Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 79 - After These Years, She Still Hadn’t Figured out What She Had Done Wrong
Chapter 79: After These Years, She Still Hadn’t Figured out What She Had Done Wrong

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Su Zhe’s pupils contracted in shock and he instantly let go of Tang Mo’er and flew towards Han Xiaowan. He grabbed the knife that she was holding and threw it on the ground, yelling furiously, “Xiaowan, are you crazy? Why did you slit your wrist and attempt suicide? Do you really want to die!”

Han Xiaowan had started crying nonstop. “Ah Zhe, what else can I do? Now that you don’t want me anymore, there’s no more meaning to my life.”

“Xiaowan, why are you so silly?”

Tang Mo’er bit her lip hard, she had nearly burst out laughing. Han Xiaowan was seriously disgusting, using this technique to convince Su Zhe to stay with her.

“Madam, Xiaowan is in there. She’s here to find my brother.” Su Shuiqin and Qin Yawen suddenly appeared.

Tang Mo’er smirked as she realized that everyone who was involved had appeared at the same venue.

“Ah!” Qin Yawen screamed and ran over when she saw the blood dripping down Han Xiaowan’s wrist. Her voice was shaky and she asked pleadingly, “Wanwan, what’s wrong with you? Please don’t scare me, why would you hurt yourself like this? Don’t be upset, Mom is here…”

“Mom, Ah Zhe doesn’t love me anymore, he wants to be together with Sister…” Han Xiaowan cried into her mother’s arms, placing all the blame on Tang Mo’er.

Qin Yawen froze. Her eyes sought out Tang Mo’er and pierced her with a nasty glare full of disbelief.

“Madam,” Su Shuiqin appeared. “It’s Tang Mo’er’s fault, she was the one who used her virginity document to seduce my brother at the engagement ceremony. She did it on purpose to disrupt everything. My brother abandoned Xiaowan on the spot and chased after Tang Mo’er. Xiaowan has spent the past few days like a madwoman, trying to find my brother. I can’t believe my brother is back together with Tang Mo’er again, she’s going to make Xiaowan go crazy! Look what she’s already made Xiaowan do!”

There was a deep-seated hatred in Qin Yawen’s eyes, she looked murderous. She suddenly stood up and strode over to Tang Mo’er, enunciating every word clearly, “Tang Mo’er, you are a jinx. Do you hear me? You are a mistake and a stain on this world. What exactly are you trying to do? Why are you trying to mess with everyone’s lives? I should have strangled you long ago if I knew that you were going to turn out like this!”

Qin Yawen’s entire body was shaking. Her hands were moving about dramatically due to her anger and she lifted her hand, wanting to give Tang Mo’er a tight slap across the face.

Just as Qin Yawen raised her hand to slap her, Tang Mo’er felt strangely relaxed. She felt… free. She felt as though a heavy burden had been lifted from her shoulders. Her mother had finally spoken the truth of her heart. She didn’t dislike her, but rather, she wanted her to just die. She was free from this strange unknown limbo that oppressed her since she was a child. She had never understood, but at last, she now knew.


As we get older, our memories from our younger days tend to fade. However, some memories are just unforgettable and leave a lasting impression that can never be forgotten. Mo’er had missed her mother terribly after she had left, when Mo’er was still a toddler. Her father had sent Mo’er to the Han family and little Mo’er tried to get close with her mother and sleep with her. However, her mother had pushed her away instead, kicking her out of the room. She had never known why.

When Han Xiaowan was born, Mo’er had genuinely wanted to play with her sister. She entered her sister’s room secretly and her mother pushed her out immediately as her sister had started to cry. Little Mo’er had fallen on the ground and her elbows bled. Her mother had not cared about her at all, all her mother did was take care of her sister and coax little Xiaowan to sleep.

Why doesn’t mama love me?

Little Mo’er’s face was full of tears, she struggled to get away and made her way back to the room all by herself. She desperately tried to wipe her tears away, but they just wouldn’t stop flowing.

Little Mo’er came to a realization, her mother loved her sister. She only loved her sister. Hence, she started to suck up to her sister.

When her sister wanted to have some water, little Mo’er would pull out her short stool and climb onto it with her tiny legs to pour her sister some water. However, one of those times, Xiaowan had tricked her and pulled the stool away. Little Mo’er had fallen to the ground and the piping hot water scalded her thigh.

When her mother came home, she only held her sister and screamed at her. Her screaming lasted a long time, she questioned little Mo’er for being cheeky and eventually threw her out of the villa. She was made to stand outside the villa for the entire night.

To this day, she could still remember how she had felt that night. It had been cold and dark and her thigh was still hurting from the burn. Little Mo’er had been terrified of the dark, standing alone outside the large villa. But no matter how loudly she cried and called for her mother, Qin Yawen had never appeared.

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