Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 61 - Miss Tang, Our Boss Is Waiting for You in the Hotel Room
Chapter 61: Miss Tang, Our Boss Is Waiting for You in the Hotel Room

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The word was like a thundering explosion in Su Zhe’s ears. Virgin? It echoed in his mind like a stereo on repeat. He was shocked to see the medical report in his hand that clearly stated that Tang Mo’er was still a virgin.

How was this possible?

Han Xiaowan and Su Shuiqin were taken aback. They had not considered the possibility that Tang Mo’er could still be a virgin. Much less that she would bring the evidence to their engagement banquet!

“Brother, you can’t believe Tang Mo’er’s words. She’s lying to you. You know those two photos are not fake. She has evidently hooked up with a rich businessman and has been cheating on you since long ago. With technology these days, anything can be faked, let alone a simple medical certificate. She probably bribed the doctor or she underwent surgery!” Su Shuiqin exclaimed in agitation.

Han Xiaowan held on to Su Zhe and looked up at him, only to see Su Zhe’s gaze fixated on Tang Mo’er with a complicated expression.

Her heart sank. She knew what Su Zhe was thinking. If Tang Mo’er was really a virgin, then he…

“Sister, I believe you when you say you’re a virgin, but today is to celebrate our engagement. What are your intentions in bringing your medical certificate here? Are you deliberately here to make a scene? Let alone, dressed like that…” asked Han Xiaowan accusingly as she started tearing up, looking wronged and pitiful like an abandoned bride at the altar.

Tang Mo’er did not even look at Han Xiaowan. She looked at Su Zhe and smiled, “I did not come to make a scene today. I just wanted to clear things up so that there is some closure. I really don’t like to leave things hanging, who knows what misunderstandings could arise. Su Zhe, my virginity is proven scientifically. It originally belonged to you… such a pity you let go of me in the end. I guess I’ll have give this to you as my final gift.”

After she had said what she wanted, Tang Mo’er turned to leave.

Looking at her departing silhouette, Su Zhe felt a large pressure on his chest, as if his heart was being squeezed to its seams by a large, oppressive palm. He felt as if he was unable to breathe.

There was a voice inside telling him to chase after her. If he did not chase her now, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

“Mo’er!” shouted Su Zhe as he thundered after her, footsteps echoing across the hall. He caught up finally and stretched out his palms to hold Tang Mo’er firmly around her slender waist.

“Ah Zhe!” Han Xiaowan screamed pitifully from behind.

The entire banquet hall turned chaotic.

“Oh my god, the groom has gone after Tang Mo’er. Does this mean that Han Xiaowan has not even married into the Su family and has already been abandoned?”

Tang Mo’er spun around. Her bright, beautiful eyes looked at Han Xiaowan’s pitiful face as she unwrapped Su Zhe’s arms from her waist. She twisted her lips and laughed in a cynical manner, “Su Zhe, what are you doing? Don’t you find your actions absurd? Today is your engagement with Han Xiaowan. Do you not want her anymore?”

Su Zhe regained a semblance of consciousness and was brought back to reality. With a face full of regret, he turned to Han Xiaowan, “Xiaowan, I’m sorry. I…”

Han Xiaowan was furious, her eyes were filled with angry tears at the humiliation she had suffered today. However, the show had just begun. Tang Mo’er had sent her a gift. Obviously, she needed to reciprocate and give her something in return. It was only fair. Han Xiaowan glanced quickly at Su Shuiqin.

Su Shuiqin nodded her head slightly.

The banquet doors burst open yet again. Two men in black walked in and headed straight for Tang Mo’er. “Miss Tang, have you settled your affairs now? Our boss has sent us to pick you up.”

Tang Mo’er frowned, “Your boss? Who is your boss? I don’t know him!”

“Miss Tang, have you forgotten? You have an appointment with our boss tonight. Our boss is already waiting for you in the hotel room.”

Hotel room? A wave of whispers rippled throughout the banquet hall.

Tang Mo’er eyed them coldly, her delicate eyebrows raised. She felt an ominous feeling in her heart.

“Tang Mo’er, how hilarious! Your plan seems to have been exposed. You brought your fake medical certificate to spoil my brother and Xiaowan’s engagement. On the other hand you’re going to a hotel room with your rich businessman. You’re really shameless!” shouted Su Shuiqin.

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