Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 68 - Why Would Gu Mohan Even Take a Glance at Tang Mo'er? She’s Just a Nobody
Chapter 68: Why Would Gu Mohan Even Take a Glance at Tang Mo’er? She’s Just a Nobody

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Tang Mo’er was not satisfied.

Evidently, Gu Mohan did not notice that Beauty Tang’s princess-like temper was acting up again. Through the front windshield of the car, one could see half of her delicate and gentle face. Her small facial features were exquisite and eye-catching. Her red lips were captivating and one could only imagine how soft they would feel against their own. He retracted his gaze and his throat bobbed in anticipation. Dammit! That Huo Beichen had planted these unnecessary thoughts in his head!

“I want to see the antidote in 30 minutes.” he said and hung up.

In the banquet hall, it was a scene of utter chaos after Gu Mohan took Tang Mo’er away. Those professional bodyguards had naturally withdrawn with no one having any intention of stopping them. Su Zhe rushed out to chase after Tang Mo’er.

“Ah Zhe, where are you going?” asked Han Xiaowan as she grabbed onto Su Zhe and hugged his chest, determined to make him stay by her side. “Ah Zhe, don’t go. Don’t leave me all alone. Please don’t go.”

In one night, Gu Mohan had rescued Tang Mo’er and destroyed all of her carefully laid plans. Even the backup she had prepared had failed the moment Gu Mohan had arrived. She had been so close! She could no longer let Su Zhe leave, or else she would become the laughingstock of Karghalik.

Su Zhe became rigid and his features tightened, his lips pressed into a thin line. He stretched out his big palms. Unravelling Han Xiaowan’s fingers, be shoved them away, “Xiaowan, I’m sorry. I have to find Mo’er right now. I need to clarify what happened three years ago!”

No, she couldn’t let Su Zhe find out. If he knew that it was her who had drugged Tang Mo’er, she was done for! He would never come back to her again!

“Ah Zhe, what do you want to check? How can you be so easily influenced by what Gu Mohan casually said? What if Gu Mohan and sister are in it together and are putting on an act, have you considered that?” replied Han Xiaowan, in an attempt to taint Gu Mohan’s image.

“That’s impossible.” Su Zhe rebutted firmly, shaking his head. “In this world, anyone could lie, but Gu Mohan would never.”

Because it would be beneath him.

Who was he? He was Gu Mohan. He had scornfully reported his name to the masses as his knew his name was a signature trademark.

In addition, given that Tang Mo’er was drugged, she could have been taken advantage of if she was in arms of any other man. However, Gu Mohan would never. He never lacked women around him who would crawl into his bed if he had the intention. To him, there were too many women out there who were better than Tang Mo’er for him to choose from. They would not lose in their looks, body, or their wealth and status.

Why would Gu Mohan even offer a glance at Tang Mo’er? She was just a nobody to him.

“Brother, wake up. Even if Gu Mohan did not take advantage of Tang Mo’er, they are now together. Did you forget that picture of them kissing in the car? It explains it all. Gu Mohan was the one that made Tang Mo’er sit on his lap and he kissed her!” shouted Su Shuiqin.

Su Shuiqin was jealous and hateful. Her heart beat erroneously from the moment she laid her eyes on Gu Mohan. It was love at first sight. She had fallen in love with this powerful king, but this emperor was fond of Tang Mo’er!

Su Zhe clenched his fists and walked away.

“Ah Zhe!”

“I have let Tang Mo’er be taken away by other men twice already. This time, I won’t let it happen again. I’m going to get her back!”

After he had said his piece, Su Zhe strode out of the hall without turning back.

The groom-to-be had left. This stirred up a huge commotion in the banquet hall.

“Look, Su Zhe has really gone after Tang Mo’er. He doesn’t want Han Xiaowan anymore.”

“If you ask me, it’s useless. Tang Mo’er has been taken away by Gu Mohan! Any woman alive would choose Gu Mohan!”

“Turns out Gu Mohan is the sugar daddy Tang Mo’er hooked up with. I’m so envious.”

“What sugar daddy? He may be the sponsor but he isn’t married. Since he hasn’t married and neither has she, perhaps, President Gu and Tang Mo’er are in love. Tang Mo’er would be President Gu’s girlfriend!”

Hearing all these comments, Han Xiaowan’s legs weakened into jelly and she collapsed on the carpeted floor.

She was full of hatred!

She would never let Tang Mo’er off!

On the Bentley.

Gu Mohan glanced up through the rearview mirror and noticed a Jaguar chasing after him. It was Su Zhe.

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