Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 73 - You Have the Guts to Tell Me to My Face That Mr Gu Is the Gigolo You Kept
Chapter 73: You Have the Guts to Tell Me to My Face That Mr Gu Is the Gigolo You Kept

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Huo Beichen couldn’t resist a comment and popped his head past Gu Mohan in hopes of scoring a peek into the room.

Gu Mohan closed the room door calmly and gave Huo Beichen a stony stare that was clear in its meaning: if you continue to look, I’ll gouge your eyes out.

Huo Beichen had not seen anything. He felt that his second brother was really too petty. He was nothing more than a combination of an overbearing president mixed with a male chauvinist pig, he didn’t even allow anyone to take a little peek at the woman he had his eyes on. How stingy!

“You have the antidote?”

“It’s here.”

Gu Mohan took the antidote from Huo Beichen’s hands and gave it to the maid, instructing her immediately, “Give this antidote to Miss Tang.”

“Yes sir.” replied the maid as she entered the room.

“No way, Second Brother. You’ve been with Beauty Tang for so long, you still haven’t done that with her?” asked Huo Beichen, his eyes widened in shock.

Gu Mohan’s tall and masculine body leaned against the wall as he lit up a cigarette. He drew in a long breath and puffed out a steady stream of smoke as he frowned. “She was in pain.”

“Aiyo, Second Brother, it’ll definitely be painful since it’s her first time. Once you get past that, she will feel good. Woman in bed are pretentious. You don’t need to pity them, just hold onto them through it and they will do anything for you.”

As he said that, Huo Beichen secretly snuck a glance at Gu Mohan’s crotch.Sh*t! The size was not at all unobtrusive and would make any male turn away in shame. “Beauty Tang is really letting something go to waste. She has hooked onto a wealthy man, she’ll definitely have a blissful life in the future.”

Gu Mohan smoked half of his cigarette and suppressed his emotions as he waited for his awakened desire to wane. It was a slow process. He walked towards the guest room to take a cold shower instead, waving off Huo Beichen in dismissal. “Stop talking so much and let it go.”

The next morning.

Tang Mo’er opened her eyes slowly. The warm sunlight outside sprinkled on the black and white silk quilt through the curtains, bringing a warm glow to the room.

Where was she?

Tang Mo’er looked at the crystal chandelier on top of her head. It shimmered as the golden rays reflected against the shards. It didn’t look like her apartment.

Last night…

The events flashed through her mind like liquid quicksand. Tang Mo’er’s pupils shrunk and she sat up in an instant. She was wearing a large mens shirt and the silk material slipped down her shoulders towards her flat stomach, exposing a litter of scattered red love bites that teased their way all over her body.

She trembled as she got out bed. Ah! It hurt so much between her legs.

She remembered being drugged yesterday, she remembered Gu Mohan on top of her. She remembered his strong, masculine body, his firm arms, his soft lips, how he had unbuckled his belt, and then…

Oh god.

She had sex with Gu Mohan!

Tang Mo’er grabbed her hair manically with her small hands. How did things turn out this way?

She clenched her fists. After a brief moment of remorse and self reflection, Tang Mo’er could only choose to accept this reality. She had sex with Gu Mohan. Breathe. She headed to the bathroom to wash up.

When she came out, the maid was in the room, making the bed. “Good morning, Miss Tang. Here are the clothes that Mr Gu has prepared for you.”

Tang Mo’er tried to remain calm. She lifted her small jaw like a proud princess, “Where is Mr Gu?”

“Sir has left the house already.”

“… Oh.”

Tang Mo’er felt conflicted. She did not know whether to feel dejected or not. He had slept with her last night and had left immediately in the morning. Did he not need to explain anything to her? She deserved an explanation!

She was a virgin!

After the maid left the room, Tang Mo’er put on the dress that was prepared for her. It was a stunning lavender ensemble from Chanel’s latest collection. It was incredibly beautiful and classy and easily cost a five figure sum. Strangely enough, it fit her perfectly and accentuated her feminine body in all the right places.

Pervert! That man had probably touched her too many times to count last night!

Tang Mo’er picked up her phone to cut off the incessant ringing. It was Qi Xi. She flinched as Qi Xi’s shriek exploded through the earpiece. “Tang Mo’er! You seriously have the guts to tell me to my face that Mr Gu is the gigolo that you’ve been keeping?!”

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