Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 66 - I've Only Gone for a Business Trip for Two Days, Only to Have You to Create Trouble for Me
Chapter 66: I’ve Only Gone for a Business Trip for Two Days, Only to Have You to Create Trouble for Me

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Gu Mohan hugged Mo’er and did not move. Su Zhe was stopped by the tall bodyguards halfway.

“Let go of me. Let me go over! Gu Mohan, return my Mo’er to me!” Su Zhe glowered at them, shouting in anger.

Gu Mohan’s cold eyes stared at Su Zhe, who was struggling so much he was about to go crazy. He sneered, “Why is it that President Su’s regretful actions are not at all touching? Instead, I find it funny. The first time, you were unaware that your fiancée was taken away by other men, you can call that ignorance. The second time, you watched with your own eyes as your fiancée was almost taken away again by two strangers to get raped. You had absolutely no intention of stepping in. How heartless. It seems you never gave her a chance to tell you the truth. Or perhaps you would never have listened. You’re so ignorant and stupid, what right do you have to ask for a third chance?”

His scratching remarks continued on relentlessly. “If you really loved her deeply, then why did you let go of her back then? Once you’ve let go, then you’d better show some awareness and know your limits. This world is so gigantic, just get as far away as you can from me.”

Gu Mohan expressed the cold fury he felt towards the incompetence of the man in one vivid performance.

Su Zhe stared angrily, his eyes turning blood red. Gu Mohan had severely humiliated him, hurting his pride and ego. He clenched his fists and shouted, “Mo’er! Mo’er!”

If Gu Mohan’s intentions were to drive him crazy, then he would have already succeeded. Su Zhe felt a thousand arrows piercing his heart and trapped him in a bitterness that resonated from deep within. His handsome face was distorted in pain.

“Ahhhhh!” he screamed in anguish.

Gu Mohan had no interest in Su Zhe. He picked up Tang Mo’er, holding her body in his arms and left the banquet hall.

Gu Mohan carried Mo’er to the black Bentley parked outside. Yan Dong followed closely behind. “President, your hand is injured. I’ll drive. We’ll go to the hospital and get it bandaged.”

The man’s tall body blended into the darkness of the night. He coldly rejected Yan Dong, “I’ll drive on my own. It’s nothing serious, only a minor injury.”

Yan Dong did not dare to refuse the president’s orders and nodded to show he understood. “President, what do we do with those two men in black?”

Gu Mohan bit his lip and said, “Lock them up for a period of time then find a chance for them to sneak out. Let them escape.”

“Sneak out for what? Why?” asked Yan Dong as he did not understand.

Gu Mohan’s mouth twitched and said, “Let them sneak out. We’ll sit on the sidelines and watch the drama unfold.”

Yan Dong knew the president had his own plans and nodded his head in agreement. He opened the door to the rear seat. After Gu Mohan gently placed Tang Mo’er on the rear seat, he headed to the driver’s seat.

The car was quiet. His leaned over and helped her buckle her seatbelt.

“You’re still not done crying?”

Tang Mo’er was too caught in a sea of emotions that she was initially unable to hear his impatience.

He had protected her and helped her teach that scum a lesson. Initially, she had felt very touched, however she was swept away by the intensity of everything that had happened and her initial feelings had seemed to have vanished.

Her eyelashes twitched and fluttered. She opened her eyes slowly and moved her mouth before she whimpered.

“Mr Gu, why are you angry at me? Is it just because I played hide-and-seek with you three years ago and never returned?”

Great. She finally recognized him!

Gu Mohan looked at her. Her face was covered in tears while her eyes were red trimmed and puffy. Her nose was also red as though it had been rubbed raw. She looked so pitiful.

He had only gone for a business trip for two days, only to have her create so much trouble for him. What a little troublemaker.

Gu Mohan cleared his throat and stretched out his hands to pinch her face. “Since you’ve already recognized me, you should know that I’ve found you. Are you gonna fulfill the promise you made back then?”

The promise she made back then.

Ah. As long as he found her, she would let him have his way with her.

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