Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 78 - Lu Qi'er is Gu Mohan's Fiancée
Chapter 78: Lu Qi’er is Gu Mohan’s Fiancée

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Lu Qi’er?

Tang Mo’er suddenly felt a sense of familiarity when she heard that name. She finally placed it. The indisputable queen of the music industry.

“Mo’er, there are two prestigious families in the capital. The first is the Gu family and the second is the Lu family. The two families are old family friends and the Old Master of the Lu family had long ago handed Lu Qi’er over to Gu Mohan. Lu Qi’er is Gu Mohan’s fiancée.”

“Being the only daughter of the Lu family, Lu Qi’er has always been a role model to many. She’s received elite education since young and became the queen of the music industry when she was 19 years old. Today, she flew over to Karghalik from the capital and Gu Mohan fetched her into the villa in Bangkok. Mo’er, do you still need to me to continue?”

Tang Mo’er’s mind went blank after realizing Gu Mohan had a fiancée.

Then what was she?

Tang Mo’er felt like an utter fool. She had even gone to the pharmacy to get birth control pills and condoms before the aching pain between her legs had even disappeared.

Shock, anger and ignorance were the immediate feelings that gripped at her consciousness. A deep anger boiled in the pit of her stomach. Anger at herself. It was mixed with a confounding pain that wrenched at her heart, making her slim face pale as she bit her lip. She had already spent 21 years of her life not expecting love, her mind told her she wouldn’t be hurt if she didn’t love anyone. So she hadn’t. She had always led a great life, until Gu Mohan had barged into her life, challenging the thoughts that had kept her sane since young and giving her hope… false hope. She became a fool. A fool that expected more, a fool that made stupid mistakes. Seeing Lu Qi’er, she was torn apart by the reality.

She kept her cool after experiencing a multitude of tumultuous emotions. She turned around and looked at Su Zhe, “Yes, Lu Qi’er is a high-class, privileged woman who happens to be a perfect match for Gu Mohan. Does this make you happy now?”

“Mo’er,” Su Zhe wanted to know what she was thinking, but her facial expression hid her feelings well behind a poker face. She didn’t reveal anything from her clear eyes. “Do you know what’s the difference between the greatest socialite and the greatest beauty in Karghalik?”

“I know,” Tang Mo’er smiled and brushed her beautiful hair to the back of her ear. A few wisps escaped and fell across her cheeks. “The difference is, the greatest beauty in Karghalik… is only desirable for men to have sex with, but the greatest socialite in the capital is desirable for marriage. That’s probably the main difference. I suppose you would say it’s similar to the wedded wife and the mistress. Mr Su, can I help you with anything else? I’ll leave now if there’s nothing else.”

Tang Mo’er turned to walk away, when she heard a dainty voice ring in her ears, “Ah Zhe, why are you here with sister?”

Han Xiaowan had arrived.

Su Zhe stiffened, his face awkward and stance hunched as he lifted his eyes and looked at Han Xiaowan. He felt a great amount of guilt towards Han Xiaowan, but he needed to be decisive and end things. He wouldn’t let things drag on any longer. “Xiaowan, I’m sorry. I can’t get married to you. I can no longer lie to myself. I love Mo’er.”

Han Xiaowan reeled back and as though a switch had turned on, tears welled up in her eyes, before falling down her cheeks. “Ah Zhe… you can’t. You’re not speaking the truth. How can you be so cruel? We’re already engaged and I’m your fiancée. You said that you were going to make me your bride. You said that was your forever. You said you would never leave me!”

Tang Mo’er didn’t want to continue watching them put on a show. Who did they think was watching? She was especially sick of Han Xiaowan’s pitiful act, it was nauseating.

“Carry on, I’ll be leaving.” Tang Mo’er turned around and walked away.

“Mo’er, don’t go!” Su Zhe quickly held onto Tang Mo’er’s tiny wrist, preventing her from leaving.

Han Xiaowan’s eyes flashed with hatred but she pushed down the feelings and started to act pitifully, playing the perfect victim, “Ah Zhe, I love you. I would do anything for you. Ah Zhe… it’s already been so long, you still can’t let go of sister…? Okay, you can be together. I’ll back out and I won’t pester you anymore, even if my heart is breaking into pieces. Even though you’re my everything and I can’t survive without you!”

Han Xiaowan then took out a knife after her emotional words.

She held the knife along her wrist and forcefully slit it, drawing an ugly well of blood across her fair skin.

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