Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 59 - Not Only Are You an Emotional Coward, You’re Also a Useless Scoundrel
Chapter 59: Not Only Are You an Emotional Coward, You’re Also a Useless Scoundrel

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As Tang Mo’er continued to scroll through, everything else was just foul language or keyboard warriors on an abusive crusade.

“Mo’er, what should we do now? If things continue being like this, your reputation is going to go down the drain. All your hard work over the past three years will be gone.”

Tang Mo’er twisted her red lips, “Why don’t we try to find that man from three years ago. My reputation will be affected no matter what I do now. Qi Xi, you should go back first. Let me think about it. All of this mess is giving me a headache.”

“Alright, remember to call me if anything comes up.”

Qi Xi left.

Mo’er walked into the bathroom to take a shower. After drying her wet hair, she put on her pyjamas and got into bed. She just wanted a good night sleep, no matter what had happened. It had been a long day and seemed to pass by in a blur.

She had just closed her eyes when her phone rang.

It was Su Zhe.

Tang Mo’er answered the call, “Su Zhe, you’re the one who released those two photos, right?”

Su Zhe let out a malicious chuckle, “Yes. Since you had the guts to do such a scandalous thing, why wouldn’t you dare to face it? This all happened because of you.”

“Three years ago you were present, weren’t you?”

He had exposed the photos which were from three years ago. The only explanation possible was that he was present when that man had carried her into the room. He should have been in Las Vegas during that period of time, but it seemed he had been in the capital. She had never known.


“Oh,” chuckled Tang Mo’er. She continued bitterly, “You didn’t even ask, it seems you were happy to simply assume I had hooked up with my sponsor. You thought that I accept sexual favors, you thought I was disgusting, so you decided to love Han Xiaowan?”

“Xiaowan is delicate and innocent, unlike you. Your private life is tainted and dirty. How did you change so much? I originally planned to let you off but you were the one who forced me. It was all you, Tang Mo’er. I hate you so much. You were the one who killed your old self. You used to be so pure and innocent! Give me back the old Mo’er!” Su Zhe shouted.

Tang Mo’er found the whole situation funny and laughed, “Su Zhe, you saw another man holding onto your Mo’er, taking her away and you didn’t do anything about it. Instead, you even stood there and took the time to take secret photos. You doubted her and abandoned her. Not only are you an emotional coward, but you’re also a useless scoundrel. You are truly pathetic. I look down on you!”

Su Zhe took a deep breath and he sneered, “No matter what you say now, it’s already useless. Everything is in the past. You’re gone from my life now, Xiaowan is the woman I love. She has agreed to marry me.”

“You want to marry her? You don’t want my shares anymore?”

“No. If you need me to give up Xiaowan, I’d rather have nothing at all. Those shares don’t mean anything to me.”

“Let me applaud you then. I’m so touched by how deep your love is.”

There was a pause.

“Tang Mo’er, tomorrow is our engagement banquet. Will you come?”

“Of course, since you’ve personally taken the time to invite me. I’ll come with my blessings. Wait for it, Su Zhe, I’ll send you a big gift tomorrow!”

After she had said her piece, Tang Mo’er ended the call abruptly.

She fell back on the bed and closed her eyes, she desperately needed to recuperate. She was going to attend Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan’s engagement banquet. Not because she cared about that scum, Su Zhe anymore, but she would never let Han Xiaowan get her way.

She was not a saint. If Han Xiaowan wanted to be Mrs Su so badly, how could she let Han Xiaowan have what she wanted so easily?

She still needed to get back at Han Xiaowan for drugging her three years ago! Revenge was a dish best served cold.

At the engagement banquet.

Melodious music reverberated through the banquet hall. Han Xiaowan was attired beautifully in a long pink flowing skirt and matching top, looking just like a fair princess as she floated around the room holding Su Zhe’s hand. Everyone looked in envy at her blissfulness.

She was the main star tonight.

“Miss Han, recently I’m doing a makeover IP heroic drama and I’m still seeking a suitable female lead. Would you be interested to be the female lead?”

It was Wang Shilei, an award-winning director of the entertainment industry. Now that she was the fiancée of Su Zhe, her status had skyrocketed overnight. It was the main reason why he had invited her to act in the number one most anticipated drama series of the year.

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