Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 62 - To Fall for One’s Tricks
Chapter 62: To Fall for One’s Tricks

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Tang Mo’er chuckled darkly. So this was Han Xiaowan’s plan? It looks like she was all prepared in fear that Tang Mo’er would make a scene!

She had made it such a big deal.

At this moment, Su Zhe pushed Tang Mo’er aside and stared at her belligerently, “Tang Mo’er, you dare to fool me? I’m sick of your lies! What do you take me for?”

“Ah Zhe…” Han Xiaowan looked at Su Zhe and cried. She felt wronged.

Su Zhe hugged Han Xiaowan and kissed her hair in guilt. “Xiaowan, I’m so sorry. I fell for that woman’s tricks again and made you upset. Don’t cry, I know you’re the only one who loves me.”

Han Xiaowan nodded through her tears as she ran into his arms, “Mm. Ah Zhe, I love you so much.”

While in the arms of Su Zhe, Han Xiaowan looked condescendingly at Tang Mo’er with an evil smile.

“Han Xiaowan, you…”

Tang Mo’er wanted to say more. However, the two men in black had grabbed her arms and pulled her towards the doors, “Miss Tang, please follow us. Don’t make our boss wait.”

“Get your hands off me, don’t touch me!” Tang Mo’er pushed their hands away.

Pah! The bag in the man’s hands split open and its contents scattered across the hall. There were seductive black lace pyjamas, a box of contraceptive condoms, and a few unsightly sex toys. This was done in front of the eyes of everyone in the hall. There was a moment of silence and a rush of shocked voices almost tore the room apart.

“Quickly, take a look. How disgusting!”

“Initially, when those two photos were exposed, I still did not believe Tang Mo’er had hooked up a rich businessman. Look at that! I guess I can’t refute any of the claims about her now. It’s clear that the two of them are fooling around a lot.”

“Tang Mo’er, don’t be so shameless. On one hand you hook up with a rich businessman as a mistress, and on the other hand, you’re also come here to make a scene at CEO Su and Han Xiaowan’s engagement party. You really give new meaning to the word despicable!”

Everyone jumped in to criticize Tang Mo’er and their hateful comments resounded across the hall.

Tang Mo’er shuddered. This Han Xiaowan was truly vindictive. In order to harm Tang Mo’er, she had resorted to such disgusting tactics, leaving her no way out.

“Su Zhe, open your eyes and see who’s the one that really cheats people. Your precious Han Xiaowan is not a white lotus, nor is she a white lotus flower. You’re being fooled by her time and time again. Three years ago at the Capital, she was the one thatー”

Han Xiaowan turned to look at Su Shuiqin. Su Shuiqin immediately glanced at the two men in black.

The two men in black immediately stepped forward and grabbed Tang Mo’er. “Miss Tang, you’re making things difficult for us. We will have to take you away with us now, our boss is waiting.”

She was being restrained by these two men and she struggled to get free. They held tightly onto her arms and it became impossible for her to move. Her legs suddenly became weak and she felt a dizzy haze splinter through her head as her body started to heat up.

There was something wrong with her body.

She felt a foreboding sense of déjà vu. It was the exact same feeling she had felt when Han Xiaowan had forced drugs into her three years ago.

She had been drugged again.

When did she…?

Tang Mo’er thought of the strange fragrance she had smelled on Han Xiaowan’s body a moment ago. She must have had drugs on her body.


Tang Mo’er realized the two men beside her were leering at her heated, delicate face in a shameless and wretched manner. Their gaze travelled up her slender legs, across her shoulders and stopped when they reached her cleavage. She shoved them away desperately but she was too weak.

She knew it. Han Xiaowan had repeated her old tricks from three years ago. Not only was she drugged, Han Xiaowan had even prepared a few men to sexually assault her!

The moment she was dragged out of this banquet hall, she would be finished!

No! I don’t want this!

Tang Mo’er shook her head vigorously, trying to clear the misty haze. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t think. She looked in desperation at Su Zhe and the hoard of unknown faces surrounding her. Not a single person stepped out to help. Her face was overcome with panic. She was only 21 years old, she was not a natural fighter and there was no way she could fend them off. She was terrified.

“Save me! Please save me. I don’t want go with them. I can’t! Please! Save me…”

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