Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 72 - Hoping to Allow You to Grow up
Chapter 72: Hoping to Allow You to Grow up

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The fierceness of his kiss made her legs buckle and her heart tremble. She bit her lower lip and his powerful tongue forced its way through her widened lips and into her delicate mouth.


Tang Mo’er slipped downwards. She could not stand such an intimate kiss, it overloaded her senses with a kaleidoscope of lights and fireworks and ignited a fire inside. It took her breath away, filling her instead with his intoxicating scent.

Gu Mohan kissed her for a while, he was addicted to those teasing lips, they were soft and fragrant, begging him for more. She started to pull away slightly, he opened his eyes to see her face flushed and enticing. Her eyes were dazed and unfocused, “What do you want, huh?”

Tang Mo’er mustered up her courage and flipped him around, pinning him to the wall. They had switched positions and she looked at him in determination. “You. As my male prostitute.”

Seeing this wild cat offering herself so solemnly, Gu Mohan smirked his eyes glittering dangerously, “Have you saved enough money?”

Tang Mo’er pressed onto his sleeves and plucked out the loose strings from his shirt. She said provocatively, “I don’t have any!”

“You can owe me.”

“I want to sleep with you for nothing!”

Gu Mohan grabbed her waist and placed her on the bed, tucking her inside the plush blankets. Looking at her intimately, he leaned forward, his voice deep and husky, “You want to eat for free without paying? This isn’t a good habit. Well, how about this, we can sleep together twice. You can make me your male prostitute first, then you’ll be my whore the next round!”

“I don’t wantーah!”

Tang Mo’er’s protests became a soft moan as the man had plunged his tongue into her mouth, ravaging her lips with a fierce kiss. He did not even give her a chance to respond. She shuddered, seeing his handsome, cold and overbearing face and fell deeper, overwhelmed by his entirety.

“Gu Mohan, did you deliberately let me go three years ago?” she whispered, finally voicing a question that had dwelled on her mind all this time.

Gu Mohan’s palms tugged her dress, “You were so young at eighteen. I just wanted to let you grow up.”

After an excruciating ten minutes, Tang Mo’er face turned pale. Her small hands clutched tightly onto his arms as she screamed, “It hurts! Pain!”

She was going to be ripped apart.

Gu Mohan’s forehead was sweating profusely and his muscles flexed underneath his shirt as she cried pitifully like a mewling kitten beneath him. Gu Mohan raised his eyebrows and caressed her forehead, murmuring soothing words, shifting himself off her womanly body. He was educated and would never do something as despicable as to rape a woman, especially in her most vulnerable state.

As the pain alleviated, Tang Mo’er hugged herself tightly and cried as though she had suffered many grievances under his hand.

Gu Mohan rasped impatiently in a low voice as he crossed his arms, “Tang Mo’er, why are you still crying, who are acting pitiful for?”

Tang Mo’er could not hear clearly what he had said. She felt uncomfortable. Her body was hot and it hurt like she has been torn to shreds. She felt like she was going to explode. Fat tears continued to stream down her face as she hugged herself.

Gu Mohan got off the bed. He stretched out his long fingers into his suit. He needed a smoke.

Huo Beichen’s voice could be heard from the door.

“Second Brother, do you and Beauty Tang still need the antidote?”

‘Bang!’ The room door slammed open and Gu Mohan stood at the door.

The man was messy and disheveled, his shirt was loose and his trousers crumpled. His brows were furrowed and sullen, exuding a silent and unrestrained demeanour. He looked extremely unsatisfied.

Huo Beichen had never seen his second brother so disheveled before as he was so used to his clean and handsome appearance.

“Second Brother, you look like you just came back from war. It must have been exciting!”

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