Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 71 - Stop Finding Trouble, I Won’t Spare You
Chapter 71: Stop Finding Trouble, I Won’t Spare You

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Tang Mo’er looked as if she had been drenched by a bucket of cold water. She retracted her gaze and kept Gu Mohan’s handsome face in her mind. What was she doing?

In her opinion, sex was something that both genders could do provided it did not turn into some kind of emotionless transaction.

Two small delicate hands wound their way around the man’s hard chest. She bit her lower lip with her sparkling white teeth and shook her head vigorously, “No, I don’t want to.”

The cigarette propped between the man’s fingers had by now burnt halfway. Gu Mohan got up. Putting the cigarette between his thin lips, he took a deep breath and puffed out the smoke onto woman’s face.

Tang Mo’er coughed as she choked on the cigarette smoke. She glared at him, “Why are you so evil?”

“Who’s the evil one?” asked Gu Mohan cynically.

“When you were eighteen, you said I would be your man. Your disappeared after we played hide-and-seek. You seduced me time and time again. Tang Mo’er, where did you get your courage from?”

Tang Mo’er opened her mouth abruptly before closing it again.

Her forehead furrowed before creasing into an angry frown. “I was drugged back then. Even if something had happened between us, it would just be you taking advantage of a woman’s perilous state.”

“If I really took advantage of you when you were most vulnerable, would you even have had the opportunity to bring the medical report to the engagement banquet today?”

Tang Mo’er was silent again.

Why did he mention it again? Initially, she was quite satisfied with how she had dealt with things at the engagement. She had slapped that Han Xiaowan right in the face… although she wasn’t too proud of the latter part. She had underestimated that pretentious b*tch. Gu Mohan had an expression that succinctly demonstrated his feelings towards her previous actions, contemptuous and disdainful, as if she had committed an idiotic act, again.

“Regardless of everything, Gu Mohan, that was my first kiss. Don’t act like you’ve lost out!”

“Oh,” chuckled Gu Mohan as he rolled his eyes, “You don’t think that was my also first kiss, hm?”


Tang Mo’er was stunned.

Gu Mohan squeezed her small face with his hand, “Bear with it for another ten minutes. The antidote will arrive soon. If you seduce me one more time, I won’t spare you.”

He got out of the bed after straight after, his long legs rested against the side of the bed. He put out the remainder of his cigarette by jamming it in the ashtray. Using his thumb and forefinger, he unbuckled his belt and threw it onto the sofa without a care. She watched him pull his shirt out of its restraints with the casual elegance of a prince. She could see the lines tracing his shoulders and defining his broad chest. He looked really attractive under his shirt and she restrained herself from reaching out.

Tang Mo’er lay on the bed and hugged herself tightly. He did not do it intentionally.

Men and women are essentially creatures. Men love beautiful women. Likewise, women yearn to attach themselves to handsome men.

She looked at the wound on his palm. He had gotten injured all because of her.

He did not even bother with the wound at all. He did not care to bandage it, seeming to deem it not even worth the trouble to think about at all.

Tang Mo’er’s heart melted. She felt overwhelmed with emotions and the telltale tingling of unshed tears lingered behind her eyes. If she had not met him three years ago, what would her life be like now?

She got up the bed and flew over to hug him from behind, her force almost making him fall forward.

Gu Mohan was stunned. He turned around abruptly and pinned her to the wall.

Her soft back was pushed back forcefully against the jade wall—it was cold and painful. She was unable to stand still. The man’s big body loomed over her, his stance dominating and eyes a smouldering black. “Tang Mo’er. I’ve tolerated you for too long!”

His large palm caught the back of her head, nested itself in the soft tangle of her hair and he leaned down and kissed her blushing lips.

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