Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 60 - A Chaotic Engagement
Chapter 60: A Chaotic Engagement

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In addition to the news of Tang Mo’er’s rich man being leaked, along with her surprise engagement, Han Xiaowen had become the biggest beneficiary. Her name had topped the search charts and she was suddenly the hottest female celebrity.

She hooked her lips into a devious smirk. She had fought with Tang Mo’er for at least two decades and it was finally over. Today, she could finally step on Tang Mo’er with her head held high. With this stepping stone, she would only soar higher and higher.

At last, she was the winner.

“Director Wang, we’ll have to thank you for the opportunity. Unfortunately, Xiaowan won’t have any time as we’ll be busy preparing for our wedding,” replied Su Zhe as he caught hold of Han Xiaowan and rested his arm around her waist.

Han Xiaowan hugged Su Zhe, her pretty face glowing as she let out a brilliant smile, “Director Wang, thank you for the opportunity but I’m going to marry Mr Su soon. I’d like to put my all into planning our wedding.”

“Looks like I’ve to call you Mrs Su soon. Mr and Mrs Su, the both of you are such a loving couple. Everyone envies the both of you, haha!”

Mrs Su. She would become Mrs Su soon!

Just when Han Xiaowan was feeling smug and satisfied… Bang! The banquet doors were thrown open and a pretty figure walked in.

Tang Mo’er had arrived.

Why was she here? The crowd immediately looked over and murmurs erupted across the room.

Now that she was receiving bad publicity, it was hard to believe that she still had the guts to come to such a high-profile event. Not to mention, it was with her ex-fiancé and her sister, his new wife-to-be!

“Ah Zhe, why is sister here?” asked Han Xiaowan as she looked at Su Zhe.

Su Zhe did not react. His eyes darkened as his gaze fell on Tang Mo’er’s figure and travelled down her ravishing body. He was taken by surprise by her entrance.

Tang Mo’er wore a fitting black dress which moulded sensuously around her body and showed a delicious hint of her cleavage. Her long silky hair was tied back casually and she wore two pearl earrings on her earlobes. Her delicate muscles were womanly and attractive. She was simply too beautiful for words.

She had dressed up for the occasion. The moment she entered the room, she had become the center of attention.

Han Xiaowan clenched her fists as her eyes flashed in anger. Tang Mo’er had done this deliberately! Today was the celebration for her engagement, she was the main lead! Yet, Tang Mo’er had dressed up so beautifully and stolen the limelight.

Tang Mo’er was simply too alluring. As long as she hooked one little finger, any man would become bewitched by her as though under a spell. Su Zhe was no exception. His eyes had not left her from the moment she entered the room and he seemed entranced.

Han Xiaowan pulled his sleeves and hissed, “Su Zhe! Su Zhe!”

Su Zhe regained some awareness at her angry jabs. He realised his gaze had been fixated on Tang Mo’er for too long. He pressed his thin lips into a determined line. He hated this version of himself, and hated this version of Tang Mo’er even more.

“Sorry, Xiaowan.”

Han Xiaowan shook her head pitifully, “Ah Zhe, you and sister have had feelings for each other for so many years. I know you can’t forget about her so quickly. It’s okay. It’s all my fault that I’m still not good enough. I’ll do everything I can. I’ll promise I’ll love you more and I know one day, you will come to love me, like you love sister.”

Su Zhe was touched beyond words. He swore that he would protect Han Xiaowan forever.

At this moment, Tang Mo’er walked over, her feminine hips swaying attractively, “Mr Su and Miss Han. I wish the both of you a happy marriage.”

“Thank you, sister.” replied Han Xiaowan. She then immediately grabbed onto Tang Mo’er’s hand. In a concerned manner, she exclaimed, “Sister, what happened with those two photos? Did you really hook up with some rich businessman? I simply refuse to believe it. Those are just rumors right? Who is that man? Why don’t you tell us what happened so everyone can you know the truth?”

Han Xiaowan was very emotional and her voice was deliberately loud and anxious as she grasped Tang Mo’er’s hands. Every word she uttered condemned Tang Mo’er and reminded the guests of her sister’s recent scandal. Everyone in the banquet hall turned their attention to the three, their gazes fixated and ears out for gossip. They started discussing Tang Mo’er amongst themselves.

“Xiaowan, why would you even ask her to explain herself? All the evidence explicitly shows us that Tang Mo’er seduced the rich businessman herself.” said Su Shuiqin as she sashayed over with her honeyed skin and womanly hips.

Tang Mo’er stared impassively at the two pretentious women. They perfectly complemented each other.

She ignored them and her cherry red lips hooked into a suggestive smirk. She walked towards Su Zhe. “Mr Su, since today is your wedding with Miss Han, I have prepared a big gift for the both of you.”

Su Zhe’s facial expression changed. “What gift?”

Tang Mo’er handed a piece of paper to Su Zhe, “This is a gift for your engagement. Science has proven that I’m still a virgin.”

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