Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 69 - I Bullied You Because Your Fiancé Triggered Me
Chapter 69: I Bullied You Because Your Fiancé Triggered Me

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Su Zhe was chasing Gu Mohan’s car relentlessly. Did he want to snatch Tang Mo’er back?

Gu Mohan hooked his lips, and chuckled, “Sit tight.”

“What?’ asked Tang Mo’er as she turned to look at him. The side effects of the drugs were acting up. Her surroundings were starting to become a blur.

The man did not reply. In the next second, the Bentley picked up speed as he stepped roughly on the accelerator. She did not expect the sudden force and screamed in shock, the giddiness making her head spin.

Su Zhe narrowed his eyes and focused on the car some distance away from him. It was obvious the Bentley had picked up speed. Ugh. He stepped harder on his gas pedal, urging the Jaguar forward with a growl. The need to catch up had taken over all of his thoughts.

On that night, two limited edition cars were chasing one another, bringing with them a wild frenzy of wind wherever they went.

The other car owners had no choice but to give way. “Do they really want to lose their lives driving at such high speeds!”

“Perhaps they’re fighting over a woman. A life can be lost! But you can’t lose your woman!”

Tang Mo’er who sat at the passenger seat, felt uncomfortable. Her body was heating up, her head was dazed and she couldn’t keep focused. In addition, the high speed made her feel like she was going to fly out of the car at any moment. She felt no sense of security and gripped onto the edge of the seat as the car tore through the streets.

“Mr Gu, please slow down!” Mo’er squeaked as her slender, petite body keeled over from the momentum of the swerve. She stretched out her two hands and clung on to his neck tightly like an octopus.

She felt slightly safer now that she was hugging this big tree.

She buried her small head in the man’s neck and took in his masculine scent. The scent was just… him… and completely triggered her senses. In a mindless state, she abandoned any semblance of reasoning and kissed his Adam’s apple, her small tongue peeking out as she gave it a seductive lick.

Gu Mohan snorted. Never would he have expected this woman to leap over and kiss him. In his moment of distraction, his hands on the steering wheel veered in the wrong direction and the Bentley went off track.

Dangerous . Gu Mohan immediately tightened his grip on the steering wheel and focused back on the road. His eyes were red from the competitive nature between both men as well as Tang Mo’er’s banter. He turned his head and stared at the mischievous woman, “Tang Mo’er, did you do it deliberately? I taught your ex-fiancé a lesson. Is it that you can’t bear to see him like that?”

Tang Mo’er stared at the man’s sexy, thin lips, unconsciously biting on her own pink ones. They were attractive and enticing and she wanted a taste. She did not know what he was talking about and didn’t care to think more. She reached out again and pressed her lips against the man’s thin lips.

Gu Mohan’s blood started to boil in a frenzied state. At this moment, the Jaguar took the opportunity to overtake him.

Swiftly, he opened his mouth and bit her pouty lip hard.

“Ouch! It hurts!” Mo’er screamed and pulled away on reflex as she knitted her eyebrows. She patted her tender lips gently and frowned. He had bit her till there was blood.

She regained her senses. In a pitiful manner, she looked at the man, teary-eyed. She was both charming and shameful at the same time as she gave him a baleful stare, “Mr Gu, why did you bite me? I knew you’d be the type to bully women!”

Gu Mohan raised his eyebrow. He said angrily, “Well, since your ex-fiancé made me unhappy, I’ll bully you instead.”

Tang Mo’er was speechless.

Looking at his handsome face under the lights, his features well-defined and refined and she felt the goosebumps crawl all over her body like tiny pink granules. This arrogant man in his classy white suit is a class one veteran gangster.She couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of him and a pleasant pink flush grew across her cheeks.

She wanted to sit back at her passenger’s seat, however, her body became weak and she fell on the man’s muscular thigh.

Gu Mohan pressed his large palms on the steering wheel. The muscles under his shirt were flexed taut and as hard as a rampart. He grit his teeth and grimaced at the woman on his thighs. What a torturous woman! Did she realise what she was doing to him?

He took a series of deep breaths and stepped on the gas pedal. His Bentley quickly caught up with the Jaguar.

Never did Su Zhe expect that Gu Mohan would catch up so quickly. His eyes saw red and he pressed his foot hard on the gas pedal.

However, the traffic light in front of him turned to a blinding red. A big truck had driven from the corner and saw that two cars were about to collide into each other.

Su Zhe’s pupils narrowed and he immediately slammed on the brakes, stopping the car mid-motion. The Jaguar spun manically, before coming to an interrupted halt. The sound of the sharp brakes echoed through the night like the screech of a banshee.

Su Zhe broke out in cold sweat and wiped his brow. He looked towards the Bentley that had just passed the traffic light in the momentary havoc. The window of the Bentley suddenly wound down and a distinct palm was stretched out of the window, showing him a provocative thumbs down.

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