Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 76 - If You Get Pregnant, You'll Be the Model Mother of the Nation
Chapter 76: If You Get Pregnant, You’ll Be the Model Mother of the Nation

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“Mo’er, listen to me. Hurry up and throw away all those ribbed condoms in your house. Wealthy families such as the Gu family probably have great regard for heirs. Since Mr Gu is the sole heir over three generations, you’re going to have great power if you give birth to a son.”

“… Qi-Xi!” Tang Mo’er couldn’t help but scream at her manager. If she continued spouting such inappropriate words, Mo’er would tear at her mouth till it split at the seams.

Who was going to give birth to Gu Mohan’s son?

Tang Mo’er’s heart started beating rapidly at the thought of the previous night. Did he take protective measures?

If he didn’t, she would have to take a birth control pill.

She didn’t want to get pregnant!

Tang Mo’er turned her head and looked out of the window, spotting a pharmacy by chance. She piped up quickly, “Stop the car.”

The huge van stopped, Tang Mo’er alighted and turned back to the car, “Qi Xi, you can just head back. Since we’re close to my apartment, I’ll just walk home later. I’ll consider your plans regarding the DHA endorsement. Bye.” She waved her hands, gesturing for Qi Xi to go.

Qi Xi looked at the pharmacy and her eyes gleamed in silent understanding, “Mo’er, what are you getting in there? Are you going to buy… a pregnancy test kit?”

Tang Mo’er rolled her eyes and enunciated each word clearly, “No. I’m going to buy birth control pills because that ‘respectable’ Mr Gu didn’t wear a condom last night!”

Tang Mo’er entered the pharmacy and walked towards the pharmacist at the counter, “I’d like some birth control pills, please.”

“Alright, just a moment please.” The pharmacist left the counter and reappeared shortly after, handing an inconspicuous box to Tang Mo’er. “Miss, you shouldn’t have these birth control pills often since it’s detrimental for your health. I’d advise you to purchase two boxes of condoms as a backup plan and leave it somewhere convenient. Women need to learn to protect yourselves so that you won’t harm your body or health.”

Tang Mo’er froze, dwelling on the pharmacist’s words. It made sense.

She scanned the shelves and perused the different brands and types of condoms available. She went back to the counter with an awkward expression on her face, “I’ll just purchase two boxes.”

“Okay Miss, which type would you like?”


What did Qi Xi mention earlier again? Those that could increase vitality. She felt her face starting to flame up and quickly replied, “Anything is fine.”

The pharmacist was a middle-aged lady who noticed that Tang Mo’er was incredibly shy about the entire situation. She choose two types of condoms and put them on the counter, “Miss, I’ve chosen the type of condoms for you, but you’ll have to at least tell me the size of the condoms you need.”


Tang Mo’er’s eyes started shifting around and she recalled last night’s scene. It hurt so much and she felt as though her body was about to split into two. He seemed to… be big… no, he was huge! Simply enormous.

“Mmm, I’ll… I’ll just get the largest size.” Tang Mo’er wanted to just hide herself from all the awkwardness she had thrown herself into.

The pharmacist placed the birth control pills and the two boxes of condoms in a bag. Throwing them into her purse, and Tang Mo’er paid and quickly escaped the pharmacy, thankful that the ordeal was finally over.

Tang Mo’er returned to her apartment at a world record speed of ten minutes.

She breathed a sigh of relief and got herself together after the cold wind outdoors blew her to her destination. She emptied the pills and the condoms onto her bed and pulled at her hair manically. She felt like she was going to have a mental breakdown. Was she mad?

She went to the pharmacy to buy condoms?

She even bought condoms according to his size, was she wishing to have sex with him again?

What the heck am I even doing?!

Tang Mo’er wanted to give herself a tight slap. She held the two offensive boxes of condoms tightly and jumped around on the spot. She didn’t know what to do with them. She felt embarrassed to even be holding on to such a promiscuous thing.

What if someone had seen her buying those scandalous things?

She wanted to hide the condoms under her bed and forget about them, but eventually decided to place them in the bottommost drawer of her wardrobe This was her room, after all. No one knew it was there and there was no way anyone would be able to discover it.

The doorbell rang loudly while she was still hiding the condoms.

Who was it?

Was it Mr Gu?

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