Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 64 - Tang Mo’er, It’s Fine If You’re Stupid, But Now You Think You’re Capable?
Chapter 64: Tang Mo’er, It’s Fine If You’re Stupid, But Now You Think You’re Capable?

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Su Zhe eyes narrowed into slits… It was him!

Gu Mohan?

This was Karghalik and Gu Mohan was the leading conglomerate in the Capital. Common folks would never have had the chance to meet him at all. At most, they could only see him on financial magazines or on television. Female stars like Tang Mo’er or Han Xiaowan who never bothered with the financial industry did not know what he looked like. They only cared about fighting over the role of being DHA’s spokesperson without knowing anything about the powerful person at the top.

Who was Su Zhe? As a business executive of Prevailing Entertainment, he obviously knew Gu Mohan and recognised him on sight.

He was shocked and surprised. The leading conglomerate had actually come to the small city of Karghalik.

He had even appeared at his engagement.

“Who is this man? Wah! He is so handsome! I really want to lick the screen!”

“He is definitely the most good looking man I’ve ever seen. I have never seen anyone who looks better, even when compared to all the male stars!”

Su Shuiqin was openly drooling. She ran to Su Zhe in an eager manner and whined, “Brother, who is this man? Can you introduce him to me? I really like him.”

Faced with all the noise, Gu Mohan stopped in the middle of the hall. His gaze scanned his surroundings as he narrowed his eyes. Ah.

The noisy chatter in the hall switched off like a tap, so quiet one would have been able to hear a pin drop on the plush carpet. His charisma was so strong and domineering, he was born to be a king worshipped by others.

Gu Mohan had looked towards the centre of the crowd and walked to Tang Mo’er.

At this moment, the woman in front of him was frightened beyond belief and in such a sorry state. She was just like a deer kept in a cage and seemed to have lost her mind. She pressed the knife against her neck, losing focus as time trickled by.

He slowly knitted his brows. He looked at her in disgust, “Tang Mo’er, it’s fine if you’re a bit stupid, but now you think you’re so capable, you want to commit suicide?”

He moved closer and stretched out a large palm. Slash! The white sleeves on his sturdy sleeves revealed a cut across his suit.

His two slender fingers pinched onto the sharp blade. He slowly tried to pry the knife from Tang Mo’er’s trembling hands.

Tang Mo’er’s mental state had reached its limit. In addition to being drugged, she had lost all ability to think and didn’t appear to recognize him, “Ah! Don’t touch me!”

She screamed in agitation. At her sudden movement, the sharp blade had cut into the delicate skin across her neck.

Gu Mohan’s gaze turned dark. He grabbed the sharp blade with his thumb and index finger with all his might. Not wanting to see her hurt, he shouted, “Let go!”

“President, you’re injured.”

Yan Dong immediately came forward as Gu Mohan’s palm had a bleeding wound. Gu Mohan signalled to Yan Dong not to come forward.

He stretched out his other palm and held the back of Tang Mo’er’s head. His right hand held slowly onto the blade, his voice deep and soothing as he coaxed her gently, “Good girl. Mo’er, let go of the knife. Don’t hurt yourself anymore.”

Hearing this warm, familiar voice, Tang Mo’er regained a little focus. Gu Mohan’s handsome face appeared in her line of vision. She was stunned.

“Gu Mohan?”

“Mm, it’s me. Don’t be scared, I’m here. No one will bully you with me around.” said Gu Mohan as he grabbed the knife from her hands and threw it on the carpet.

A warm feeling stirred from the tips of her fingers and rushed through her freezing limbs as her heart trembled in relief. She fell into his arms as she lost all of her remaining strength. Gu Mohan was here. She was safe.

Gu Mohan stretched out his muscular arms and held onto her slender waist. Then, he pulled her into his arms, embracing her.

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