Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 56 - Tang Mo’er resembles Madam
Chapter 56: Tang Mo’er resembles Madam

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In reality, Han Xiaowan’s acting was actually equally heartbreaking. However, her sadness was somewhat exaggerated in comparison to the heartfelt feeling portrayed by Tang Mo’er. The difference was palpable, yet difficult to describe. In addition, Xia Tong was a beautiful girl. Han Xiaowan was pretty, but did not have the breathtakingly ethereal beauty of Tang Mo’er, who was in a class of her own.

The role of Xia Tong was naturally made for Tang Mo’er.

Wan An was so ridiculously excited he could hardly stop the beam from spreading across his face. Only yesterday, he had originally thought Tang Mo’er had no talent but rather, was someone who only depended on the CEO to get where she was. He was happy to be wrong in this instance as the girl had amazing talent. The president may have taken fancy towards her amazing ethereal spirit.

The assistant hit the clapboard.

Qi Xi helped Mo’er put on her clothes, “Mo’er, your acting was so superb I almost cried.”

Tang Mo’er eyes were still red. She was still immersed in Xia Tong’s emotions. It was really strange, a moment ago, her mind had been captured with the thought of Gu Mohan’s handsome face. She remembered how he had left her last night.

Just like Xia Tong, she had fallen out of love.


Tang Mo’er had no time to think about it as Wan An had walked over and nodded approvingly. “Tang Mo’er, your acting was really good. There will be the second half of the audition later on. I hope you’ll continue to perform well. I’m pretty optimistic about that!”

To be able to receive such high praise from Wan An, she could feel butterflies jumping in her stomach. She was just one step away from becoming the spokesperson and her eyes lit up, “CEO Wan, I will not disappoint you.”

“Good, see that you don’t.”

It was intermission and Wan An was with his assistant. His assistant perked up, “CEO Wan, we’ve had a lot of beautiful female stars auditioning to become DHA’s spokesperson, but I’ve never seen anyone quite like Tang Mo’er before.”

“Exactly. Tang Mo’er has some form of otherworldly beauty which resembles that of Madam,” replied Wan An.

“Madam? You’re referring to CEO’s mother, the founder of DHA?”

“Indeed. I had the privilege to see Madam. It was unforgettable. Tang Mo’er’s brows and countenance really do resemble the late Madam’s. However, she passed away early, she was still young. It’s such a shame. The second wife is now CEO’s mother.” Wan An murmured under his breath.

Han Xiaowan almost exploded into anger, she wanted to tear her hair out in rage. Initially, she was very pleased with her performance as Wan An had told her it was “not bad”. However in comparison to the high praise Tang Mo’er had received, she knew that Wan An was merely reassuring her.

But it didn’t matter. Han Xiaowan gave an eerie smile that would have sent shivers up the spine of anyone who saw her. Tang Mo’er, your good life is coming to an end! Just you wait.

Tang Mo’er sat on the chair to rest. At this moment Wan An’s assistant, Xiao Peng made an announcement to all candidates in the room, “Dear all, please be silent. The list of those who have qualified for round two has now been finalised. Please take a look at the screen.”

The screen lit up. Everyone held their breath, hoping that their name would appear on the screen.

However, there were no names. There were only two pictures.

The first picture was taken three years ago, when Tang Mo’er was picked up by a man and carried into the presidential suite.

The second was a picture of last night when Tang Mo’er sat on the lap of a man with her tongue deeply entangled in his mouth.

In both cases, each photo was incriminating and her face was undeniable. It was Tang Mo’er.

My god. The audience went out of their minds at the bomb dropped so unexpectedly. Their gazes landed immediately on Tang Mo’er, then turned quickly to the screen, back and forth, as if to confirm the woman’s identity. The cameras came out as the gossiping murmurs came in waves.

Tang Mo’er was shocked to see the photos on the screen, especially the one taken three year prior. She turned pale and fell back against the wall. How did they… The voices became a murmuring mesh of stereo noise as her heart hammered through her chest.

The whole crew was blocked by reporters. The nanny car had stopped outside with more than a dozen bodyguards opening the door. Qi Xi guarded Tang Mo’er, blocking off the crowd of reporters to try to allow her to exit the building.

The reporters eagerly rushed up like ravenous wolvesー

“Tang Mo’er, what do you have to say about the two photos that are trending on the internet? The first photo was three years ago when you just entered the entertainment industry. You gained fame overnight. Is that man in the photo your rich sugar daddy who backs you up?”

“Did you have an indecent relationship with this rich businessman for the past three years? Is he your hidden sponsor? The both of you even made out in the car last night, didn’t you?”

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