unexpectedly met the high-ranking Han Chenyang and they both fell in love. However, the disparity between them led to strong opposition from the Han family. Under immense pressure, Xia Tong and Han Chenyang broke up.

Xia Tong did not give up on her life. She started working hard and her business flourished from the ground up. She successfully established her own jewelry shop, DHA Diamond, three years later. One day, she was looking at a crowd of people and realised that Han Chenyang was standing right behind her and smiling at her warmly.

DHA Diamond shone brightly under the sunlight. It was a scene capturing everlasting happiness.

The “Allure Times” trailer had two parts. Both trailers were very short, but challenging to act out. Tang Mo’er took the script and read through it carefully.

“Mo’er, Han Xiaowan had started her audition. CEO Wan looks rather impressed.” said Qi Xi.

Tang Mo’er looked up. Han Xiaowan had started acting as Xia Tong. It was the breakup scene. Han Xiaowan’s acting was beautiful and touching and she could see CEO Wan nodding his head in approval. The crew hit the clapboard, marking the end of Han Xiaowan’s audition.

“CEO Wan, how was my acting?” asked Han Xiaowan with eagerness.

Wan An nodded his head, “Not bad.”

Han Xiaowan felt her heart burst in joy and she beamed. She knew she had done well.

At this moment, Su Zhe took a coat and put on Han Xiaowan. He said gently, “Xiaowan, don’t worry. This time round the DHA spokesperson will definitely be you.”

“Mm.” replied Han Xiaowan as she nodded her head.

“Tang Mo’er, it’s your turn.”

Qi Xi immediately cheered on Mo’er, “Mo’er, don’t panic or be stressed. As long as you perform as well as you normally do, you can definitely defeat Han Xiaowan.”

Tang Mo’er threw her script over to Qi Xi and smiled, “Don’t worry. Han Xiaowan has always suffered defeat in my hands. It has always been like that be it in the past, present or future.”

“Mm! I believe in you, Mo’er!”

“Han Chenyang, let’s break up. I have never loved you. To tell you the truth, the only reason I dated you in the beginning was because of your money and status. Which girl doesn’t want that? I wanted to marry into the Han family to become the young master’s wife. Now that your family opposes our marriage so much, it’s not worth the effort. I will no longer waste any more time on you!”

Tang Mo’er palms were ready to rain punches as she put her all into the scene. She looked at the camera in a ruthlessly detached, yet painful manner and tears of pure emotion poured out of her eyes. She cried silently.

“Wonderful! That acting was too wonderful!”

Looking at Tang Mo’er in the camera, Wan An could not help but burst out in admiration. Tang Mo’er had vividly portrayed Xia Tong’s reluctance to let go of her love and her act of upholding of one’s dignity. It was a heart wrenching, emotional scene that could tug at one’s heartstrings. She had portrayed it beautifully.

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