Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 63 - He’s Here
Chapter 63: He’s Here

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Su Zhe hugged Han Xiaowan and looked down at Tang Mo’er in an apathetic manner. She was lost to him now. She was no longer his pure and innocent Tang Mo’er. He would not believe her anymore.

Han Xiaowan curled her lips into a smile and nuzzled into Su Zhe’s chest as she looked at Tang Mo’er.

Tang Mo’er, you wish to fight with me? Wait until your next life. Whether you were a virgin or not doesn’t matter, once you leave this banquet hall, you’ll no longer be a virgin!

Those two men will fool around with you, playing with you again and again till you beg for mercy. After that, your scandalous videos will be posted online for the world to see. From Karghalik’s number one beauty to the number one slut! Even your so-called sponsor will break off contact with you! Your life is finished! You’re over!

I have ensured that I will have nothing to lose. Such a pity you didn’t know I made all the necessary preparations to treat you well. Don’t ever forget, it was you who triggered me.

Han Xiaowan leaned up to Su Zhe for a searing kiss.

Everyone was gradually getting further and further away from her as she was dragged from the hall. Feeling herself being taken away so helplessly, she felt despondent. She had never thought, never believed that not one person would step in to help her. Her soft hands started to stiffen as she froze inside.

Was this her fate?

She was born unwelcomed into the world. Her parents did not want her. It always seemed so easy for others to be loved. She could only look at them in envy.

Han Xiaowan was just like a poisonous snake in her life. She had harassed her non stop and fought with her for everything, like a soul-sucking leech. Having been hurt and wronged too many times to count, Tang Mo’er had become stronger in the process, just like a brave soldier who stood up again and again to fight a never ending battle. She had never given up. But in reality, she was tired and had never felt more alone.

Was there any happiness left for her?

She had fallen for Han Xiaowan’s tricks once again and had lost completely… But… It was alright. She was still young and could still afford to lose. If she survived, she would definitely learn from this harsh lesson and stand back up again to fight that pretentious bitch to the death.

However, it looked like she would never have the chance to do so. She would rather die than be taken by these two disgusting men.

“Get lost!” she shouted as she used all her remaining strength to push them away. She pulled out a small knife from her bag and brought it to her neck.

“Don’t move. If you dare to take even one step closer to me, I’ll slit my throat. I’m the daughter of the mayor, you can’t afford for me to lose a single drop of blood!”

The banquet became instantly chaotic. Everyone started to become suspicious.

“What is Tang Mo’er trying to do? Using the knife to kill herself? Is she… having problems with that rich businessman because she can’t stand his perverted tendencies?”

Han Xiaowan turned to look at Su Shuiqin again. This Tang Mo’er was not easy to deal with at all. Su Shuiqin gestured immediately to pressure the two suited men.

Since things had reached this stage, they could only continue to walk this dirty path. Both men looked at each other and grabbed Tang Mo’er. She staggered back, eyes frantic. Was there really no one who would help her?

In a split second, boom! The banquet doors were thrown open again forcefully. A few dozen bodyguards, all wearing black suits and dark sunglasses strode in.

They grabbed the two men in black and twisted their arms, kicking them to the ground without mercy. The two men in black screamed in agony as they kneeled on the ground pathetically, detained by the group of uniform black men.

Everyone was shocked. It was such a drastic turn of events.

Who were these bodyguards?

At this moment, a tall and imposing figure appeared at the doors of the banquet hall. He was clad in a tailored black suit, his clothes pressed without a single wrinkle. His shoes were polished as his feet stepped across the red carpet. In a calm and collected manner, he strode over with the dignified presence of a king.

The crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling reflected the rays across his head, lighting up his handsome face with a ring of dazzling gold. His eyes were deep and dark, his hair styled fashionably and his features chiseled and perfect. He was just so handsome it could make people crazy!

The eyes of Han Xiaowan, Su Shuiqin and all the women in the room lit up in apparent hunger as they feasted their eyes on him with questionable intentions. He was tall and dashing with an incredible body, just like a supermodel who walked on international runways. Who was he?

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