Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 70 - Since You Already Know My Name, Why Are You Still Acting Dumb?
Chapter 70: Since You Already Know My Name, Why Are You Still Acting Dumb?

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The thumbs down was the most arrogant provocation. Even from a distance, he could feel the blatant disdain targeted towards him.

Su Zhe clenched his hands and slammed his fist into the windshield. The glass cracked at the force and shattered. His knuckles had deep gashes, cut cut by the glass fragments until they bled.

Once again, he could only watch helplessly as his treasured Tang Mo’er was taken away by another man.

In the Bentley, the car slowed down and resumed its original pace. Gu Mohan looked at the woman on his thigh and grabbed her small face, directing her gaze towards him. “In the future, open your eyes and choose your man wisely. Just take a look at your ex-fiance. What’s so good about a man who watches his own woman running away with another man, yet does nothing about it. What a disgrace.”

“Mr Gu… It’s hot in here. I feel horrible.” whispered Tang Mo’er unconsciously. Her two small hands grabbed his slender waist and danced around his taut body uneasily.

Gu Mohan’s voice became hoarse. He forced it into a tender softness as he soothed her, “Be good, it’ll only be a little while longer. Bear with it for a while more, okay?”

After ten minutes, the Bentley stopped in front of the Bangkok villa. Gu Mohan got out of the car; opening the passenger side and picked Tang Mo’er up gently as he carried her petite body inside.

“Welcome back, sir,” greeted the maid at the door.

Gu Mohan grunted as he passed her by and kicked open the door of the master suite, carefully placing Mo’er under the shower in the bathroom. He turned back towards the maid, “Put cold water on and let her soak.”

“Yes, sir.”

Gu Mohan left the bathroom. Standing tall in the wide room, he lifted his long and slender fingers. He shrugged off his blazer, threw it on the sofa and untied his blue-striped tie,

He loosely unbuttoned the top two buttons, revealing his exquisite collarbone. Taking out a cigarette, he bent down and lit it up, drawing the smoke slowly inside and breathing it out again. The smoke lingered around his face.

“AH!” a shriek sounded from the bathroom.

“Sir, Miss Tang does not want to bathe in cold water. I can’t get a grip on her! She keeps scrambling to get out!” shouted the maid.

Gu Mohan was frustrated. What was this woman doing? She was the most troublesome woman he had ever met.

He placed the cigarette between his lips and went to the bathroom. A delicate figure emerged quickly from the bathroom door and leapt into his arms.

In order to prevent her from slipping, Gu Mohan immediately stretched out his muscular arms to grab her waist in one hand.

“Sir, I…”


“Yes,” the maid bowed her head.

Tang Mo’er was in a pitiful state. She had been dunked fully clothed into the bath of cold water, giving her a rude wake up call. Her black maxi skirt was so wet it clung to her body like a sopping second skin. It felt horrid.

“I don’t want this, I don’t want cold water. One moment it’s cold and another moment it’s burning hot. Ugh, it feels really horrible.” she whined and tugged at her wet clothes as she started to cry helplessly. She stretched out her hands to hug his neck and kissed his lips.

Her lips were fragrant and soft. Gu Mohan lifted his eyebrows and caressed her waist lovingly.

Tang Mo’er had almost stopped breathing. Like a feather, she trembled with a growing sense of unease and burst out, “Hey, Gu Mohan!”

She called his name.

Gu Mohan opened his tired eyes and stretched out his hand to push her towards his bed.

Just as Tang Mo’er was about to pull herself up, the man had already gotten on top of her. He held her slender wrists to the side of her fair head and leaned down, his voice cold next to her ears, “Tang Mo’er, quit acting. Since you already know my name, why are you still acting dumb, huh?

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