Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 65 - President Su Did Not Even Know His Fiancée Was a Virgin
Chapter 65: President Su Did Not Even Know His Fiancée Was a Virgin

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Sniffing his fragrant body scent, she buried herself into Gu Mohan’s strong arms. She loved this familiar smell, it made her feel warm and protected. Gu Mohan, why is it you again?

Seeing that Tang Mo’er was about to be taken away by a handsome man, Han Xiaowan’s facial expression morphed into one of incredulity. She immediately questioned, “Who are you sir? Where are you taking my sister?”

Gu Mohan paused his footsteps calmly and turned around. He first glanced at Han Xiaowan, then at Su Zhe, his gaze indifferent, “My name is Gu Mohan.”

Gu Mohan…

Is my name.

This sentence caused the entire hall to turn chaotic as the dam of voices exploded.

“Oh. My. God. He is actually the leading conglomerate of the Capital, Gu Mohan! I can’t believe I finally have a chance to see him in person!”

” That Gu Mohan? The one with wealth, status and the power to lay his hands on clouds and make it rain? He has within his grasp whatever all men and women want, but nobody had ever told me his attractiveness is enough to go against the heavens! How unfair! Where are the principles in this world?”

“Is Young Master Gu the rich businessman that Tang Mo’er seduced? I really want to strangle her to death! Why does she have such a good life?”

Han Xiaowan turned pale, feeling like she had fallen into the abyss. Tang Mo’er had actually hooked up… with Gu Corporation’s President, Gu Mohan, that legendary man?

But… why? How?

Why did heaven favor Tang Mo’er so much?

The person who saved Tang Mo’er three years ago in the Capital was none other than Gu Mohan!

What Han Xiaowan concluded, Su Zhe had naturally realized as well. The man’s silhouette in the picture perfectly resembled the figure of the man in front of their eyes. Su Zhe sneered. This Tang Mo’er had certainly taken the world by surprise.

“The renowned and reputable President Gu, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. It seems like Tang Mo’er made a clever decision to leave me. She can definitely have a more… prosperous future ahead with President Gu.” Su Zhe chuckled coldly. It was hard to tell whether he was serious from his mocking tone.

Gu Mohan’s face did not appear to be surprised and he remained impassive and calm, “President Su. In all honesty, I have something I’ve been meaning to tell you all these years. Three years ago your fiancée, Tang Mo’er, was drugged. While she was sneaking out to escape, she bumped into me. Seeing her questionable state, I brought her into the presidential suite, but none of what you are thinking, happened.”

Su Zhe was stunned, “W-What did you say?”

“On that day, I had just come from an international conference. I went back to the room and had many documents left to review. By the time the bodyguards outside had reported to me that President Su had dropped by, only to get chased away ruthlessly, it was already the next morning. I got my secretary to contact President Su, however I had no idea why you did not seem to care that your fiancée was in trouble. You even returned to Las Vegas without a single word.”

Seeing Su Zhe has no words, Gu Mohan pressed on. “I bet President Su did not know that just after you left, your fiancée left the hotel. If you don’t believe me, I can send you the hotel’s CCTV footage.”

Su Zhe was shocked to the point that he could not speak. He did not know what to say, what he could say. Why did Gu Mohan say something completely different from his expectations? How could things have been so different to how he had imagined them to be? What had he done?

No! It couldn’t have been like that!

At this time, Gu Mohan’s gaze fell on the medical report on the carpet. He raised his eyebrows, “President Su, I’m not sure if you lack IQ or EQ, or both. You didn’t even know that your fiancée was a virgin?” Every word he made was deliberate and scathing, giving Su Zhe nowhere to hide.

Su Zhe breathed hard and clenched his fists till his knuckles went white. His black shackles gradually broke, revealing a myriad of grey cracks across his blank mask. This man spoke in a flat, detached manner that did not waver. Every word was like a knife piercing through Su Zhe’s heart, reminding him of his inadequacies. Reminding him it was all too late.

This man knew the truth three years ago. He must have known about the misunderstanding that had followed between Tang Mo’er and himself. It was nonsense that he only knew the news the next morning. It was all intentional!

Three years ago, this man must have taken a fancy to Tang Mo’er. He had deliberately wanted to break them up and remove him from the equation!

He was truly fearsome. So much that it gave people the chills.

However, what scared him more was himself. What had he done? What had he done… to his Mo’er?

“Return Mo’er to me!” Su Zhe exploded as he charged towards Gu Mohan.

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