Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 75 - Everyone Sounded as If She Was Pestering President Gu
Chapter 75: Everyone Sounded as If She Was Pestering President Gu

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The nation’s idol?

Qi Xi handed Tang Mo’er her mobile and Tang Mo’er began to scroll through Weiboー

“I’ve got to give it to Tang Mo’er. She sure lucked out. Her sponsor is the capital’s wealthiest businessman, Gu Mohan.”

“Different people have different achievements at the age of 20 years old. Someone married a King, while another dated the nation’s first love. The biggest winner in life has to be Tang Mo’er, I hope she’ll be kind to us in the future?”

“Tang Mo’er is probably going to marry Gu Mohan and become the young madam of the capital’s wealthiest family. May I know if Tang Mo’er has any words for us after receiving such an honor? I’m going to watch and follow her journey to becoming a member of the high society.”

“Also going to watch the drama +1.”


Any words of response?

Her journey to entering the high society?

Tang Mo’er frowned and threw Qi Xi the mobile. She didn’t want to look anymore. Before today, everyone spoke reverently as if she had won in life and scored with Gu Mohan. However, after today, their tone had changed, it sounded as if… she was was taking advantage of and pestering President Gu. She felt like she had suddenly become a nuisance.

What the hell?

I am Tang Mo’er!

She was still thankful to him nonetheless. If it wasn’t for him, the rumors of her having a sponsor would never have been resolved. Moreover, she had even upgraded her status to become the winner in life.

It seemed like he was truly influential.

Wan An looked at Tang Mo’er apologetically. “I’m sorry Miss Tang, the casting is already over. Due to your disappearance during the shoot, we had to proceed with the selection, without taking into account your performance. As the candidates are highly competitive this year, unfortunately, it’s unlikely that you will be selected as the spokesperson for the year.”

Tang Mo’er’s heart sank. With the leak of the two intimate photographs, she had been forced to take a break from the casting. She didn’t expect the casting to be over that soon.

She had truly faced an overwhelming number of challenges while auditioning for the DHA endorsement.

“CEO Wan, could you please give Mo’er another chance. As you’ve seen, if there wasn’t such an incident, she would definitely be the best candidate.” Qi Xi spoke pitifully.

Wan An looked at Tang Mo’er and laughed, “Miss Tang, we’re just following the rules. However… if you are willing to approach our President and discuss your concerns with him, that would be the only chance you may have. I’m sorry, I cannot assist you further.”

They walked along the corridor and Qi Xi urged Tang Mo’er, “Mo’er, hurry up and give Mr Gu a phone call. It’s your only chance.”

“I’m not going to do it.”


Tang Mo’er found herself stuttering, “Mr Gu is no longer the Mr Gu I knew in the past. He is the President of the Gu Corporation, how am I supposed to approach him for a favor?”

“You’re qualified since you slept with him last night.” Qi Xi pointed bluntly at the glaring hickey at the back of her ears.

Tang Mo’er had worn a pearl-collared dress with a high collar. it was able to cover up her hickeys on her neck, but not the ones on her ears. Qi Xi was extremely observant and saw it with one glance.

Tang Mo’er’s beautiful face was flushed with embarrassment and she used her hands to cover her collar as she exclaimed, “Qi Xi, don’t look! Close your eyes!”

Qi Xi raised one delicate eyebrow, “Mo’er, you don’t need to be so shy. We are all adults heー”

“…” Tang Mo’er immediately used both hands to cover Qi Xi’s mouth.

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