Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 7 - Even the Largest Underwear Is a Little Small
Chapter 7: Even the Largest Underwear Is a Little Small

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Tang Mo’er headed back into the kitchen to cook herself some noodles. It had been a long, tiresome day and she was famished.

Uncle Foo arrived ten minutes later.

Tang Mo’er passed the paper bag over to Gu Mohan. He gave a cursory glance inside before raising an elegant eyebrow.

She could see what he was thinking. As he threw a blood-stained shirt into the bin, she caught a quick glimpse. It was a tailored shirt where just one tiny button would probably have cost tens of thousands. The man was clearly rich and someone with status, judging from his high standards and the disdain on his face as he looked at the offensive item.

Gu Mohan?

Although Tang Mo’er was familiar with the high society in Karghalik, she had never heard of Gu Mohan. Perhaps he wasn’t from Karghalik?

What exactly did he do? Was it possible that he was bankrupt after committing a white collar crime and escaped to avoid persecution?

Regardless of whatever it was, she didn’t want to be involved. She only wished for him to stay low and not bring her any trouble. It would be the best for the both of them if he left quietly after a few days and didn’t disturb her life. She had enough to deal with as it was.

“Mr Gu, please just bear with it for a little while and wear it. The set of clothes was purchased from the mall and it was rather costly.”

Gu Mohan glanced at her again and after a long moment, accepted the paper bag without a word and stalked off.

Tang Mo’er returned to the kitchen. She hummed to herself as she served the noodles into a large bowl, garnishing it with some spring onion.

She heard a deep voice in her ear, “I don’t eat spring onions.”

Tang Mo’er jumped, her heart thudding. Gu Mohan was right beside her.

He was dressed casually in an ink-black collared shirt with a matching pair of black trousers. Two buttons were left loose, exposing his sculpted chest and a black leather belt wrapped around his waist. Dressed in black from head to toe, he was like darkness incarnate. The outfit paired exquisitely with his tall stature and he exuded a sinfully charismatic aura that placed him beyond the reach of mere mortals.

He was the only man Tang Mo’er had met who was able to pull off the casual clothing and make it look stylish from simply being draped over his formidable body.

He had the perfect body and devil-like charisma to pull off the shirt-and-trouser combination. It was just too perfect.

“It’s none of my business whether you like spring onions or not. These noodles are for me to—hey!”

He had already snatched her precious bowl of noodles out of her hands before she had even finished speaking.

She made to grab it back and he took the chopsticks as well.

Without warning, he bent down, lowering his head until it became inappropriately close. “I forgot to tell you…” His voice trailed off and his warm breath tickled her ear.

Tang Mo’er was stunned and her hands fumbled to reach the counter to steady herself. She didn’t expect him to place his face that near. Seeing his face from such close proximity, she realized his facial features were in fact, flawless. “Wha… what?”

Gu Mohan looked searchingly at her tiny, porcelain face. Her fair skin had delicate features and reflected a layer of radiance when light shone directly upon it. Even the fine hairs on her skin were glowing.

Her lips were beautiful, they were of an appealing shade of cherry-red that was extremely enticing.

Gu Mohan cleared his throat. These were the lips that he had tasted three years ago. That feeling was… unforgettable.

His voice was deep and husky as he gazed at her, “The largest pair of underwear is too small.”


Gu Mohan then walked out without a backward glance.

Her entire face blushed red to the roots of her hair. What was he trying to say? Was he declaring that he was huge down there?”

He didn’t!

Didn’t he have any shame?

Tang Mo’er cooked another bowl of noodles while cursing him to the heavens in her head. He was still eating when she walked into the dining room a short while later. Judging from his upright posture and refined manner, he definitely had an excellent upbringing.

Her stomach rumbled unhappily. Too hungry to speculate further, she sat opposite him and made short work of her noodles.

The remainder of the night passed peacefully. With her stomach blissfully satisfied, she went to sleep in her bedroom, while he slept separately in the living room.

The next morning.

Tang Mo’er was awakened by the incessant ringing of her phone. She picked up drowsily, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as a voice chattered, “Hello Mo’er, have you woken up? Quickly, turn on your laptop.”

Tang Mo’er followed the instruction and not surprisingly, the headline was attention grabbing—’New generation innocent goddess Han Xiaowan seduces fiancé of Tang Mo’er!’

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