Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 67 - Please Have Some Brains. What's so Good about Your Fiancé? He Only Makes You Cry. Forget about Him, Yeah?
Chapter 67: Please Have Some Brains. What’s so Good about Your Fiancé? He Only Makes You Cry. Forget about Him, Yeah?

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Realization struck Mo’er. He was that man from three years ago.

When she heard what he had said at the engagement banquet, it had taken her by surprise and her feelings had been complicated, murmuring constantly like a neverending creek. She had never expected that man to have come to her side so quietly. She wasn’t sure when it had started, but his presence had slowly, but surely, become her strongest support.

Like broken beads, her crystal tears streamed down her face with no end. Choking on her tears, she hiccuped, “The promise back then does not hold. Who asked you to find me only three years later.”

“Oh,” Gu Mohan chuckled before he continued, “I have been on a business trip for two days and as soon as I heard, I rushed back here. I did not even have time to blink when it came the time to clean up your mess, and now you’re trying to act as if nothing happened?”

Tang Mo’er was stunned. Through her tears, she l realised his eyes were bloodshot and tired, as if he had not closed his eyes for a long time.

He had come directly from Shanghai for her.

“I don’t care, you came too late.” Tang Mo’er insisted petulantly, turning her head away and pouting prettily.

Gu Mohan’s gaze turned dark. He carefully wiped the tears off her small face with his rough thumb. In a deep voice, his voice was gentle, “If I knew that you would have no progress in the past three years and still ended up being bullied like this, I would have come earlier. You’re right, I was late.”

Tang Mo’er’s heat thumped wildly. She looked at him blankly, confused by his sudden affection.

“Why were you so agitated that your ex-fiancé was getting engaged anyway? What was your intention in bringing your medical report, to prove to him that you’re a virgin? Are you proud to be a virgin? Or are you simply saying you still have feelings for your ex-fiancé, so you want him to take your virginity?” His words were like bullets that shot at her flimsy reasoning in a heartbeat.

Tang Mo’er was at a loss, her mind was like a blank whirlwind of incoherent thoughts and no words could describe how she felt, what she was thinking.

Tang Mo’er’s mood sunk, seemingly plunging down to the mortal world from the heavens. Why did have to say things in such a way? His entire countenance had changed, suddenly becoming hostile and accusing as though someone had flipped the pages of a book.

Looking at his cold and tensed cheeks, he looked like he was suppressing all his anger inside. Was he angry?

But why?

All because… she took a medical report to make a scene at her ex-fiancé’s wedding?


She wanted to explain that she no longer had feelings for that scum. All she wanted was to get back at that pretentious b*tch.

At this moment, the man’s fingertips pressed her soft, red lips and rubbed them back and forth. “Please use that brain inside your pretty head. What’s so good about your fiancé? He only makes you cry. Forget about him, okay?

His deep voice was simple and overbearing. It was an order, yet also a form of coaxing her.

Teary-eyed, Tang Mo’er looked at him. Her line of vision was filled with him in his entirety. Her lips felt numb yet slightly painful. It was tender, especially against his fingertips which had a unique grit-like roughness. As he pressed her lips back and forth, a tingling sensation crept up from within her body.

He seemed to be playing with her lips, his slender fingertips, brushing gently this way and that with a mind of their own.

Tang Mo’er face blushed so hard that she looked intoxicated. The atmosphere in the car was slowly heating up.

Not wanting him to touch her anymore, she turned her head and avoided his fingers. With her two arms clasped to herself, she whispered, “I think I’ve been drugged. My body feels really hot.”‘

Gu Mohan looked at her eyes. He withdrew his fingers and immediately turned on the engine. The black Bentley sped through the streets with the grace of an elegant leopard.

He dialed the number for Huo Beichen.

“Beichen, it’s me. Is there any antidote to treat aphrodisiac? Help me get one over to Bangkok.”

“Second Brother, who has been drugged? What? Beauty Tang? I’m on my way! We have many!”

As the bluetooth was on, Huo Beichen’s excited voice reverberated throughout the entire car and into Tang Mo’er’s ears.

Tang Mo’er turned her head and shifted awkwardly as she looked at the window, pretending she had not heard what he said.

“Enough of your rubbish. Bring the antidote over.”

“Second Brother, the antidote is on you. This antidote has been exported from all over the world, it’s super big in size. Many women have are eagerly waiting to have this antidote. Beauty Tang really has it easy. Let her take this opportunity and enjoy herself!”

Tang Mo’er had no words at his crude words.

Her ears turned a bright flaming red. How could the person at the other end of the phone say something like this? It was understandable that men would always talk about women. Being Karghalik’s top beauty, it was normal for man to have intentions towards her. However, why did that person make it sound like she had taken advantage of Mr Gu?

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