Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 77 - Lu Qi'er, the Capital's Greatest Socialite is Also the Beloved Daughter of the Lu Family
Chapter 77: Lu Qi’er, the Capital’s Greatest Socialite is Also the Beloved Daughter of the Lu Family

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The sudden chime of the doorbell surprised Tang Mo’er and she bit her lower lip as unwanted tears materialized from her eyes. What was he here for?

He had left like an irresponsible jerk after having sex with her! He didn’t even stay around to explain himself! Who did he think she was?

She walked slowly towards the entrance of the apartment and took her time unlocking the front door. “Mr… GーSu Zhe, why are you here instead?”

It wasn’t Gu Mohan who was outside the door, but rather, Su Zhe had come instead.

Su Zhe was still wearing the suit that he wore on the day of the engagement party. His suit was wrinkled and his face was filled with an unbearable agony that made her want to turn away. He looked wasted and hadn’t even shaved his beard.

Glancing up, she saw that he also had a piece of gauze stuck on his forehead, completing the disheveled look.

“Mo’er, it’s me.” He stared at Tang Mo’er, breathing her in. His Mo’er. Su Zhe’s voice was strange as he gazed at her with a complicated expression. She couldn’t place it.

Tang Mo’er looked at the wound on his forehead, “What happened to your forehead? Did Han Xiaowan hit you?”

It obviously wasn’t Han Xiaowan’s work. He was injured from his race with Gu Mohan last night.

However, there was no way Su Zhe would ever reveal the truth to Tang Mo’er. He was still a man, after all. It was a great humiliation to him that he had lost to Gu Mohan.

Seeing he didn’t respond, she cut to the crux of the matter. Why was he even here? “Mr Su, how may I help you?” Her voice was cold and curt, without any hint of emotion.

Her stony expression broke him and his expression crumbled.

“Mo’er, I’m sorry. I misunderstood you all this time regarding the incident three years ago. I was crazy with jealousy when I saw Gu Mohan carrying you into the suite. I thought that you had abandoned me in pursuit of a richer person. I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

She didn’t speak for a few moments as his words registered in her mind.

“Okay, I accept your apology. You may leave now.” Tang Mo’er moved to shut the door after speaking.

However, Su Zhe was too fast for her. He immediately slammed his fingers in the crack of the closing door and pushed his long neck inside her apartment. He looked at Tang Mo’er’s tiny and beautiful face and swallowed anxiously before he spoke, “Mo’er, could you please give me another chance. I promise to love you with all of my heart this time. I won’t ever give up on you, ever again. Mo’er… would you give me another chance… give us another chance?”

“What will happen to Han Xiaowan then?”

Su Zhe stiffened and a nervous expression appeared again on his handsome face. “I’ll compensate her in other ways.”

“I see, so that’s how it is…” Tang Mo’er opened her mouth, her red lips were full and alluring as she shrugged, as if helpless, “But Mr Su, it’s already too late. I had sex with Gu Mohan last night.”

She emphasized on the words ‘had sex’.

Su Zhe clenched his fists tightly as he felt his heart shatter into a million jagged pieces. He felt a looming darkness threaten to overwhelm him. It was him, he had pushed his Tang Mo’er into the hands of another man!

She belonged to him.

“Mo’er, your relationship with Gu Mohan will not last long. Gu Mohan is merely playing with you, don’t let yourself be fooled by him!”

Tang Mo’er felt ridiculed, but remained calm as she replied, “Mr Su, I’m sorry, but you’ve long since lost the right to involve yourself in my matters. Don’t you feel somewhat hypocritical? If you really want to give me advice, look to yourself first. When will you stop being fooled by that pretentious b*tch, Han Xiaowan? Until you can see the situation clearly for what it is, thank you for your kind intentions, but you should mind your own business and keep your opinions to yourself.”

She then closed the door immediately afterwards.

“Mo’er!” Su Zhe howled, gripping onto her wrist. “Where is Gu Mohan now? You gave yourself to him and had sex with him last night, where is he now?”

Tang Mo’er paused, as if dazed.

Su Zhe held her wrist tightly and pulled her towards the lifts, “I’ll take you to find Gu Mohan.”

She let herself be taken away.

The villa in Bangkok.

Tang Mo’er was stumbling as she followed Su Zhe, her wrist still held tightly by him. Her mind had slowly cleared up as he pulled her along, she could only feel a mild irritation that was rapidly growing.

“Su Zhe, are you done with your nonsense? Let go of me now!”

“Mo’er, take a look yourself. See who Gu Mohan is with now!”

Tang Mo’er stood up with great difficulty and saw the doors to the Bangkok villa opening. Gu Mohan was walking down the stairs with both hands in his pockets. He wore a crisp white shirt with black trousers and as always, he looked refined and charming, just like a prized work of art under the vintage lights.

He was accompanied by a woman. She wore a long white dress and she was stunning. She was simply too beautiful to be forgotten easily.

It was unclear as to what they were talking about, but the woman was covering her mouth prettily as she laughed with Gu Mohan. They seemed close.

“Mo’er, do you know who that woman is? She’s Lu Qi’er, the greatest socialite in the capital. She’s also the beloved daughter and young mistress of the Lu family.”

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