Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 58 - Marriage Proposal
Chapter 58: Marriage Proposal

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Qi Xi did not believe what she had heard. “So you managed to get past things just like that? That man did not find out?”

“He was still blindfolded.”

“Mo’er, are you dumb? When the man played hide-and-seek, his hearing senses must have been enhanced a lot more. He let you off so easily, it had to be done deliberately.”

Was it really like that?

Regardless of everything, Tang Mo’er was still very grateful to that man. He had every chance to take advantage of her in her helpless state but hadn’t.

“Do you still remember that man from three years ago?”

Tang Mo’er shook her head, “I don’t remember anymore.”

Qi Xi tapped her thigh, her long fingers shifting vigorously as she thought aloud, “That’s bad. Now that those two photos are exposed, regardless of what the truth is, everyone will immediately assume that you already hooked up that rich business man from three years ago and that you were originally his sexual fantasy. In addition, you snuck away so smoothly three years ago and let’s not forget your popularity was already increasing back then. If this rumor gets out, it’ll be hard for us to stop it from spreading. We could originally have searched for the man to clear things up… but now we can’t even find him. We will never clear your name this way.” Qi Xi analysed the situation but ultimately came to a dead end.

Mo’er knew the severity of the matter. Once a star had been exposed to have been kept by a rich man, she would be seen as having sold herself. Her career would effectively be ruined.

“These two photos must have been exposed by Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan. Their tactics are too evil,” Qi Xi hissed angrily.

The photos definitely had something to do with Han Xiaowan. But what role did Su Zhe play here?

Was he even present three years ago?

Tang Mo’er went back to her own apartment in a daze. Qi Xi took out the medical kit to help Tang Mo’er bandage her forehead.

“Han Xiaowan must have thought of this. Perhaps, everything was orchestrated by her behind the scenes. Look Mo’er, your forehead has been badly injured! Are you okay?”

Tang Mo’er was in a lot of pain. Her forehead was throbbing and she had angry bruises all over her body. She swore she would never let Han Xiaowan off.

At this moment, Qi Xi turned on the television. On the entertainment channel, the host was reporting excitedly ー”According to the boss of Prevailing Entertainment, Su Corporation’s Young Master Su has already proposed to Han Xiaowan. Let’s take a look at the live screening.”

The television cut to the marriage proposal venue. Su Zhe was down on one knee in front of the crowd. He took out a diamond ring which was the size of a pigeon egg and held it out to Han Xiaowan. His voice was sincere and his eyes shone as he stared gently at her. “Xiaowan, the most fortunate thing in my life was to have met you. You are the angel of my life. I promise I’ll do anything and everything to protect you from now until forever. Marry me and become Mrs Su. My one and only.”

Everyone at the scene screamed crazily, touched by his words. A chant echoed throughout, “Marry him! Marry him! Marry him!”

Tears started flowing from Han Xiaowan’s face as she held her face with her delicate hands and nodded sweetly, “Yes!”

Su Zhe put the diamond ring on her fourth finger and the couple embraced each other lovingly.

Crack! Qi Xi turned off the television angrily and slammed the remote control on the coffee table.

“Su Zhe that scoundrel! He’s clearly hitting you while you’re down with this deliberate timing. What is wrong with him? He just had to choose to propose to her when you’re in trouble! He clearly wants to send you a message and teach you a lesson again. Thing are going to blow up.”

Tang Mo’er scrolled through Weibo. Indeed, trouble had already started brewing. The comments were getting out of hand.

“The tables sure have turned. Turns out the person having an affair was Tang Mo’er. She already hooked on to a rich business man three years ago.”

“She even had the guts to break apart Mr Su and Xiaowan. I pity her so much! Ah, she’s so shameless.”

“Now that Mr Su has proposed to Xiaowan, it’s akin to slapping her face to get back at her!”

“Wishing Mr Su and Xiaowan a blissful marriage!”

“Don’t talk to me about Han Xiaowan. To all the men out there, don’t you just want to grab Tang Mo’er and hold her on your lap and have a round? Those luscious lips and those heavenly legs. I’ve been wanting to play her for a long time. I never expected there would be someone quicker than me.”

“Stop dreaming. There’s no way Tang Mo’er would bother with any of you. Look at that villa and that Bentley. We all know that it’s clearly a rich businessman with status and power. What would all of you use to keep her? A rope? Haha.”

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